Globalist Stunts: Somali Piracy

Part three in an ongoing series exposing globalist stunts foisted upon humanity at the cost of our lives, our livelihood, our past and our future. Click here for previous "Globalist Stunts."

By Tony Cartalucci

According to CNN a South Korean fishing vessel was hijacked early October, 2010, by Somali pirates. It was supposedly off the coast of Lamu, Kenya, a city lining the Somali-Kenyan border. This isn't the first foreign fishing vessel hijacked by Somali pirates. This year alone, Thai and Taiwanese fishing vessels were seized as well. Over the last decade the captured crews of fishing vessels caught by Somali pirates off their coast could double as a "mock UN" assembly.

International fishing fleets sail from around the world to
plunder Somalia's lawless shores.

And while the mainstream corporate media sensationalizes the freighters being hijacked, ships being victimized simply for 'passing by,' mentions of captured fishing vessels are glazed over, explanations as to why vessels are caught half-way around the world from their home ports are absent, and the concept of "illegal fishing" is buried deep within articles. Certainly it would be difficult to explain why a South Korean vessel is fishing over 6,600 miles away from its own shores.

Indeed, the very genesis of Somali piracy was illegal fishing off their shores. According to "War is Boring," foreign fishing fleets representing a multi-billion dollar global industry have been muscling Somali fishermen out of their own waters since 1991. But what does "War Is Boring" know? They are just "citizen journalists" after all, and besides, CNN and Fox News say the Somali pirates are terrorists, even in league with Al Qeada.

The Globalist's Reality

Glenn Beck of Fox News provides us with the pinnacle of globalist propaganda regarding "Somali piracy."

Glenn Beck manages to insult Thomas Jefferson, the French, the United States Marine Corps, Islam, history, and our intelligence all within the span of a nine minute clip.

He characterizes the pirates and their piratical economic operation in the Mediterranean Sea as "Islamic extremists" who harassed our ships because they despised everything that we stood for - instead of just making money like the countless non-Muslim pirates before them had since the beginning of naval history. He goes on to retrospectively rewrite the history of the Marine Corps which at the time of the Barbary Wars was already celebrating its 26th anniversary, and in reality, received its "baptism of fire" during the Revolutionary War, not in Tripoli as Beck suggests. And all the while Beck links the modern Somali pirates to Al Qeada and Islamic extremism, shamelessly without a shred of evidence to bolster his claim - ignoring evidence that suggests otherwise.

To one degree or another, all mainstream media outlets rehash this narrative. CNN's article comes the closest to the truth by stating, "Pirates have often justified the capture of fishing vessels as punishment for what they view as illegal fishing off its shores." Of course this is written with as much ambiguity as possible to allow your conditioning to discard it as "enemy propaganda."

The Reality

Conceding to those who would rather believe only "officials" and shrug off reports like those from "War Is Boring," a rare spot of honesty can be found if you know where to look.

After 3 Thai fishing vessels were seized earlier this year, the Thai Navy deployed 2 ships with over 300 sailors, marines, and Thai Navy SEALS on-board. According to the Bangkok Post, Rear Admiral Chaiyos commanding the anti-piracy effort said "the Somali people had previously tried to protect their marine resources from foreign exploitation by demanding fees from fishing trawlers and cargo ships that might dump toxic waste. They later turned to piracy and hijacked the ships for ransom."

Despite this observation, Rear Admiral Chaiyos is sending 2 navy ships to Somalia's coast to confront them in an unprecedented deployment to protect "Thai interests" overseas. And despite the overt hypocrisy, Rear Admiral Chaiyos' assessment gives us insight into the true nature of "Somali piracy."

The Somalis have something everyone wants, and little or no means to protect it. They have no voice or influence in the "international community" and so the media can easily recast them as anything their nefarious imaginations want. This has opened the door to over a decade of illegal fishing, waste dumping, and recently, the invitation of the degenerate murderers for hire at Blackwater to find yet another way to waste tax payer's money and/or raise shipping costs.

Even though British and Icelandic naval forces threatened confrontation over fishing rights off their own shores on several occasions during the "Cod Wars," and the fact that say an, Iranian fishing fleet 40 miles off the coast of California would never be tolerated, the Somalis in their limited way defending themselves from wall-to-wall exploitation are branded terrorists with the full brunt of military force brought against them. They haven't blinked.

Meanwhile, the issue of "piracy" is yet another conflict in a long parade of manufactured and manipulated crises to promote globalization and the undermining of national sovereignty for the sake of global governance. That the "pirates" are Muslim is an added bonus for the globalists who seek any tree, rock or bedpost to hide their imagined bogymen behind.

Surely there is money involved for the Somalis as well as defending their waters from exploitation, and perhaps also they were hoping the high profile ships they took, and headlines like "Pirates seize South Korean fishing boat off Kenya" would beg people to wonder just why a South Korean fishing boat is "off Kenya" in the first place and who the real pirates actually are.