Hun Sen, a Globalist Model Pet

Cambodian PM Hun Sen (left) and Thailand's Thaksin Shinwatra (right), two globalist peas in a pod.

by Tony Cartalucci

"Prime Minister" Hun Sen of Cambodia has occupied the nation's seat of power for 25 years. Term limits don't exist, neither does any real opposition. In 1997, when last Hun Sen lost an election, he butchered and exiled his opposition in a bloodly military coup.

Such a man is surely a candidate for the "Axis of Evil" and should be mentioned in every other breath by the media along side Iran, North Korea, and Burma. But wait ... most people have never heard the name "Hun Sen" nor do they hear any news at all coming from this Southeast Asian backwater.

Indeed, Cambodia has enjoyed the benefits of mainstream media immunity, along with other brutal dictatorships like Saudi Arabia. While a 30 year old video of Taliban hitting women with sticks is left looping on CNN and Fox News, Saudi Arabia weekly opens up "Chop-Chop Square" to decapitate enemies of the state, under the watchful eyes of the United States, fully funding, training, and implementing defense and security within the Kingdom.

Likewise, Cambodia is a brutal dictatorship. While the Khmer Rouge might not be murdering its people by the millions, at least not as quickly, old Hun Sen, former Khmer Rouge himself, has displaced and oppressed millions under his long and very undemocratic rule. According to the London Guardian, nearly half of Cambodia's landmass has been sold to foreign investors by 2008.

Today, the Cambodian military is literally being sold off to corporations now possessing wide swaths of land as mercenary forces to crush any local opposition. Surely displacing millions, and selling land out from under people is criminal, and an affront to humanity. But strangely enough, this story goes unreported, the UN remains eerily silent, and in fact, the United States, as of 2010 has begun training many of the most notorious landgrabbing military units involved in this atrocity.

Indeed, Operation Angkor Sentinel kicked off in July 2010 as US Army troops trained with the local Cambodian troops. The United States shamelessly defends the exercises claiming that “Our military relationship is about ... working toward effective defence reform, toward encouraging the kind of civil-military relationship that is essential to any healthy political system,” according to William Burns, the US undersecretary of state for political affairs.

In reality, investors come from the United States, Europe, United Kingdom and Australia, buying tracts of land in some cases the size of Singapore in single deals, and which require protection from locals who have literally been pushed off their land at gunpoint. It is much more likely the Cambodian troops are receiving US military training and aid because globalist assets need protecting and Hun Sen has proven himself a stooge of serious potential.

Like previous stooges in their glory days, such as Saddam Hussien, the Shah of Iran, or even neighboring Thailand's notirous global stooge Thaksin Shinwatra, all can be forgiven, and covered up by the mainstream media, as long as the beneficiaries of atrocities and oppression are the globalists. Hun Sen most certainly is doing well for himself, and the key to his continued success will be back-bending compliance to the globalists and their designs.

Last year, Hun Sen's willingness to work toward globalist interests transcended the failed state he presides over, with his appointment of Thailand's ousted/fugitive Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra as his "Financial Adviser."

In addition, after the 2009 April riots conducted by Thaksin's Marxist "red shirts" many of the leaders fled to Cambodia as a safe haven and base to continue stoking violence and unrest, and even arm the Marxist rebels with weapons acquired in Cambodia.

Thaksin's proxy political party have repeatedly held meetings inside Cambodia with their exiled leader, and after the recent 2010 April/May unrest, again, Thaksin's scattered leadership fled to Cambodia for safety and to reorganize.

Thaksin's "red shirts" are reminiscent of the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia, who between civil war, genocide, and a large dose of communism, reduced the Cambodian people to the easily exploited nation it is today. The fact that Robert Amsterdam, of Amsterdam & Peroff, major corporate members of the globalist nexus Chatham House, is behind Thaksin, along with the BBC, Economist and some of the largest banking and corporate interests on earth, doesn't bode well for neighboring Thailand. It is more than likely the globalists to a certain degree would like to recreate in Thailand their success in Cambodia, a globalist free-for-all amongst the ashes of a broken people. Thaksin Shinwatra is their "Hun Sen 2.0."

So while Robert Amsterdam churns out volumes of "white papers" regarding the Thai government's treatment of armed Marxist rebels, he is strangely silent about his
own client's ties to Cambodia's Hun Sen, and his continuing crimes against humanity.

Hun Sen appears to be standing on the precipice of another "Dubai." A land of zero taxes catering to foreign investors, and red-hot property speculation that will catapult the 3rd world nation to a faux-first-world showcase.

Unlike Dubai, which has a very tiny local population, Cambodia has a human obstacle standing in the way of wall-to-wall exploitation. It seems as if the US Army and the globalists are more than prepared to clear this obstacle, in the most abhorrent way possible - which is why you haven't heard of Hun Sen, or any news from Cambodia, and won't until Hun Sen backpedals or lines his pockets a little too much, and needs to be replaced.