Malaysia’s New Prime Minister: To Serve Malaysia or Washington?

December 4, 2022 (Brian Berletic - New Eastern Outlook) - The elections unfolded shortly after the G20 meeting held in nearby Indonesia and the APEC 2022 forum held in Thailand. Taken together, we see both the significant shifting of the region and the world away from US-led unipolarism toward multipolarism, but also efforts by the US to retain its power and influence worldwide.

Anwar Ibrahim is a polarizing figure in Malaysian politics and a long-time ally of Washington who has spent decades and millions of dollars providing him and others across Malaysia’s opposition political support.

With Anwar Ibrahim now prime minister of Malaysia, considering the significant amount of US support provided to him and the network that brought him into power over the decades, there are fears that Malaysia will now not only begin distancing itself from cooperation with China, but will also become a belligerent US proxy amid growing US-Chinese tensions.

Anwar Ibrahim’s Deep US Backing 

These fears are rooted in Anwar Ibrahim’s long-standing association with Washington-based regime change organizations, particularly the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) as well as its many subsidiaries.

Anwar Ibrahim has literally traveled to Washington DC to participate in US NED activities. He participated in a 2007 panel discussion titled, “The Legacy of Westminster: Democracy Assistance Since the Founding of NED and the Challenges Ahead,” for example. But more troubling is the US NED-funded opposition movement he has helped lead for years, “Bersih.”

Bersih began taking to the streets in yellow-colored protests in 2007. The organization is often presented by the Western media as a grassroots movement, yet it is actually made up of opposition parties including Anwar Ibrahim’s People’s Justice Party (PJP). Anwar Ibrahim himself had openly led calls for the public to join the movement’s rallies over the years.

Russia Continues Grinding Away Ukrainian Military & Electrical Power

November 21, 2022 (The New Atlas) - Update on Russian military operations in Ukraine for November 21, 2022.

  • Russian makes incremental gains in the Donbass region; 
  • Ukraine’s power grid continues to degrade under Russian missile and drone strikes; 
  • Ukraine continues denying responsibility for missile strike in Poland; 
  • US claims NASAMS air defense systems performed at 100% effectiveness, provide no numbers or proof of this claim; 
  • There are not enough NASAMS arriving in Ukraine over the next several years to protect Ukraine from further Russian missile and drone salvos; 
  • Ukraine has more or less abandoned Kherson city; 
  • US DoD admits Ukraine cannot achieve its main objective of expelling Russia; 
  • Failure to achieve Ukraine’s objective while continuing to fight and lose men and equipment equates to demilitarization;

Russian Missiles Strike Ukrainian Infrastructure, Ukrainian Missiles Strike Polish Farm

November 19, 2022 (The New Atlas) - Update on Russian military operations in and around Ukraine for November 16, 2022.

  • Russia continues its campaign targeting Ukrainian infrastructure with missiles and drones;
  • A recent barrage consisted of over 90 missiles, significantly degrading Ukraine's power grid;
  • The West has said since April Russia was running out of missiles, yet large-scale use of missiles continues;
  • Russia is also now using long-range precision kamikaze drones meaning Russia appears to have a growing number of long-range precision weapons;
  • During the recent barrage it appears at least 2 Ukrainian air defense missiles missed their targets and struck civilians in Poland;
  • After claiming Russia is a threat to Europe, it is a terrible irony that Ukraine is responsible for the first strike on NATO territory since Russian operations began in late February;

US-Funded Media Fails to Produce Evidence of Russian "War Crimes"

 November 8, 2022 (The NewAtlas) - US government-funded Frontline PBS recently published a video regarding alleged Russian "war crimes" from early 2022.

Despite over half a year to gather evidence, the video report categorically fails to prove the Russian massacres of Ukrainian civilians.

US Recruits Elon Musk's SpaceX for Iran Regime Change Op

October 26, 2022 (The New Atlas) - The US is now openly involving itself in what was from the beginning US-engineered unrest in Iran.

Providing material support including communication equipment is a stated policy of US plans for regime change and specifically in regards to Iran.

Evidence from 2009 onward exposes the US government's use of US-based tech giants - Google, Twitter, and Facebook - and now Elon Musk's SpaceX - to advance US foreign policy in violation of international law and the UN Charter.