Meet Geert Wilders

Globalist Theater's Brightest New Star
by Tony Cartalucci

Geert Wilders (left) and Robert Spencer (right) prepare for a
breathtaking propagandizing performance.

The depth of the globalist's war propaganda and the sinister hands steering it in America was previously reported on in "Globalist Stunts: Islamophobia." Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) members John Bolton and Daniel Pipes and underlings like David Horowitz, his pet propagandist Robert Spencer of "Jihad Watch," and fellow propagandist, Pam Geller of "Atlas Shrugs," were all seen orchestrating crass fear mongering featuring the manufactured threat of "radical Islam."

These same names were also prominent during the CFR funded, organized, supported and protested "Ground Zero Mosque." The latest globalist stunt involving the fraudulent "War on Terror" is no different.

This stunt comes in the form of a "hate speech" trial in which Dutch globalist and Member of Parliament Geert Wilders is charged with inciting hatred against Muslims. Mr. Wilders has called Islam a "retarded culture," insists that Islam is not a religion but a totalitarian ideological/political system, that the Qu'ran is a fascist book, and that there is "no such thing as moderate Islam."

What pundits fail to notice is that he also proposes banning the Qu'ran, the closing of private Muslim schools, outlawing minarets, and the banning of scarves traditionally worn by Muslim women. With open-ended comments on Islam deeming it in and of itself an enemy with which war must be waged against in the Netherlands not far from a previous and despicable genocide aimed at another group of "socially incompatibles," many might feel Wilders is outlining a concrete plan of action. Indeed, if Wilders should be accused of anything, it should be for conspiracy to take away the rights of others.

Mr. Wilders sums up his beliefs and his desire to deny Dutch Muslims their rights best in his own words during this Russia Today interview. Meet Geert Widlers...

Hate speech = protected. Ending the rights of your citizens = tyranny.

While the trial of Geert Wilders focuses on his "hate speech" little is mentioned of his very real threats to Dutch citizens and their rights under the guise of combating "terrorism." This is a scenario that is playing out worldwide under the globalists and their "War on Terror." But after all, justice isn't the goal of this trial. The goal is, as it was with the CFR funded "Ground Zero Mosque" or the staged 9/11 and 7/7 attacks to begin with, to generate a continuous "clash of civilizations" to chew up and feed the world into the globalists' maw.

To better understand this stunt it is helpful to know the genesis of Geert Wilders himself, and the affiliations he has with the PNAC, CFR, and even Bilderberger hands helping him along.

Geert Widlers began his career working for notorious Royal Dutch Shell-man and Bilderberger Frits Bolkestein. He assisted Bolkestein in writing speeches and viewed him as a mentor. He was part of the Liberal Party, before starting his own, the Partij voor de Vrijheid (Party for Freedom). Like the Liberal Party before it, the Party for Freedom seems to spend its entire time fear mongering over the "creeping Sharia" of "radical Islam." Their solution is to ban scarves, minarets, the construction of new mosques, and private Muslim schools.

If you were expecting more dimension from this globalist character you will be sadly disappointed. He has spent the entirety of his time producing and promoting his short film titled "Fitna," in which he presents the standard globalist narrative of the "War on Terror" through the use of cherry picked Qu'ran verses, in between his over 4o trips to Israel, and his non-stop repetitive mantra hosted by CFR and PNAC characters in the United States.

In 2009, Wilders came to the United States, screened his "Fitna" war propaganda film in front of Arizona Senator Jon Kyl, appeared on the Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly shows, and met privately with the Wall Street Journal's editorial board, who then promptly wrote a piece defending him. He attended a CPAC event that needs to be seen to believe, including David Horowitz and Robert Spencer who were credited for helping fund Widler's appearance, along with Pamela Geller, and Frank Gaffney (PNAC).
A month later, Wilders was speaking in front of David Horowitz' "Freedom Center."

Wilders would also turn up at a "Free Speech Summit" at Palm Beach, wearing a Jewish kippah, claiming to have lived in Israel for several years, that he loves Israel, and that "we all are Israel." Wilders traces all of the violence in the Middle East not to the 100 years of Anglo-American occupations, wars, propped up dictatorships, foreign owned oil fields, invasions, and daily bombings by Western built and funded weapon systems, but rather on a battle between Islam and jihad against "freedom."

Don't let the kippah fool you, nor the synagogue setting of the "Free Speech Summit." These are not Jews, not even Zionists. These are godless, lying, exploitative globalists camouflaging themselves not unlike the "Christians" George Bush or Dick Cheney did, or the CFR globalist "Imam" Faisal Abdul Rauf does with Islam. There would be no way to get Jews, Christians, even Muslims to take the bait if they stood there the atheistic nihilist megalomaniacs they truly are.

With Geert Wilders being held up as a hero of the anti-Islamofascist movement by carefully camouflaged globalists and the need to get more people involved on either sides, it was time for a few globalist stunts.

In September 2010, Wilders was once again on American soil, this time for the 9th anniversary of 9/11. The occasion wasn't to honor the dead or search for answers, it was to kick around the political football that was the CFR funded "Ground Zero Mosque." Wilders wasted no time lying to the crowd gathered before him about the danger its construction posed to New York. Others involved in the gathering were once again the Globalist "Islamophobia" specialist team consisting of CFR Newt Gingrich, CFR/PNAC John Bolton, Robert Spencer, and Pamela Geller.

A false cause like Geert Wilders' dedication to defaming and prosecuting a religion of over a billion, requires perpetual effort, mass media reminders for the public, stunts and provocations to stay alive, which is what brings us to where we are now. "Stop Islamization of America," Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer's umbrella propaganda/activist network, having built up Wilders into what it calls a "great hero" now sees Wilders being put on trial for "hate speech."

CFR and PNAC minion Daniel Pipes emphatically supports Wilders' provocations by declaring him "the most important European alive today"for being in place "to deal with the Islamic challenge facing the continent," and has even set up a fund to pay for his legal defense in the Netherlands.

CFR/PNAC member Daniel Pipes (left) shares a photo with Geert Wilders, the man
helping fan the flames of his PNAC's "New Pearl Harbor."

Like the CFR's "Ground Zero Mosque," Wilders' trial provides the perfect forum for the mainstream media to mince the real issues of a globalist combine dominating the world - in favor for the re-injection of the "clash of civilizations," to debate our none-debatable inalienable rights, and to try and stir up the Muslims to rattle the cages of Westerners ahead of a long stalled war with Iran.

Wilders and the tentacles above and below are also intentionally trying to provoke the Islamic people who have been under siege since the fall of the Ottoman Empire, and campaigned against globally for the last decade. Having failed to sell an unprovoked attack against Iran, and a fumbling Israeli effort to justify a unilateral strike, the globalists seem to be looking for a provoked justification. Like a schoolyard bully slapping his victim in the face over and over again to illicit a response, Wilders and the men he works for push harder and harder.

Geert Wilders is associated neck-deep with members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Project for a New American Century, the very men who's only missing ingredient in their 2000 "Rebuilding America's Defenses" report was a "new Pearl Harbor" and the resulting endless war. Wilders is out there everyday, ceaselessly trying to keep their war going in tandem with the "Stop Islamization of America" and "Stop Islamization of Europe" organizations. He is enjoying the support of minions like PNAC Frank Gaffney and David Horowitz who are populating the media with stories and defenses of his exploits, while CFR/PNAC members like Daniel Pipes gather money to pay for his legal expenses.

Wilders has been built up - gestated by a Bilderberger, handed over to the CFR as surrogate caretakers, and carried along by the globalist mainstream media. There is no way the Dutch, run wall-to-wall by Bilderbergers, are doing anything but putting on a show. The ground work and back-story for Wilders has been established, along with a certain fan-base, now it is time to bring him mainstream, center stage. Now it is time for the public as a whole to "Meet Geert Wilders."