Thailand: US Openly Backs Anti-Government Mob

December 10, 2020 (Brian Berletic - LD) - US Senators Bob Menendez and Dick Durbin introduced a resolution openly siding with the anti-government and anti-monarchy mobs in Thailand. 

I have exposed the US government’s funding and backing of these mobs for years - and now the US government has openly sided with them - a possible sign of escalation. 

I explain who Menendez and Durbin are - their history of backing US intervention and regime change around the globe - and why Thailand needs to take this threat seriously.


US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations - Menendez, Durbin, colleagues introduce Senate Resolution in Support of Thailand's Pro-Democracy Movement:

Senate Resolution (full text):

US National Endowment for Democracy - Thailand:

US National Endowment for Democracy - Board of Directors:

Bangkok Post - US 'does not back protests':

Examples: Menendez and Durbin’s Pro-Intervention, Pro-War Statements: 

CNN - Bob Menendez becomes second Senate Democrat to oppose Iran deal:

Menendez Statement on New Sanctions Against Maduro Regime:

Dick Durbin - Durbin Slams Trump Administration Decision To Remove 12,000 Troops From Germany:

Menendez Statement on Trump's Dangerous Troop Withdrawal from Germany

Dick Durbin - Durbin Presses President Trump To Demand Syria And Russia End Horrific Bombing Of Eastern Ghouta: