The Disease of World Government has many Strains

An Editorial by Tony Cartalucci

Crony Capitalism, Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Imperialism. People find it hard to believe that these are all actually the exact same thing. Take the -ism as one would take an -itus in a doctor's prognosis. They are all diseases we must defend against.

What a globalist fails to accomplish under fascism, he will accomplish under communism. The study of a nation's history will reveal, upon failure, the globalists turn from one form of tyranny to another. Fascist CIA backed regimes that go rouge are met with Communism, socialist regimes that go rogue are met with right-wing fascism, and the bottom line is that any form of government is found acceptable as long as it is a centrally controlled obedient regime to the global banker oligarchy.

Cambodia's Hun Sen has sold half of his nation out to the globalists. He is a tyrannical, dictator for life who seized power through a bloody coup leaving his opponents dead or in exile. In order to facilitate land sales, he has either arrested or displaced thousands upon thousands of Cambodians. Not a peep is made by the international community or the mainstream media as globalist investors from the UK to Australia gleefully join the "land grab" and participate in an open crime against humanity.

Nepal's Maoist rebels have deposed what they claimed was a corrupt monarchy. Despite their victory, violence and consolidating power is still the name of their Maoist game. They hail from the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement. The name itself should engender suspicions as to who their real masters are. Its a fair bet that the same globalist bankers that funded Communists worldwide over the last century are proud masters of the RIM and its satellite organizations in Thailand and India.

America and much of Europe claim to be "capitalists" and progressive "socialists," while the truth is closer to the mark of corporate fascism and totalitarianism. They are nations of increasing tyranny on par with any truly fascist or communist state, and their allegiance to the globalist banker oligarchy defines the common denominator they share with their brother tyrants in Cambodia, Nepal, and the movement being led by globalist minion Thaksin Shinwatra of Thailand.

The variety of flavors tyranny takes are numerous, but they all leave the same unpleasant after taste - the end of freedom, the end of your humanity. The variety they take is meant to appeal to different geopolitical conditions in which globalists seek to seize control. What will work in the mountains of Nepal and the countryside of Thailand with the Maoists will not work with Western Europeans. The corporate fascist model of Western Europe may not appeal to the increasingly large number of illegal immigrants in the Southwest United States, so Marxism is applied.

We must study history and geopolitics deeply, understand the roots of these problems and the puppet masters that loom above. We must not appeal to our emotional preconceived notions of what is good and bad, and analytically, objectively examine each situation as they come. Think of the joy the globalists have when they see real patriots in the United States standing in solidarity with their engineered Maoist rebellion in Thailand? Think about how happy they are to see people repulsed by crony capitalism only to be snared by their Marxist nets?

As true men and women of freedom we must always be vigilant. Tyranny takes on many different shapes and patiently waits for the right environment within which to flourish. Vigilance is the price we pay for freedom, but we should pay it gladly, for seeking the truth and all the imagination, ingenuity and wonders it unlocks is the truest, most noble purpose of humanity.