David Cameron's Hitlerian Speech

Intolerance will not be Tolerated

UPDATE: Cameron delivered speech, watch here.

by Tony Cartalucci

The puppet masters pulling David Cameron's strings feel the need to reinvigorate their faltering "clash of civilizations." As people wake up to the true source of their scourge, namely the international banking oligarchy, they are uniting around a message of true freedom and liberty.

To rectify this, David Cameron will insist during his upcoming speech that those operating beyond state sanctioned values will be met less with passive tolerance as before, and more with "muscular liberalism."

While Cameron will refer overtly to the globalist's chosen and contrived scapegoat of "radical Islam," in an attempt to appear reasonable and appeal to emotions of fear his government has helped create, those who have kept an eye on "muscular liberalism" as it spreads in a bi-partisan, trans-administrative fashion throughout the globalists' dominion are aware that this will apply to traditional Western secular and religious values as well.

We have already seen not just in Britain, but in the United States as well, the push to criminalize and scorn any standard, norm, or practice (including the consumption of organic food) outside of the globalist-corporate agenda.

Cameron shamelessly plans to throw around words such as "democracy, freedom of speech, and equal rights" as the enumerations of what it means to be "British." Shamelessly, as he presides over one of the most surveilled societies on earth, featuring a monarchical system they accuse of being archaic anywhere else in the world where one stands against their interests, and a nation that participated in the criminal war not only in Iraq, but Afghanistan as well.

While Cameron's speech may resonate with the knuckle-dragging football hooligans the "English Defense League" has organized against the spread of "Islamification," it will most likely ring hollow for millions of British having their lives yanked out from under them by international bankers. Instigating violence, conducting false-flag terror attacks, and tipping off a full-blown "clash of civilizations" seems to be the perfect prescription to cure anti-banker sentiment sweeping Europe. Demagoguery brought Hitler into power and distracted the people, why not Cameron's administration as well?

While we cannot yet construct a time-machine and re-visit Adolf Hilter's rise to power, I believe a front-row seat at David Cameron's next speech will be just as illuminating.