US State Department's Russian "Journalist"

US State Department leash overtly leads to yet more sedition in Russia.
by Tony Cartalucci

May 15, 2012 - As chaos consumes Libya, with death squads roaming the fractured nation committing atrocities, torture, racist genocide, and mired in infighting, and with the violence in Syria now fully exposed as foreign terrorists organized, armed, directed, and staged since 2007 by the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, one might think journalists today would be careful about invoking these "successes" while trying to sow destabilization elsewhere. But for Russian "journalist" Yulia Latynina, repeating US State Department talking points, no matter how hypocritical, no matter how oafishly in contradiction to reality, is just another day on the job.

Photo: Meet "independent journalist" Yulia Latynina, yet another facet of the Russian "opposition," carefully honed by the US State Department for years. This award ceremony took place in 2008.

Her connections to foreign interests going back years, Yulia Latynina's more recent work could just as easily have been penned by US State Department International Republican Institute (IRI) chairman, John McCain, with one article titled, "Inside Russia: Putin’s Private National Guard," featuring comparisons between Russian President Vladimir Putin to Peter the III, Syria's Bashar al-Assad, Libya's Muammar Qaddafi, and Haiti's Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier, over accusations that the Russian government was possibly forming a "national guard" for internal security. Despite no official statement of any kind being made of such a force, with the Russian government specifically denying the report, Latynina went on anyway, using the mere rumor as a vehicle to aerate US State Department talking points.

Photo: A "Human Rights Award" is given to Russian "journalist" Yulia Latynina in Washington D.C., in 2008. To this day, Latynina is an obedient propagandist defending both the US State Department's funded protests in the streets of Moscow, and functionaries of the Rothschild banking dynasty, including jailed oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky in her article, "Why Some Bankers Get Special Treatment."

Latynina's connections to the US State Department go beyond merely parroting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and echoing columns published in the State Department's National Endowment for Democracy publication, "Democracy Digest," she has also met directly with State Department officials. And while other Western proxies constituting Russia's "opposition" have been caught filing into the US Embassy in Moscow, Latynina has actually traveled all the way to Washington D.C. to speak directly with former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice in 2008, and to receive a "Human Rights Award." During her award ceremony in Washington, she met with Daniel Fried, also of the US State Department, described as a "foreign policy hawk," and joined John McCain in calls to support and even arm Georgia in its growing conflict with Russia.

Photo: 2008, the same year Georgia and Russia's deadly conflict broke out, Yulia Latynina was in Washington D.C. shaking hands with Daniel Fried, one of many responsible for the US' arming of Georgian forces who would end up claiming the lives of scores of Russian soldiers and hundreds in South Ossetia. Despite what appears to be very overt treason, Latynina still enjoys undermining her own nation, at Echo Moscow in Russia, a radio station frequently defended and cited by the US State Department.

Latynina, who consorts with foreigners not only systematically attacking her own nation politically and covertly through foreign-backed opposition movements, but by arming proxy nations in combat against her own nation, seems a fair candidate for charges of treason. Yet in the "despotic" Russia she describes every time her pen meets paper, she is allowed to carry on; carry on consorting with foreigners, carry on fueling a foreign-funded opposition movement, carry on shaking hands with men who helped arm militaries that in turn claimed Russian lives.

Latynina, like all of the US State Department's propagandists, attempts to peddle the narrative that Russia struggles before a morally superior "international order." Russia - while flawed and as imperfect as any government - cannot hold a candle to the scope of human suffering caused by the West in recent years.

From NATO-backed genocidal death squads scouring Libya to US-backed Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria, to the 2 million killed in Iraq (includes 1 million starved to death by US/UN sanctions), to the countless dead in Afghanistan, to the borders of Pakistan where families are wiped out regularly by "accidental drone attacks," to the interior of Africa where tens of thousands are forcibly removed from their homes by US-trained military forces on behalf of land-grabbing US and British firms - to then point a finger at Russia for "maybe," "possibly" thinking of creating an internal security force to deal with an opposition demonstratively run by the US State Department, with its supporters literally shaking hands with those responsible for arming nations that have killed fellow Russian's - is indicative of the imperial psychosis gripping the West.

Such hypocrisy exhibited by US-subsidized propagandists so willfully divorced from reality also reveals the fathomless illegitimacy of Russia's so-called "opposition."