Russia Makes Slow & Steady Progress in Donbas: Update on Russian Military Ops in Ukraine

May 5, 2022 (The New Atlas) - This is a video update on Russian military operations in Ukraine for May 5, 2022. 

Key developments: 

  • Pentagon assesses that Russia is making “slow and uneven” progress in Donbas, but progress nonetheless; 
  • US claims Russia has “failed” to disrupt Ukrainian efforts to replenish and reinforce its front lines; 
  • However, this means that Ukraine is throwing its full strength plus everything the West has given it at Russia and still can’t stop Russian forces advancing; 
  • Pentagon claims US howitzers have already reached the front lines in Donbas; 
  • Russian forces are likely conducting fixing operations near Kharkov, not attempting to “take” the city; 
  • US Javelin missiles do not have a great enough range to be useful in the type of fighting taking place in Donbas; 
  • the Ukrainian army built up by the US-NATO over the past 8 years is being destroyed and cannot be replaced faster than Russia is taking it off the battlefield; 
  • Turkey is playing a difficult balancing act between the US-NATO and Russia-Eurasia.