Working Out the Ethics of "Defence" at the London Arms Fair

"This is an industry that is concerned solely with profiting from death, and there's little time to scrutinise how many lives a bomb might end up destroying when there's payment to discuss."

September 23, 2013 - Vice Magazine (Uzi Gold) - Last week, Britain hosted a four-day get-together for the planet's preeminent weapons dealers. The DSEi arms fair, held in London's ExCel Centre, touts itself as a "world leading defence and security event" and sells just about anything you could ever need if you're in the business of launching expensive military interventions in collapsing states.
The fair is perhaps the prime global destination for people who sell weapons and people who buy weapons to get together and deal in death. And considering weapons in all their various guises (chemicalremote and nuclear) have been dominating the news lately, I figured I should probably head down to check it out.