US to use Ukraine as Stepping Stone Toward Taiwan Provocation

March 22, 2022 (The New Atlas) - The US is planning to provoke conflict with China through Taiwan just as it has done to Russia through Ukraine. A similar process of replacing both governments in 2014 and then preparing both territories for war has been underway since.

US policy papers have called for the encirclement and containment of both Russia and China for decades and ultimately, stopping China requires first isolating it from its largest, most powerful ally, Russia.


Reuters - U.S. approves $100 million sale for Taiwan missile upgrades:,threat%20of%20retaliation%20from%20Beijing.

VOA - US Nearly Doubled Military Personnel Stationed in Taiwan This Year:

US State Department - U.S. Relations With Taiwan:

Radio Free Asia - U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Proposes New Missile Capabilities to Deter China:

RAND Corporation - War with China (Intro, 2016):

RAND Corporation - War with China (PDF, 2016):

Taiwan News - Pompeo urges US to help Taiwanese prepare to defend themselves now:

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