Syria: NATO Genocide Approaches

UN Syria Report Co-Authored by Director of US Corporate Think-Tank
by Tony Cartalucci

November 30, 2011

Blatant lies told by alleged "human rights activists" led to ignominious NATO-sanctioned brutality and ultimately brought BP, Shell, Total-sponsored Petroleum Institute representative, Abdurrahim el-Keib, into power in Libya. Now, these same corporate-financier interests, through their same networks of propaganda, duplicity and deception, are laying the ground work for a repeat performance in Syria.

It was just recently revealed that the UN Human Rights Council report regarding Syrian "crimes against humanity" was actually co-authored by Karen Koning AbuZayd, a director of the US Washington-based corporate think-tank, Middle East Policy Council, that includes Exxon men, CIA agents, US military and government representatives, and even the president of the US-Qatar Business Council, which includes amongst its membership, AlJazeera, Chevron, Exxon, munitions manufacturer Raytheon (who supplied the opening salvos during NATO's operations against Libya), and Boeing. The conflict of interest is so monumental it is only outdone by the corporate media's eager acceptance of the report and their complete negligence in airing the compromised backgrounds of those responsible for compiling it.

The UN report itself (.pdf) contained no verifiable evidence, but rather hearsay accounts recorded in Geneva by alleged "victims" "witnesses," and "defectors," put forth by "all interested persons and organizations." In other words, it was an open invitation for Syria's enemies to paint whatever image of the ruling government they pleased. While critics claim this is due to the Syrian government's lack of cooperation with the UN, it is more likely that the UN itself, with a proven track record of doing so in Iraq, the Ivory Coast, and most recently Libya, is merely complicit in providing "window dressing" for Wall Street and London's otherwise naked military conquests.

How to Start the War

And it is through this purposefully distorted lens that calls for military intervention are being made. After months of denying the opposition was armed, the Wall Street-funded think-tank Council on Foreign Relations now openly claims that not only are the "protesters" armed, but there is a resistance army of "15,000." The CFR claims this "Free Syrian Army" is requesting weapons and air support. It has already been revealed that weapons are freely flowing over Syria's borders from foreign-supporters, most notably, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, and now even as far as Libya. The CFR report then goes on to explore the options available to NATO for facilitating "regime change" including the use of "overhead surveillance assets, logistical enablers, peacekeepers, armed drones, combat aircraft, ground troops," and "smuggled weapons."

Of course the number of Syrian defectors are as baseless as the UN human rights report. However, even the claim of a large, armed militant force operating inside of Syria directly contradicts the West's concurrent narrative that Syria's military is running rampant over defenseless civilians. With an army of "15,000 defectors" attempting to seize the nation by force with the help of foreign money, weapons, and diplomatic support, one finds it difficult to believe the Syrian government would instead be spending its time "massacring civilians." Just as in Libya, or any number of nations where foreign-backed "revolutions" have been attempted or achieved, Western-enabled violence is always a predetermined part of the equation, fully provisioned ahead of time with the subsequent violence cloaked behind tales of one-sided brutality aimed at the targeted regime.

As mentioned in the corporate-funded Brookings Institution report "Which Path to Persia?" the inclusion of covert armed support for US-backed protests is not just an option, but a necessity when carrying out such operations within a nation possessing competent security forces.

Using Military Force to Assist Popular Revolutions, page 109-110 (page 122-123 of the PDF): "Consequently, if the United States ever succeeds in sparking a revolt against the clerical regime, Washington may have to consider whether to provide it with some form of military support to prevent Tehran from crushing it." "This requirement means that a popular revolution in Iran does not seem to fit the model of the “velvet revolutions” that occurred elsewhere. The point is that the Iranian regime may not be willing to go gently into that good night; instead, and unlike so many Eastern European regimes, it may choose to fight to the death. In those circumstances, if there is not external military assistance to the revolutionaries, they might not just fail but be massacred.

Consequently, if the United States is to pursue this policy, Washington must take this possibility into consideration. It adds some very important requirements to the list: either the policy must include ways to weaken the Iranian military or weaken the willingness of the regime’s leaders to call on the military, or else the United States must be ready to intervene to defeat it."

In addition to this confession by the Brookings Institution, this pattern of providing for, or covering up the existence of, armed elements deployed during the opening phases of a color revolution has also been documented in Libya, Syria, and in Bangkok, Thailand in 2010. Just as in Libya where legions of Al Qaeda rebels armed by NATO and fresh back from killing US and British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan were initially covered up with tales of street protesting youth being cut down by Qaddafi's troops, Syria too has been plagued by violent militants since the unrest began earlier this year. In April's "Globalist War Machine Fixates on Syria," the first reports of the now ubiquitous snipers terrorizing Syria began to surface. Also noted was the similarity between these sniper attacks and concurrent attacks being carried out in Yemen, and the year before in Thailand - all victims of Western-backed destabilization.

It will be through a perpetual campaign of deceit waged by the West's various puppet regimes and their compromised corporate-media that this war will be started. The ruling regime in Syria will be portrayed as grotesque human rights offenders while covert arms and support are provided to a mercenary army of ever increasing size, committing ever greater provocations. In time, as the proper "international" legal maneuvers are performed, this mercenary army will be provided NATO air and naval support, NATO special forces, and potentially NATO ground troops - this of course includes Turkey, a NATO member since 1952 and already deeply involved in meddling in Syria's sovereign affairs.

How to Stop the War

While the power behind this war machine grinding up the planet seems monolithic and unstoppable, the very source of its power looks us back in the mirror everyday. We, through our choices of how we spend our time, money, and attention, are fueling daily its destructive consumption of our world. While protests, elections, and activism are important, what is absolutely essential is to entirely cut this machine off from its fuel. That is, for us to boycott the corporations, institutions, and personalities that constitute it to the point of starvation and submission. We must work ceaselessly to identify and expose who these corporations, institutions, and personalities are through the alternative media, boycott them out of business, and replace them entirely with local solutions derived from both tradition and technological innovation.

The Greatest Generation said "never again" to the rise of fascism in the 1930's and 1940's, yet here we are again watching the rise of Wall Street and London to sickening heights of unwarranted power and warmongering. Let this generation say, "not in our names" and starve this beast into submission, just as it has done to so many other sovereign nations.

UN Report on Syria: Based on Witness Accounts..... OUTSIDE of Syria

Humanitarian concerns "dressing up" the military conquest of Syria.
by Tony Cartalucci

November 28, 2011 - Wall Street and London's media machine eagerly churned out headlines like BBC's "Syria security forces 'commit crimes against humanity'" announcing the conclusions of a recent UN Human Rights Council report regarding the ongoing violence in Syria. However, even upon reading the BBC article it is soon discovered that, "the investigation team members say they were denied entry into Syria itself," and that the entirety of their "evidence" is garnered solely from interviews with "223 victims, witnesses and also army defectors to investigate alleged human rights violations."

BBC's article raises immediate suspicion over the veracity of the report, as "victims, witnesses, and defectors," interviewed outside of Syria is not evidence, but rather more hearsay by groups of people with a vested interest in painting the Syrian government in the worst light possible. However, upon actually reading the full text of the UN Human Rights Council report, we see just exactly "how" the report was compiled. Under a section titled, "Methods of Work" we find a shocking admission of the utter lack of substance and immense conflict of interest behind the UN's predetermined conclusion, that Syria is guilty of "crimes against humanity" and that the UN Security Council must act.

The report states (emphasis added):

"First-hand information was collected through interviews with victims and witnesses of events in the Syrian Arab Republic. The interviewing process began in Geneva on 26 September 2011. Overall, 223 victims and/or witnesses, including personnel who defected from the military and the security forces, were interviewed.

A public call was made to all interested persons and organizations to submit relevant information and documentation that would help the commission implement its mandate. It held meetings with Member States from all regional groups, regional organizations, including the League of Arab States and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, non-governmental organizations, human rights defenders, journalists and experts. Reports, scholarly analyses and media accounts, as well as audio and visual material, were also duly considered.

The information collected is stored in a secure database governed by United Nations rules on confidentiality

Quite obviously this is not an investigation, nor is the information provided within the report "evidence" by any stretch of the imagination. The report would go on to admit that it received no cooperation from the Syrian government meaning that this publication by the UN is but a one-sided exercise to provide the worst possible image of the Syrian government as told by opposition groups now on record fully armed, foreign-backed, and trying to seize power by force.

The inclusion of "non-governmental organizations" (NGOs) should also raise immediate concerns. While the report is entirely negligent in listing any of these contributing NGOs, it is more than likely they include the US government and corporate-funded army of sedition emanating out of the National Endowment for Democracy, Geroge Soros' Open Society Institute, and their myriad of subsidiaries. It has been these very NGOs supplying a steady stream of similarly baseless "witness accounts" since the unrest began earlier this year, as they've done in Libya, Belarus, Tunisia, Thailand, and beyond.

"Alleged" is used throughout the report in various forms further illustrating the tenuous nature of the UN Human Rights Council's "evidence" while all of the testimony, those who gave it, and apparently the NGOs involved in compiling the UN report are conveniently kept "confidential." This may be because the United Nations believes that its reputation coupled with global faith in its work is all that is necessary to lend their report the legitimacy it needs to bring Syria one step closer to NATO inflicted genocide.

However, considering Iraq and more recently Libya, and the UN's complicit role in facilitating genocide in both nations based on similarly tenuous "human rights" reports, a clear pattern emerges. Human rights activists, their Wall Street and London-funded NGOs, and the disingenuous UN are merely dressing up with humanitarian concerns an otherwise naked campaign of military conquest.

Video: Part 1 & 2 of "Lies behind the "Humanitarian War" in Libya." The outrageous, confirmed, confessed "humanitarian-based" lies used with UN complicity to justify NATO's invasion by proxy of Libya. Libya is now run by a corporate-backed proxy Abdurrahim el-Keib, formally of the British Petroleum (BP), Shell, France's Total, Japan Oil Development Company, and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company-sponsored Petroleum Institute.

It has been pointed out in April's "Globalists Coming Full Circle," and more recently in Salon's "Wes Clark and the neocon dream" that the unrest unhinging the Middle East, North Africa, and slowly creeping toward Moscow and Beijing, is part of a plan 20 years in the making. Those behind it just so happen to populate the boards of the faux-humanitarian front, National Endowment for Democracy (NED), have affiliations with the so-called "liberal" George Soros and his Open Society Institute, and have signed their names to Hitlerian declarations of world conquest within the notorious "Project for a New American Century."

You're not expected to read the report, let alone research the authors.

Without a doubt, the UN has compiled a tenuous and transparent fabrication of such little substance, those involved in writing it, Paulo Pinheiro, Yakin Ertürk, and Karen Koning AbuZayd, are clearly conspiring to justify an otherwise unjustifiable escalation in Syria's current unrest. If they did indeed have evidence of Syrian brutality, they surely would have included it in their report and the voices at the BBC, on CNN, in Reuters and beyond would ceaselessly air it. Instead, the impact of the report solely depends on people trusting the legitimacy of the UN and not bothering to even objectively read it. It equally depends on members of the media, including the disingenuous hand-wringing "humanitarians" amongst NED's vast global network to keep their heads down and not expose this willful duplicity.

The impact of the UN's report also depends on people not bothering to research the associations of those who compiled it. Should they, they will find that Karen Koning AbuZayd is concurrently a member of the Washington D.C. based Middle East Policy Council, along side current and former associates of Exxon, the US military, the CIA, the Saudi Binladin Group, the US-Qatari Business Council and both former and current members of the US government. It is more than just a coincidence that the UN Human Rights Council report has given the US exactly what it wanted to hear regarding Syria, and one of those compiling the report just so happens to sit amongst an organization full of corporate-financier interests clamoring to despoil the Middle Eastern republic. Clearly, claims that the UN is merely a tool of corporate fascists on Wall Street and within the City of London represent a truth that confronts anyone who researches any of the claims coming out of the UN.

Image: Just some of the corporate members of the US-Qatar Business Council, whose president just so happens to sit on the same board of directors of the Middle East Policy Center as Karen AbuZayd, co-author of the conveniently timed UN Human Rights Council report on Syria.

Indeed with this tissue of lies and the associations of the liars peddling them, the UN is truly a disingenuous tool of the world's elite, used to strip the freedom and humanity of its enemies while simultaneously claiming to uphold such values in the process. The Syrian people are facing a criminal conspiracy of vast proportions in a world increasingly devoid of empathy, intelligence, or courage. Like the Libyans who fought for the better part of a year against the militant aggression of global corporate fascism, the Syrians will soon be fighting too.

For those indeed repulsed by what has transpired in Libya and what is facing Syria at the hands of the global elite, it should be obvious that the corporations, banks, and institutions involved need to be exposed, boycotted, and promptly replaced. It was Libya yesterday, Syria today, and inevitably you tomorrow. Collectively after World War II we said, "never again," regarding fascism and the rise of Adolf Hitler's Germany, yet here we are.... again.

Exposing Wall Street's "Human Rights" Agenda

Thailand is the latest target of Wall Street and London's fake-human rights crusade.
by Tony Cartalucci

UPDATED May 10, 2012 - Ampon Tangnoppakul has since died in prison, already having suffered from health issues before being arrested and tried. With his corpse still warm, the US State Department and Soros-funded "human rights" racket is attempting to exploit his case one last time, including both in the New York Times and the US State Department-funded propaganda outfit featured in the NYT, "Prachatai." This isn't the first time professional propagandists have exploited human tragedy to advance their political agenda in Thailand - Reuters journalist Andrew Marshall exploited the death of his colleague, Reuters cameraman Hiro Muramoto for nearly a year before allowing him to finally rest in peace.

It is also now confirmed that Ampon Tangnoppakul's SMS's contained death threats against Thailand's head of state, and his entire family, including his children - this taken from Reuters propagandist Andrew Marshall himself, claiming to have court documents regarding the case. Marshall asks rhetorically, in his long ranting coverage, "whoever sent them, the question of whether they should merit a 20-year jail sentence in a 21st century democracy is highly controversial."

Unfortunately for Marshall and the US State Department's busy propagandists, there is nothing controversial about sentencing a man to prison for threatening the lives of other human beings, especially serving heads of state. The United States, for example, under 18 USC § 876 - Mailing threatening communications - holds the maximum penalty of 20 years for sending a communication threatening the life of the US President. Read more here. 


November 26, 2011 - Ampon Tangnoppakul was sentenced to 20 years in prison for computer crimes and lese majeste violations. While on the surface these seems like an extension of the Wall Street London creeping Orwellian dystopia, it is in fact an ugly reaction to it.

Ampon was convicted of sending offensive messages to a government representative during a violent Wall Street-backed pro-Thaksin Shinawatra rally in May of 2010. Ampon was arrested in August and just recently received his sentence, which may be pardoned as soon as next month.

However, to understand the full scope of this, at first, seemingly unreasonable sentence for an allegedly sickly old man, a great deal about Thai politics must be understood – a back-story the disingenuous propagandists at the BBC, CNN, and throughout the US government funded propaganda fronts inside of Thailand, like Prachatai, depend on you not knowing.

A Background

The 2010 Thai Protests: The particular rally Ampon was attending in May of 2010 when he sent his SMSs, began a month earlier. It was an attempt by Wall Street and London corporate fascist interests to reinstall their ousted proxy Thaksin Shinawatra. In mid April, after days of trying to goad Thai security forces into a violent crackdown on Thaksin's red shirts, protest leaders literally called on their own rank and file to donate blood to be spilled on key government buildings throughout Thailand's capital of Bangkok. This grisly display would foreshadow protest leaders' plans, unbeknown to even their own followers. On April 10, 2010, after the Thai military shut down Thaksin's nationwide propaganda network, protest leaders brought 200 men to the gates of Bangkok's 1st Army Region base and tried to storm the facility. The leaders must have realized that storming a military facility had a universally high probability of provoking the use of deadly force. The Thai military however, dispersed the protesters with water cannons and rubber bullets.
The decision was made to disperse the protesters at Bangkok's "Democracy Monument" that night. After nightfall, riot troops and protesters faced off in close quarters before troops began to advance while firing blanks into the air. A similar operation a year earlier led by the same commanding officer, Colonel Romklao, dispersed protesters without fatalities (the only fatalities were two civilians gunned down by protesters). This time around, intent on a bloodbath, a group of mysterious gunmen intervened with a combination of grenade attacks and sniper fire that killed Colonel Romklao and 6 other soldiers. Troops immediately fell back in disarray while protesters were divided in confusion and adulation. The mystery gunmen weaved through the protesters firing sporadically at Thai troops who returned fire. In total, 23 would die.

Video: The initial grenade and sniper attack, explained accurately by France24.

Video: Aljazeera footage featuring the pro-Thaksin militants with AK-47s.
The protesters were entirely unaware of the gambit, while security guards amongst the protesters appear to have been given compartmentalized orders to keep the protesters kettled in before the attack came. It is unlikely that even the security guards knew the attack was coming, as many immediately rushed in to protect fallen soldiers from aggressive protesters, while gun battles continued elsewhere. There were also most likely members of the militant group amongst the protesters directing fire toward Colonel Romklao and his command unit, as laser markers were seen fixated on the soldiers right before the incoming sniper fire hit.

It was quite clear a highly trained, well prepared third party was involved and both foreign and domestic, amateur and professional footage caught the melee on tape. Initial blanket denials by protest leaders quickly became piecemeal confessions as footage of these "men in black" filtered out.

International spokesman for the protesters, Sean Boonpracong, told Reuters elements of the army were with their movement, including the black-clad mystery gunmen that took part in the April 10 bloodbath. He stated, "They are a secret unit within the army that disagrees with what's going on. Without them, the black clad men, there would have been a whole lot more deaths and injuries." The suspected leader of these gunmen, renegade general Khattiya Sawasdipol, known as "Seh Daeng," further damned earlier denials by admitting to commanding 300 armed men trained for ''close encounters'' and carrying M79 grenade launchers, before withdrawing his comment in later interviews.

From April 10, until the widespread arson that marked the end of the protests on May 19, daily and nightly gun battles, grenade attacks, and sniper fire would claim the lives of 91 people. This included 9 soldiers and police, a woman killed by a protester M79 grenade attack, and at least one protester who died of smoke inhalation while looting a building fellow protesters lit ablaze. The remaining 80 deaths included journalists, bystanders, medical workers, and protesters caught in crossfire. While Thaksin's supporters to this day attempt to portray these events as a massacre of "91 protesters," it is quite clear that the military was up against an armed wing working amongst the protesters, admitted by members of the protest leadership themselves. 

Thaksin's Wall Street Ties: Thaksin, Thailand's prime minister from 2001 until a military coup removed him in 2006, was a former Carlyle Group adviser and was literally reporting to the globalist Council on Foreign Relations in New York City on the eve of his ousting from power. While in office, Thaksin oversaw a brutal 3-month "war on drugs" that saw 2,500+ extra-legally executed in the streets. Thaksin also attempted to ramrod through a US-Thailand Free-Trade Agreement (FTA) without parliamentary approval, a 2004 FTA backed by the exact same US-ASEAN Business Council recently visited by his "red shirt" movement or United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) leaders in April of 2011.
The business council in 2004 included 3M, war profiteering Bechtel, Boeing, Cargill, Citigroup, General Electric, IBM, the notorious Monsanto, and currently also includes the criminal banksters of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Chevron, Exxon, BP, Glaxo Smith Kline, Merck, Northrop Grumman, Monsanto's GMO doppelganger Syngenta, and Phillip Morris. Admittedly, these corporations are more synonymous with mass murder, mass corruption, corporate fascism, crony-capitalism, warmongering, lies, deceit and all the other ugly aspects that truly define "globalization," than they are with any tenant of "liberal democracy."

Since the 2006 coup that toppled his autocratic regime, Thaksin has been represented by US corporate-financier elites via their lobbying firms including, Kenneth Adelman of the Edelman PR firm (Freedom House, International Crisis Group, PNAC), James Baker of Baker Botts (CFR), Robert Blackwill of Barbour Griffith & Rogers (CFR), Kobre & Kim, and currently Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam & Peroff (Chatham House). Meanwhile, his "red shirts" UDD street mobs have received rhetorical support by US-funded NGOs like Prachatai which has recently been exposed as almost exclusively funded by the US government through the National Endowment for Democracy, USAID, George Soros' Open Society Institute, and a myriad of other globalist foundations.

Quite obviously, the UDD, Thaksin, and Prachatai, all now confirmed to be consorting with, funded, and supported by the US government via its subversive National Endowment for Democracy and the Fortune 500 corporate-fascists that direct them, are most certainly not pursing "dem
ocracy” and "freedom."

Enter Ampon & His Hand-Wringers

It is amidst this background, at the height of a foreign-backed, violent insurrection in 2010, that Ampon sent his SMS messages to the personal secretary of then prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. During this rally, and rallies before it, it was common practice for Thaksin's cheerleaders on stage to encourage acts of violence against soldiers and members of the ruling government. Abhisit's car, a year earlier, came under attack by Thaksin's mobs, a move that would have seen scores if not hundreds of protesters mowed down had such an attack happened in a Western nation.

Video: Despite claims by the Wall Street-London press that Thailand is ruled by a despotic, brutal military regime - an attack on the nation's prime minister's car in 2009 left only his guards slightly injured. Had such an attack been aimed at the leader of a Western capital, it is likely not only would these protesters have been gunned down, but the entire protest swept from the streets in a single day. 2009's Wall Street-backed protests in Bangkok claimed only two lives, both gunned down by pro-Thaksin rioters while trying to protect their property from looting.

Quite clearly Ampon's case and the movement he chose to participate in has nothing to do with “human rights,” “democracy,” or “freedom.” It is seditious and above all, violent in nature. While Ampon himself may be just one of many thousands of dupes worldwide drawn into Wall Street's insidious creep throughout the world, the movement he belongs to is one of exact purpose and poses a direct threat to the sovereignty, security, and future of Thailand.

Ampon's worth, and the value of his imprisonment to the Western corporate-media and its fully-funded and backed proxies both abroad and within Thailand, especially Prachatai, is his ability to give rhetorical leverage to their otherwise illegitimate political agenda of dividing Thailand, undermining its 800 year old institutions and implementing Wall Street and London “reforms."

One of the many flaws in trying treasonous behavior within Thailand's current legal system is that many comments filed as “lese majeste” are not made public. This means that Ampon could have theoretically said anything, including making threats of physical violence, a crime punishable in even the most tolerable societies.

The disingenuous “hand-wringers” exploiting Ampon's case fail to acknowledge this lack of information, or even focus on such a lack of information as one of many flaws within Thailand's legal system as the crux of the issue, and are instead using the opportunity to defame and undermine Thailand's ancient institution. By doing so, they raise the political capital on both sides so high that Ampon, if he is indeed “innocent” as the hand-wringers baselessly claim, stands in the middle of their political escalation which will prevent parties on both sides of Thailand's power struggle from backing down and letting reason prevail.

In other words, Ampon's hand-wringing supporters and their political exploitation of his case are as much an enemy to him and his receiving justice as they claim are the people who have imprisoned him. Besides Prachatai, a fully compromised propaganda outfit exclusively funded by the US State Department, we have BBC “weighing in” disingenuously on the subject.

BBC's article, “Thailand lese majeste man jailed for 20 years,” also fails to provide any facts behind the case and attempts instead to illustrate the draconian and unjust nature of Thailand's laws. BBC vaguely mentions “Thai academics and writers” who have “fled the country for fear of being denounced,” but fails to mention all of these characters, including most predominantly Giles “Jai” Ungpakorn and Jakrapob Penkair are all leading members of Wall Street-stooge Thaksin Shinwatra's “people's revolution.” Both men have also called on Thaksin's supporters to take up arms and fight a "People's War." BBC further exploits the ignorance of its readers when they refer to Prachatai as a “liberal news website” failing to mention its overt ties to and immense funding from the US State Department.

It's Not about Freedom of Speech

While Jeffersonian ideals of human freedom are universally attractive – the fact remains that there is an insidious, global network attempting to exploit and pervert these noble ideals to mislead well-meaning individuals into perpetuating its self-serving autocratic, and ultimately human-enslaving agenda. Thailand may learn some lessons from neighboring Malaysia who has dealt with an identical Wall Street-backed fake-democracy and human rights movement, Bersih, who charges its members openly with sedition against the state and educates the population of the dangers of Wall Street and its creeping network of fraudulent NGOs.

Thailand can also learn a lesson from Belarus who recently skipped past “useful idiots” like Ampon who may have been in the wrong place, at the wrong time, hopped up on misinformation, and went straight for Wall Street's regional sedition ring-leader – charging him with tax evasion and sentencing him to 4 years in prison.

Likewise, Thailand has many candidates who should be prosecuted as part of a more appropriate response to Wall Street's creep, including Chiranuch “Jiew” Premchaiporn of Prachatai who has made a career out of taking foreign money, misleading her readers and apparently even her own associates, to help perpetuate Wall Street's agenda throughout Southeast Asia and beyond. Thaksin's chief propagandist, Samyos Phruksakasemsuk, author of "Voice of Taksin" is already on trial facing "lese majeste" charges, of which he is surely guilty of. However, it is the violent, foreign-funded rhetoric he ceaselessly promoted which served as the blueprints for very real violence that claimed over a 100 lives between 2009 and 2010 that constitutes his most egregious crime. Somyos, also portrayed as a "political prisoner" by the same hand-wringers now exploiting Ampon's case, cried "fire" in the proverbial theater and got people killed, property destroyed, and lives ruined - decidedly behavior not protected under any "bill of rights." (Samples of Somyos' work can be found under #3 here. A full archive of Thaksin's propaganda can be found here.)

Ampon's "20 years for sending SMSs" now appears to be part of something much larger when one takes a look behind the curtain. Warning signs should immediately go up when the BBC is howling in tandem with other corporate-media outlets over "human rights" abuses, especially after these same disingenuous concerns were used by these same voices to justify mass murder in Libya, the bodies of which are still warm in their mass graves. Ampon's case in the court of public opinion has revolved around weepy narratives concerning his age, health, and his separation from his family, not the nature or details of his crime or the foreign-funded seditious and violent movement he willfully chose to be a part of.

Ampon may or may not be the victim of a miscarriage of justice - we will never know. Those who sent him to jail have already proven they see him as a threat, and those "defending" him have already proven they see him and his "victimization" as merely an opportunistic means to advance their own political agenda.

Image: "Bozo Journalism." Former Reuters senior editor and now freelance propagandist, Andrew Marshall, makes a hamfisted attempt to channel the "Arab Spring" -an admittedly contrived, premeditated Wall Street-London backed regional destabilization. As mentioned before, the "Arab Spring's" final destination is Moscow and Beijing, making Thailand one of its necessary "stops" along the way.

And while these imposter-humanitarians clamor with tacky "Arab Spring" slogans like, "We are all Ampon Tangnoppakul" and insist "revolution" is just around the corner, it should be noted, as always, that no real revolution of any kind will take place until people both understand the balance of power currently held in the world today and how to change it pragmatically rather than politically. Wall Street will remain intact until we see them, not local governments or dupes, as the real enemy, and the systematic boycotting and replacing of their degenerate, global domineering system implemented in full as the solution.

Egyptian Protesters: US Stooge "ElBaradei for President"

Egypt's "revolutionaries" prove again the unfathomable fraud that is the "Arab Spring."
by Tony Cartalucci

November 26, 2011 - Once again after yet another disingenuous campaign by the corporate media, the "Arab Spring" mobs filling Egypt's Tahrir Square have revealed their true agenda, calling for US corporate-funded International Crisis Group trustee Mohammed ElBaradei to be named by the military as the next "president" of Egypt. Increasing violence in Tahrir Square along with calls by the White House and the EU for a "a quick transfer of power to a civilian government in Egypt," is pressuring the Egyptian military to quickly find a suitable replacement to quell the mobs.

Wall Street and London, via their corporate-media have
been building up ElBaradei for at least a year before the "Arab Spring" even began, portraying him as the great hope for Egypt. Foreign Affairs magazine, in March 2010, literally printed an article titled, "Is ElBaradei Egypt's Hero?"

Mohamed ElBaradei

Photo: ElBaradei is never far behind during Wall Street-funded, trained, and equipped protests now rocking Egypt for a second time. (Khalil Hamra, Associated Press / November 25, 2011)

ElBaradei's Long Belly-Crawl Into Power

The US International Crisis Group (ICG) trustee Mohamed ElBaradei has spent over a year prying his way into Egyptian politics, landing in Cairo not at the beginning of the recent unrest in January 2011, but all the way back in February 2010. He was met, literally at the airport in Cairo, by the US State Department trained and supported April 6 Youth Movement and Google executive Wael Ghonim. Over the next year they campaigned together for the November 2010 elections, built up the "National Front for Change," and prepared for the protests Wall Street and London had been designing since at least 2008. These protests would then be portrayed disingenuously by the complicitous corporate-media as "spontaneous," "indigenous," and "inspired by" the equally disingenuous, premeditated unrest that had just shook Tunisia.

A critical component of the propaganda campaign paving the way for ElBaradei to run Egypt by proxy for Wall Street has been an attempt by the corporate-media to portray him as "anti-West" and above all "anti-Israeli." Foreign Affairs magazine explained it perfectly back in March 2010 in their article "Is ElBaradei Egypt's Hero?":

"Further, Egypt’s close relationship with the United States has become a critical and negative factor in Egyptian politics. The opposition has used these ties to delegitimize the regime, while the government has engaged in its own displays of anti-Americanism to insulate itself from such charges. If ElBaradei actually has a reasonable chance of fostering political reform in Egypt, then U.S. policymakers would best serve his cause by not acting strongly. Somewhat paradoxically, ElBaradei’s chilly relationship with the United States as IAEA chief only advances U.S. interests now. "

The most recent manifestation of this came just this month when Israel farcically called ElBaradei an "Iranian agent." This latest performance further illustrates the immense level of duplicity with which world events are being manipulated. As previously reported, Mohamed ElBaradei is in fact a devoted agent of the West, with a long standing membership within the Wall Street/London funded International Crisis Group (ICG) along side "senior Israeli officials" including the current Israeli President Shimon Peres, the current Governor of the Bank of Israel, Stanley Fischer, and former Israeli Foreign Minister, Shlomo Ben-Ami. The ICG also includes senior American bankers and geopolitical manipulators including George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Richard Armitage, Samuel Berger, and Wesley Clark.

Revolution, Counterrevolution, Re-Revolution

In March 2011's "Egypt's ElBaradei: Con-Man in Chief?" it was noted that ElBaradei was already worried about a "counterrevolution" and suggested that only his opposition's constitutional amendments and roadmap could lead to a "real democratic system in Egypt." He also suggests the immediate arrest and prosecution of Mubarak's remaining political party. The article concluded by stating, "So much for the "Arab Spring." It appears a new chapter in servile obedience to the West has been opened and the face Egyptians will be looking at for the next 30 years will be that of ElBaradei and the steady stream of feckless, servile stooges that follow in his meager footprints."

Indeed, it looks like a replay of January's street violence and unceasing mobs, along with behind the scenes maneuvering by both treasonous Egyptians and meddling foreigners will finally have ElBaradei or one of his many lesser-known Western allies installed into power. The Western corporate media had made it clear in articles like the aptly titled, "Egypt's Unfinished Revolution" that Wall Street's victory in Tahrir Square back in January was only superficial and that much was still needed to be done. This included a full re-write of the Egyptian Constitution, a task Wall Street financial criminal George Soros through his monstrous network of NGOs eagerly set out to do, as well as the permanent installation of a Wall Street subservient proxy under the guise of "free and fair elections."

Finally to illustrate just how farcical ElBaradei's very presence is within Egyptian politics and how astronomically compromised and entwined he is with Western corporate fascism, one must read PBS's November 25, 2011 Newshour transcript. Brought into the discussion regarding ElBaradei's potential ascension to power is fellow International Crisis Group member Robert Malley, who not once mentions the fact that ElBaradei is in fact a trustee within the same think-tank he represents.

Malley would say of ElBaradei:

"... Mohamed ElBaradei is going to be playing a significant role now in the coming period, that's a major concession by the military, which proves once again what has been a pattern, that the military will make a mini-concession, and then there's more pressure from the street, and it gives more.

