Thailand’s Sufficiency Economy Explained

December 5, 2020 (Brian Berletic - LD) -For millions of Thais, sufficiency economics - promoted throughout the life of King Rama 9 - serves as a blueprint for building sustainable wealth. Critics claim it is a scheme to convince people to embrace poverty and maintain the ruling elite’s grip on power.

I explain what sufficiency economy means and why critics - especially in the West - lie about it.


LD (originally posted by Thailand’s Public Relations Office in 2011) - The New Theory and the Sufficiency Economy: Solar School - โรงเรียนศรีแสงธรรม บ้านดงดิบ อ.โขงเจียม จ.อุบลราชธานี:โรงเรียนศรีแสงธรรม-บ้านดงดิบ-อโขงเจียม-จอุบลราชธานี-277398268972464 Prachatai (US government-funded) - Andrew Walker: Sufficiency Economy, Sufficiency Democracy, and rural constitution: