Wikileaks' Assange: Defying Common Sense

February 4, 2011 (Tony Cartalucci - LD) - While there may be highly dedicated, honest, and upright people involved with Wikileaks, and certainly amongst many who believe in it, so would there be in any plot where the vast majority of the people involved are managed through careful compartmentalization and disinformation.

The corporate owned media releasing the Wikileaks publicly - do so with a great amount of spin, distortion, careful timing, and irresponsible representations. They are overtly and continuously abusing the cables in a self-serving manner. One must wonder why Assange, seeking transparency and to balance an equation he claims as unjust, has "partnered" as he calls it, with the very ones who have done the unbalancing and obfuscating of transparency all along.

During a 60 Minutes interview (sponsored by telecom giant AT&T) Assange was described as distrusting of the mainstream media. One of his stated goals was to release information for others to decide the meaning.

So through his new-found partnership, he is insuring that the very media establishment he distrusts decides the meaning of his released information as it filters out to the public.

"Deciding the meaning for themselves" generally involves ambiguous, diplomatic cables that refer to unsubstantiated conversations or facts, often with redacted names, released specifically into the hands of demagogues and rabble-rousers to play "ad-lib" with and trigger various aspects of agendas pursued by Wall Street and Washington.

The Tunisian leak appears nothing more than a collection of otherwise unsubstantiated hearsay and gossip backed by the mainstream media's meticulous grooming of Julian Assange's credibility and the "threat" he poses to corrupt individuals. While Assange describes the joy he feels watching corrupt bankers "squirm," he seems to have no aversion toward working with the mainstream media, whose lies and misrepresentations have facilitated a decade of war, over a million dead, and millions more maimed and displaced.

Julian Assange has seemingly out-lived any use he may have had for people interested in the truth and protecting people from corruption through his self-defeating partnership with the mainstream media. The Egyptian uprising is being reported as a result of the success protesters had in Tunisia - success Assange claims a role in.

Closer to the truth, protest leader Mohamed ElBaradei and the mainstream press, through the explicit backing of US think-tanks like the Council on Foreign Relations and International Crisis Group, had been building up and fomenting unrest since as early as February 2010. The same could be said in Jordan and Yemen with the Tunisian Wikileaks and uprising being only the rhetorical trigger for this premeditated geopolitical re-ordering.

Ironically, Julian Assange affords us the best advice to deal with this new mechanism of manipulation he is lending the spin-doctors of the mainstream press. He insists that it is up to the people to decide whether or not to pass on information and donations to his organization.

While honest people avoiding Wikileaks will not prevent intelligence outfits from supplying his volunteers with "leaks" or funding, it will ensure that real, honest to God, whistle-blowers and support go somewhere more reputable inside the very real, and very effective alternative news media. After all, it was the exponential growth and effect of the alternative media that spurred White House "Information Czar" Cass Sunstein to blueprint the creation of a Wikileaks-like operation in the first place.