Thailand: West Tearing Down Old World to Build a “New” One

336789April 9, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - The first step in subjugating a population is identifying their source of strength, undermining it, and eventually eliminating it. This textbook strategy employed by empires throughout human history is still busily being applied around the world as Wall Street and London seek to achieve global hegemony. In the past, it was done under the premise that the imposing empire was socially, economically, and militarily superior, and that by subjecting other nations, it was bringing them out of barbarism, and into civilization. Today, this brand of “civilization” includes the West’s “human rights” and “democracy” racket.
Thailand’s Source of Strength 
Fiercely independent and nationalistic, and being the only nation in Southeast Asia to avoid European colonization, Thailand’s sovereignty has been protected for over 800 years by its revered monarchy. The current dynasty, the House of Chakri, has reigned nearly as long as America has existed as a nation and the current king is regarded as the equivalent of a living “Founding Father.” And just as it has for 800 years, the Thai Monarchy today provides the most provocative and meaningful answer to the threats facing the Kingdom – including economic ruination and poverty.
The answer is self-sufficiency. Self-sufficiency as a nation, as a province, as a community and as a household. This concept is enshrined in the Thai King’s “New Theory” or “self-sufficiency economy” and mirrors similar efforts found throughout the world to break the back of the oppression and exploitation that results from an interdependent globalized system created by immense corporate-financier monopolies.
Formulated in the wake of the IMF’s crippling economic “reordering” of Asia in the late 1990′s, the “New Theory” implored both communities and individuals to grow sustainably by avoiding debt and investing income into expanding tangible, technological assets to further diversify and enhance economic activity.
A self-sufficient nation, is a sovereign nation – one that chooses how it interacts with the rest of the world on its own terms, rather than one that is bent in servile dependence on foreign trade, “international institutions,” and foreign banking cartels. Such a nation is an anathema to the global hegemons of Wall Street and London.
For this mortal sin against globalization, Thailand has been long targeted first by the British and French empires, and then the subsequent Anglo-American order for destabilization, destruction, and reordering. In 1932, a British-backed military coup led by Pridi Banomyong ended Thailand’s absolute monarchy. In 1946, he was accused of assassinating the popular King Ananda Mahidol upon his return to Thailand. Pridi escaped with US and British assistance, returning breifly in 1949 to lead a failed second coup. He would then spend the rest of his life in exile. 
During the 1970′s and 1980′s, so-called “communists” would attempt to overthrow Thailand’s political order, including the monarchy. And most recently, US-backed billionaire, convicted criminal, accused mass murderer, and fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra has led a 10 year push to undermine and overthrow Thailand’s monarchy through a so-called “pro-democracy” movement
Thailand’s “Pro-Democracy” Movement Oblivious