Syria & Yemen: Tying up Globalist Loose Ends

by Tony Cartalucci

Once again, "claims" and "allegations" herald broader western meddling in the Middle East under the guise of the suspiciously ubiquitous "Arab Spring." As the global corporate-financier oligarchy directs US, British, and French planes to bomb yet another Arab nation, their media tentacles are searching for sensationalism and sympathy in Syria to bolster destabilization efforts on the ground. Indeed the "Otpor fist" that heralded unrest from Tunisia to Egypt is now being "raised" in Syria.

In a recent TIME magazine article titled, "Arab Spring: Is a Revolution Starting Up in Syria?," it cites "descriptions" of protests, "claims" of government brutality, and "alleged details" of protesters rising up against the Syrian government, long slated for removal by the global corporate-financier oligarchs.

Yemen as well, cited as an example of Western hypocrisy for not garnering it's own UN "no-fly zone" in reality doesn't need one, as the British created and managed Muslim Brotherhood and elements within the Yemeni army are already on their way to ousting President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Mohammed Qahtan, Yemen's Al-Islah (Muslim Brotherhood) leader, is leading the calls to oust Saleh from power, not "the people of Yemen." In a March 23, 2011 Reuters report, Qahtan was quoted as warning Saleh, "We will arrive where you are and we will remove you." In the same report, the US gives yet another shocking display of feigned surprise over the Middle East upheaval, voicing concerns that Saleh's ouster would be a blow to their fight against "Al Qaeda." As we will soon see, such upheaval has been in the works for 20 years, and this dishonesty now being portrayed since the unrest began in Tunisia is yet another look into the bottomless well of depravity from which our "leadership" reigns.

The Greater Middle East

Concurrently the US is providing Al-Qaeda linked militant extremists in Libya with air support in their bid to oust Qaddafi. A recent US Army report aired by geopolitical analyst and historian Dr. Webster Tarpley shows the US Army noticed in 2007 that many of the Al Qaeda operatives sent to destabilize Iraq were from Libya. More specifically, these operatives were from the current eastern rebel strongholds of Benghazi and Darnah, now under the protection of a US led no-fly zone.

While this may seem to defy all reason, it only does so if measured against the now discredited official narrative peddled since the "War on Terror" began on September 11, 2001. If America is truly waging global war against Al Qaeda, indeed, nothing about the current crisis in the Middle East makes sense, officially or unofficially. If however, Al Qaeda represents a militant force still as armed, supported, and directed by the West as it was during its US-backed inception during the Soviet-Afghan war in the 1980's, it makes perfect sense.

Al Qaeda has made it possible for the US to not only justify its own military adventures in the Middle East, but has given them a militant force to badger target regimes as an alternative to the "moderate" Muslim Brotherhood and the US State Department's armies of youth activists. That America and Al Qaeda appear as "mortal enemies" helps the global corporate-financier oligarchy exert military force while circumventing the untidy anti-Western sentiment that accompanies each Western intervention.

The broader plan, of course, is to overrun the entire Middle East, erase entire civilizations and build a servile homogeneous regional block to be rolled into a greater global government. While this sounds like the stuff of wild conspiracy theories, former NATO commander Wesley Clark stated that in 1991, Paul Wolfowitz was already determined to use US military might to conquer the Middle East.

CFR and International Crisis Group member Wesley Clark, makes a shocking confession confirming the imperialist designs of the corporate-financier oligarchy. Before Bush was even put into office in 2000, the plan to seize the Middle East was already well underway, with 9/11 the opening act. It has more to do with global domination than simply "oil."

Considering the irrefutable evidence that the current unrest in the Middle East is a result of a premeditated Western plot given the full support of the US State Department, Department of Defense, globalist corporations and now the US military in Libya, it is quite clear the plan Clark described back in 2007 is being rushed through to conclusion. The culmination will be war with Iran.

Clark specifically cites as the architects of this decades spanning plan, the "Project for a New American Century (PNAC)." PNAC is a "Neo-Con" cadre within the globalist combine that has been recently peddling cartoonish propaganda to incite war with Iran. Their serendipitously timed propaganda film "Iranium" focusing on aggressive support for another "Green Revolution" in Iran, just so happened to be released in January 2011 at the height of the unrest sweeping the Arab world. These same "Neo-Cons" are also complicit with supporting the various uprisings via an extensive network of NGOs funded and supported by the Freedom House and the National Endowment for Democracy.

The Rest of the World

Clark's prophetic words in 2007 also shed light on the Russian factor - unwilling or unable to stop US military aggression against their own allies back in the 1990's, and with the recent failure to vote down UNSC r.1973 regarding Libya, they embolden the West to continue their march toward Tehran.

Of course, both Russia and China are dealing with a myriad of destabilization efforts both on their borders and within. Russia, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, has been struggling against Western-aligned oligarchs including the likes of Mikhail Khodorkovsky who attempted to erect a George Soros-style "Open Russian Society" network of NGOs, complete with Jacob Rothschild and Henry Kissinger sitting on its board of directors. Khodorkovsky was eventually stopped, and now resides in a Siberian prison cell courtesy of Vladamir Putin.

To this day, Khodorkovsky is being supported, and his imprisonment leveraged by the West to create tension within Russia via globalist lobbying firms like Robert Amsterdam's Amsterdam & Peroff. Ongoing destabilization efforts in neighboring Belarus, openly backed by the US State Department and creatures like Joe Lieberman, are also taxing Russia's ability to confront the West's encroachment elsewhere.

Joe Lieberman misappropriates the American people's time by
obsessing over Belarus' internal affairs while his own nation teeters
on economic collapse, ironically caused by imperialist pursuits.

China has been the subject of encirclement and meddling for over two centuries. The US currently occupies South Korea, Japan, and Afghanistan, with a concerted and ongoing effort to destabilize relations within and between India and Pakistan, as well as efforts to stoke color revolutions in Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand. All of this is aimed at disrupting China's ability to challenge Anglo-American hegemony in Asia.

China is no stranger to the effects of foreign, imperialistic
meddling. Its recent history is more or less a continuum of
fending off the ill-effects of foreign occupation and foreign
backed regimes including the devastating "Great Leap
Forward" by Mao Zedong.

Domestically, a "Jasmine Revolution" was averted by Chinese officials on the back of January's Egyptian unrest. The US State Department and the BBC are now pledging to assist "activists" inside China (and Iran) with circumventing measures put in place to prevent another attempted uprising. Creating instability inside a nation of over a billion people with regional diversity rivaling that of Europe will undoubtedly result in thousands, perhaps millions of deaths (see the rise of Mao) and gives us another instructive look into the motivations and "values" of our alleged leadership.

As reported previously, this current globalist blitzkrieg signals the largest geopolitical reordering since WW2. It is but one step, albeit a large step, toward a unipolar one world government centered around the global corporate-financier oligarchy. Considering that it is a gambit 20 years in the making, we should not wonder why operations in Libya have taken precedence over the unfolding disaster in Japan. We should however be outraged, as the men that lord over us and dominate our nations financially and industrially are irrefutably committing real crimes against humanity through aggression and criminal negligence.

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