Globalist Page: Robert Amsterdam

A lesson in intellectual dishonesty and international meddling.
by Tony Cartalucci

Contrary to many's beliefs, the men described by the Economist as "globocrats" are not invincible. They fail more often then they would care to admit, and along the wake of chaos they leave behind them in pursuit of their agenda, lies a horizon of complete, unmitigated wreckage. Following in the wake are men like Toronto/London based international lawyer Robert Amsterdam who attempt to salvage this wreckage.

The story of Robert Amsterdam sheds light on yet another cog in the "globocrat" machine, one rarely noticed or reported upon because, like the US funded NGOs, its role is one meant to feed back into localized unrest fomented by the globalists from afar. Amsterdam's job is to rehabilitate failed color revolutions, failed puppets, fallen thorns from the sides of the globalists' enemies, and to ensure that no matter how deep and dark the hole is a foreign country puts the globalists' operatives, they remain a burden and concern upon them indefinitely.

Robert Amsterdam isn't just any lawyer. He is co-founder of Amsterdam & Peroff, a major corporate member of the globalist nexus Chatham House, an organization that represents the collective interests of the largest corporations and banks on earth. He boasts support from the Economist, a fellow member of the Chatham House, and is afforded an entire page on the Huffington Post to pass off his pedantic legal drivel as "commentary." Then there is the fact that nearly all of his clients are either exiled, on the run, or rotting in prison, yet he is still able to find more "high profile" cases.

To be fair, Amsterdam's clients are hopeless causes, guilty of such overt criminality there really is no defense. And while it may be noble to defend such men, adhering to the best traditions and values of the West, Robert Amsterdam goes well beyond this, abusing this responsibility in order to carry out specific political objectives on behalf of the globalists with whom he consorts.

His two most recent and perhaps most notorious cases involve one a Russian oligarch named Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and a Thai police colonel-turned-billionaire tycoon Thaksin Shinawatra. Khodorkovsky is guilty and indeed sitting in a Siberian prison for embezzling billions. His Thai counterpart, Thaksin, also has two years coming to him for immense fraud. And while both are being defended by Amsterdam as "political victims" what is never mentioned, indeed buried deeply are the extra-legal, meddling affiliations both men have with the globocratic elite that undermine their political aspirations with megalithic, even treasonous conflicts of interest.

Accomplished researcher, William Engdahl, points out some very alarming connections and trends that served as the real basis for Khodorkovsky's current Siberian lodging. It seems that Khodorkovsky wasn't just embezzling money or involved in breathtaking displays of corruption, such was the nature of the times he came into power. It was rather his connections with the West, in particular Henry Kissinger and "Lord" Jacob Rothschild who were sitting on what Engdahl calls a George Soros Open Society-styled "Open Russian Foundation."

Worth repeating indefinitely, is the role these "foundations" and the networks of meddlesome NGOs they maintain play as the next greatest threat to national sovereignty behind invading armies and the IMF's economic hitmen.

Using both his wealth and his Western organized NGO networks, Khodorkovsky set out on an ambitious political campaign to seize for himself the Russian presidency from which he would undoubtedly repay his foreign backers with the economic liberalization (read: sellout) of the Russian Federation.

With uncanny exactitude, Thaksin Shinwatra attempted the same "soft-coup" in Thailand. He was a Carlyle Group adviser while holding office in then PM Chavalit's New Aspiration Party which oversaw the 1997 IMF's intrusion and controlled economic implosion of the Thai economy. He would later become PM himself in 2001 and through wealth procured through similarly fraudulent, though not unprecedented means, he began consolidating power, eliminating checks and balances, and preparing the liberalization of the Thai economy on behalf of his foreign backers. On the eve of the military coup that overthrew his government, he was literally standing in New York City giving a progress report to the Council on Foreign Relations.

Since his ouster from power, he has been backed by fellow Carlyle man James Baker and his Baker Botts law firm, International Crisis Group's Kenneth Adelman and his Edelman Public Relations firm, and now Robert Amsterdam's Amsterdam & Peroff. His proxy political party maintains a "people's power" organization supported by several National Endowment for Democracy NGOs including "Prachatai," an "independent media organization" that coordinates the "people's power" propaganda efforts.

In both Khordovsky's and Thaksin's case we come back to Robert Amsterdam, who now concurrently meddles in both Russian and Thai affairs using these two overtly mired convicted criminals as leverage to push not only the legal cases for which he is responsible, but the continuation of his clients' political objectives of undermining Russia's and Thailand's establishments, which in turn represent the continuation of the "globocrats'" agenda.

While Russia possesses the intelligence and military apparatuses to suppress significant internal unrest caused by Western backed NGOs and the continued and now lost cause of Khordovsky, the perceived "injustice" Robert Amsterdam accuses Russia of gives the West the moral high-ground to meddle in Russia's surrounding geography, notably color revolutions, NATO expansion, and political destabilization in Eastern Europe.

Robert Amsterdam is also attempting to lend Thaksin Shinawatra and his organized mob* the same credibility and moral high-ground ahead of yet another attempted overthrow of the Thai government this coming spring. While even Thaksin's mob leaders themselves have admitted on numerous occasions to having armed men involved in the bloodbath that ensued in 2010, Robert Amsterdam is now releasing a report that retroactively rewrites history and absolves them of their admissions. He also misses no opportunity to not only defend his "clients" (he also concurrently defends Thaksin's "red" mob) but calls on the Thai government to resign, as per the globocrat's aspirations of regime change and the subsequent economic liberalization under the re-installed Thaksin regime.

Yes, that is confessed Marxist, exiled red-shirt leader Giles 'Jai' Ungpakorn standing beside Robert Amsterdam, while he calls for regime change on behalf of his globalist masters.

Robert Amsterdam openly admits the Khodorkovsky trial is a political one, and seeks to not defend his client against his crimes, but to attack Moscow, a familiar theme amongst his globalist masters. It should be noted that BBC is also a major corporate member of the Chatham House.

Recognizing and exposing these ploys to manufacture non-existent legitimacy and to build up contrived moral high-ground takes yet another tool away from the "globocrat" elite. It forces them to fight their opponents more directly affording people on both sides a more honest representation of their true intentions and the opportunity to honestly choose for themselves whether or not to join their self-serving crusades.

*It must be noted that while Thaksin and his proxy political party are maliciously undermining Thai sovereignty via street mobs, many of the protesters duped into following them into the streets are well-intentioned, decent people. A clear delineation must be made between the perpetrators of the unrest, and the victims being exploited to carry it out.