Egyptian Protesters: US Stooge "ElBaradei for President"

Egypt's "revolutionaries" prove again the unfathomable fraud that is the "Arab Spring."
by Tony Cartalucci

November 26, 2011 - Once again after yet another disingenuous campaign by the corporate media, the "Arab Spring" mobs filling Egypt's Tahrir Square have revealed their true agenda, calling for US corporate-funded International Crisis Group trustee Mohammed ElBaradei to be named by the military as the next "president" of Egypt. Increasing violence in Tahrir Square along with calls by the White House and the EU for a "a quick transfer of power to a civilian government in Egypt," is pressuring the Egyptian military to quickly find a suitable replacement to quell the mobs.

Wall Street and London, via their corporate-media have
been building up ElBaradei for at least a year before the "Arab Spring" even began, portraying him as the great hope for Egypt. Foreign Affairs magazine, in March 2010, literally printed an article titled, "Is ElBaradei Egypt's Hero?"

Mohamed ElBaradei

Photo: ElBaradei is never far behind during Wall Street-funded, trained, and equipped protests now rocking Egypt for a second time. (Khalil Hamra, Associated Press / November 25, 2011)

ElBaradei's Long Belly-Crawl Into Power

The US International Crisis Group (ICG) trustee Mohamed ElBaradei has spent over a year prying his way into Egyptian politics, landing in Cairo not at the beginning of the recent unrest in January 2011, but all the way back in February 2010. He was met, literally at the airport in Cairo, by the US State Department trained and supported April 6 Youth Movement and Google executive Wael Ghonim. Over the next year they campaigned together for the November 2010 elections, built up the "National Front for Change," and prepared for the protests Wall Street and London had been designing since at least 2008. These protests would then be portrayed disingenuously by the complicitous corporate-media as "spontaneous," "indigenous," and "inspired by" the equally disingenuous, premeditated unrest that had just shook Tunisia.

A critical component of the propaganda campaign paving the way for ElBaradei to run Egypt by proxy for Wall Street has been an attempt by the corporate-media to portray him as "anti-West" and above all "anti-Israeli." Foreign Affairs magazine explained it perfectly back in March 2010 in their article "Is ElBaradei Egypt's Hero?":

"Further, Egypt’s close relationship with the United States has become a critical and negative factor in Egyptian politics. The opposition has used these ties to delegitimize the regime, while the government has engaged in its own displays of anti-Americanism to insulate itself from such charges. If ElBaradei actually has a reasonable chance of fostering political reform in Egypt, then U.S. policymakers would best serve his cause by not acting strongly. Somewhat paradoxically, ElBaradei’s chilly relationship with the United States as IAEA chief only advances U.S. interests now. "

The most recent manifestation of this came just this month when Israel farcically called ElBaradei an "Iranian agent." This latest performance further illustrates the immense level of duplicity with which world events are being manipulated. As previously reported, Mohamed ElBaradei is in fact a devoted agent of the West, with a long standing membership within the Wall Street/London funded International Crisis Group (ICG) along side "senior Israeli officials" including the current Israeli President Shimon Peres, the current Governor of the Bank of Israel, Stanley Fischer, and former Israeli Foreign Minister, Shlomo Ben-Ami. The ICG also includes senior American bankers and geopolitical manipulators including George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Richard Armitage, Samuel Berger, and Wesley Clark.

Revolution, Counterrevolution, Re-Revolution

In March 2011's "Egypt's ElBaradei: Con-Man in Chief?" it was noted that ElBaradei was already worried about a "counterrevolution" and suggested that only his opposition's constitutional amendments and roadmap could lead to a "real democratic system in Egypt." He also suggests the immediate arrest and prosecution of Mubarak's remaining political party. The article concluded by stating, "So much for the "Arab Spring." It appears a new chapter in servile obedience to the West has been opened and the face Egyptians will be looking at for the next 30 years will be that of ElBaradei and the steady stream of feckless, servile stooges that follow in his meager footprints."

Indeed, it looks like a replay of January's street violence and unceasing mobs, along with behind the scenes maneuvering by both treasonous Egyptians and meddling foreigners will finally have ElBaradei or one of his many lesser-known Western allies installed into power. The Western corporate media had made it clear in articles like the aptly titled, "Egypt's Unfinished Revolution" that Wall Street's victory in Tahrir Square back in January was only superficial and that much was still needed to be done. This included a full re-write of the Egyptian Constitution, a task Wall Street financial criminal George Soros through his monstrous network of NGOs eagerly set out to do, as well as the permanent installation of a Wall Street subservient proxy under the guise of "free and fair elections."

Finally to illustrate just how farcical ElBaradei's very presence is within Egyptian politics and how astronomically compromised and entwined he is with Western corporate fascism, one must read PBS's November 25, 2011 Newshour transcript. Brought into the discussion regarding ElBaradei's potential ascension to power is fellow International Crisis Group member Robert Malley, who not once mentions the fact that ElBaradei is in fact a trustee within the same think-tank he represents.

Malley would say of ElBaradei:

"... Mohamed ElBaradei is going to be playing a significant role now in the coming period, that's a major concession by the military, which proves once again what has been a pattern, that the military will make a mini-concession, and then there's more pressure from the street, and it gives more.

And that's been happening basically since they took power. Let's wait and see exactly what the fine print and what Mohamed ElBaradei's powers will be, but it would be a breakthrough which may defuse the situation if in fact it's accurate."

Of course, what Malley is describing is not "democracy" but rather ochlocracy, or "mob rule" coupled with street violence, masked disingenuously as it has been from Tunisia to Thailand by the duplicitous liars within Wall Street and London's media networks as peaceful, non-violent placard waving youths. With ElBaradei's ties to Wall Street and London so overt and undeniable, Malley is in fact also describing foreign-funded political destabilization - a foreign takeover of Egypt, its over 80 million people, its economy and natural resources, provisions for which have been made as far back as June, 2011 with Senator John McCain escorting Fortune 500 corporate heads around Cairo casing out their future dominion.

The Real Revolution

As always, no real revolution of any kind will take place until people both understand the balance of power currently held in the world today and how to change it pragmatically rather than politically. Wall Street, a global tyranny of unprecedented proportions, will remain intact until we see them, not petty local tyrants or street mobs as the true enemy, and the systematic boycotting and replacing of their degenerate, global domineering system implemented in full as the solution.