And that's been happening basically since they took power. Let's wait and see exactly what the fine print and what Mohamed ElBaradei's powers will be, but it would be a breakthrough which may defuse the situation if in fact it's accurate."

Of course, what Malley is describing is not "democracy" but rather ochlocracy, or "mob rule" coupled with street violence, masked disingenuously as it has been from Tunisia to Thailand by the duplicitous liars within Wall Street and London's media networks as peaceful, non-violent placard waving youths. With ElBaradei's ties to Wall Street and London so overt and undeniable, Malley is in fact also describing foreign-funded political destabilization - a foreign takeover of Egypt, its over 80 million people, its economy and natural resources, provisions for which have been made as far back as June, 2011 with Senator John McCain escorting Fortune 500 corporate heads around Cairo casing out their future dominion.

The Real Revolution

As always, no real revolution of any kind will take place until people both understand the balance of power currently held in the world today and how to change it pragmatically rather than politically. Wall Street, a global tyranny of unprecedented proportions, will remain intact until we see them, not petty local tyrants or street mobs as the true enemy, and the systematic boycotting and replacing of their degenerate, global domineering system implemented in full as the solution.

How to Start a (Wall Street-backed) Revolution

Documentary Whitewashes Wall Street's Global Blitzkrieg
by Tony Cartalucci

November 26, 2011 - Gene Sharp of the Albert Einstein Institution penned the book "From Dictatorship to Democracy," originally designated for the destabilization and recolonization of Myanmar, still called "Burma" throughout much of the West. Sharp's book would then be utilized by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) throughout Eastern Europe, throughout Asia, and eventually, in 2011, for the US-engineered "Arab Spring."

According to Sharp's own Albert Einstein Institution (AEI) 2000-2004 annual report, AEI had been sponsored by the US government's National Endowment for Democracy (NED: see here for a full background on NED's corporate sponsors, board of directors, & anti-freedom agenda) and its funded subsidiary International Republican Institute (IRI) to train activists in Serbia (page 18) Zimbabwe (page 23) and Myanmar (page 26) to help overthrow their respective sovereign governments.

Image: Activating Human Rights & Peace (AHRP) 2008 proceedings, page 8. The .pdf has been taken down by the university, however it is available upon request from Land Destroyer. (click image to enlarge)

Australia's Southern Cross University's "Activating Human Rights & Peace (AHRP)" conference had put out a revealing account of their 2008 proceedings illustrating that all of Gene Sharp's work, beyond what was even mentioned in his own institution's annual report, had been fully funded and in support of the US government and its global domineering agenda. Beginning on page 26, Sharp's affiliations, in particular with the National Endowment for Democracy, which is described as carrying out "a lot of work that was formerly undertaken by the CIA," as well as the Ford Foundation, and billionaire Wall Street patriarch George Soros' Open Society Institute are fleshed out in immense detail.

Gene Sharp Has Defenders

Despite this, there are still voices out there calling criticism of Gene Sharp's affiliations with the US government and the CIA "wild accusations" and "conspiracy theories." One of these voices is director and Sky News/freelance journalist Ruaridh Arrow of the UK. Arrow has a lot invested in his views, as he is the director of "How to Start a Revolution" and has invested a tremendous amount of time and effort attempting to portray Sharp as anything but an agent of US-funded sedition promoting corporate-fascist global hegemony.

Photo: Ruaridh Arrow in Egypt. He is the director of "How to Make a Revolution," a disingenuous take on the "Arab Spring," which sidesteps documented evidence and even overt admissions that foreign corporate-financier interests drove the unrest, not indigenous aspirations for "democracy."

In one interview, Arrow even admits that upon seeing the Serbian Otpor revolution and the Ukrainian Orange Revolution unfold he suspected a CIA conspiracy, but then implies that the presence of Gene Sharp's book in the hands of these various groups, practicing similar tactics, was evidence otherwise. In a column afforded to Arrow by BBC titled, "Gene Sharp: Author of the nonviolent revolution rulebook," he claimed that Sharp "has faced almost constant financial hardship and wild accusations of being a CIA front organisation." Such statements are in obvious contradiction with even Sharp's own AEI annual report.

Also included in Arrow's BBC article was mention of his visit with Srdja Popvic of CANVAS, whose own website claims US government agencies such as Freedom House, United States Institute for Peace, and the International Republican Institute, as well as Soros' New Tactics (page 6) as "partners." Also mentioned as a partner was of course Sharp's AEI. Either Arrow was negligent in his research, or negligent in full disclosure as to the nature and affiliations of the groups training these "revolutionaries."

Any remaining doubt surrounding the true nature of these protests is cast aside when considering the 2008 inaugural Alliance for Youth Movements summit, sponsored by the US State Department in New York City and hosting CANVAS' future Egyptian "April 6 Youth Movement" proteges. After receiving training in New York by AYM, then training in Serbia with US-funded CANVAS, April 6 would join yet another cog in the Wall Street-London conspiracy to overthrow the Egyptian government, Mohammed ElBaradei. ElBaradei much like Gene Sharp and CANVAS has an endless parade of apologists espousing his good intentions along with a Nobel Peace Prize draped around his neck for added "credibility." In reality, ElBaradei is a member of the US corporate-funded think-tank International Crisis Group, funded in part by Soros' Open Society Institute, with Soros himself sitting on the board of trustees, along with funding from Chevron, Shell, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, and many others.

ElBaradei would return to Egypt a full year before the "Arab Spring" began to the open arms of April 6 activists literally waiting for him at the airport in Cairo. Together they began building the "National Front for Change." A year later, after making preparations with the help of April 6 and Wael Ghonim of Google, ElBaradei would lead what would be disingenuously portrayed by the complicit corporate-media as a "spontaneous" protest "inspired" by the equally disingenuous, entirely preplanned "revolution" that had just unseated the Tunisian government.

The "Arab Spring" is Fake

Clearly, the "revolution" in Egypt was entirely misrepresented by the corporate-media, and likewise by filmmaker Ruaridh Arrow. The "Arab Spring" was not spontaneous, nor was it indigenous. Rather it was a was a premeditated geopolitical plot engineered by US corporate-financier interests years in advance. The New York Times in its article, "U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings," clearly stated as much when it reported, "a number of the groups and individuals directly involved in the revolts and reforms sweeping the region, including the April 6 Youth Movement in Egypt, the Bahrain Center for Human Rights and grass-roots activists like Entsar Qadhi, a youth leader in Yemen, received training and financing from groups like the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute and Freedom House, a nonprofit human rights organization based in Washington."

Further confirming this were public statements made by the US State Department-sponsored "Alliance for Youth Movements" (AYM) counting Egypt's April 6 Youth Movement among its above mentioned inaugural AYM summit attendees in New York City as far back as 2008. Foreign Policy magazine admited that April 6 received further training from CANVAS in Serbia, before fomenting unrest in Egypt. FP magazine would also report that "CANVAS has worked with dissidents from almost every country in the Middle East; the region contains one of CANVAS's biggest successes, Lebanon, and one of its most disappointing failures, Iran."

The destabilization in Iran, of course, was drawn up by corporate-funded Brookings Institution, as articulated in its "Which Path to Persia?" report, with the actual mechanics of organizing the foreign-funded revolution subcontracted to organizations like US-funded CANVAS, NED and its subsidiaries.

In an April 2011 AFP report, Michael Posner, the assistant US Secretary of State for Human Rights and Labor, stated that the "US government has budgeted $50 million in the last two years to develop new technologies to help activists protect themselves from arrest and prosecution by authoritarian governments." The report went on to explain that the US "organized training sessions for 5,000 activists in different parts of the world. A session held in the Middle East about six weeks ago gathered activists from Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon who returned to their countries with the aim of training their colleagues there." Posner would add, "They went back and there's a ripple effect." The ripple effect Posner is talking about is of course the "spontaneous" "Arab Spring" and bears a striking resemblance to the campaign of destabilization Gene Sharp and AEI perpetuated throughout Eastern Europe as described in detail in the above mentioned AHRP report.

Mr. Arrow Stands by His Work

In a recent exchange, Mr. Arrow brushed aside all of this evidence in favor of his emotional documentary portraying Gene Sharp as an unsung hero and aging father of a global wave of genuine "democratic revolution." He labeled the June 13, 2011 article "Fake Revolutions" as a "conspiracy theory." He insists that "his research" has brought him to "different" conclusions and stands by his work. While he agreed that Wall Street is a dictatorship, the irony apparently escaped him that his film is about Wall Street literally overrunning the planet with semi-covert revolutions from Tunisia to Thailand.

Whether it is pride, ignorance, or duplicity that drives Mr. Arrow and his wayward message, contradicted by documents emanating from the very man and his organization he set out to portray in a positive light, his documentary has been picked up, supported, and promoted by the very same willful liars that foisted the "Arab Spring" upon an unsuspecting world. On Arrow's own website, under "Special Thanks," is listed "Every Human Has Rights" a campaign of the Gates, Ford Foundation, Soros Open Society, European Commision, and UK Department for International Development (DFID)-funded CIVICUS alliance.

Also mentioned is the Stilwell Fund for the Visual Arts, founded by Kim Taipale of the World Policy Institute, funded by the Carnegie Corporation (mentioned in the above AHRP report as complicit in funding the projection of US foreign policy under the guise of "democratic revolutions") as well as the "US Connect Fund" which is a collaborative fund created by George Soros' Open Society, the Carnegie Corporation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Ploughshares Fund (a sponsor of the above mentioned International Crisis Group upon which Egyptian "Arab Spring" leader ElBareadei sits as a trustee).

Indeed - somewhere along the line, though to what extent Arrow is not forthcoming - the very organizations engineering, supporting, funding, training, and in some cases arming the "Arab Spring" conflagration consuming Northern Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, had lent Mr. Arrow a hand in his disingenuous, whitewashing of their dirty deeds. Mr. Arrow refuses to acknowledge this glaring conflict of interest, the apparent immense impropriety his "documentary" is in the middle of, or the implications they may have on his future credibility or the future of the countries he has helped play a small part in destabilizing and ultimately destroying.

Country by Country - Wall Street is There

Below is a list of nations most of which are on record receiving Gene Sharp's "humanitarian" advice and training. Documented in depth are also the recipient opposition groups' ties directly to Wall Street-London corporate-financier interests. Indeed, Arrow's film, "How to Make a Revolution" shows one in reality of how to best serve Wall Street's interests by dividing and destroying your nation, while installing a puppet of the West's choosing amidst the chaos, because that is exactly what Gene Sharp's pupils have been doing for decades now in each and every case.

Myanmar (Burma)

No real revolution of any kind will take place until people both understand the balance of power currently held in the world today and how to change it pragmatically rather than politically. Wall Street, a global tyranny of unprecedented proportions, will remain intact until we see them, not petty local tyrants or street hooligans and dupes as the true enemy, and the systematic boycotting and replacing of their degenerate, global domineering system implemented in full as the solution.