Stop Imperialism – Episode 59

February 25, 2013 (StopImperialism)



1. Syria

syria_80 Death toll rises in Damascus blast
US refusal to condemn Damascus terror act frustrating – Lavrov
Syria militants attack Hezbollah positions in Lebanon: FSA
If Syria’s Assad falls, Hezbollah’s next
Syria: The death of a country
Segment Start: 00 h 09 min 21 sec
Segment End: 00 h 37 min 45 sec

2. Iran (Political)

 ir World powers plan ‘serious offer’ to Iran
Iran installing new Natanz centrifuges, says IAEA
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran Supreme Leader, scolds Ahmadinejad ahead of elections
Segment Start: 00h 39 min 06 sec
Segment End: 00h 58 min 06 sec

3. Iran (Economic)

 ir Official elaborates on construction of IP gas pipeline
Iran to build $4-billion oil refinery in Pakistan: Official
Iran to issue $570 million in bonds to finance transport infrastructure plans
Segment Start: 00 h 59 min 08 sec
Segment End: 01 h 15 min 51 sec

4. Ecuador

 Ecuador Ecuador’s Correa plans no sweeping reforms, wants investment
Ecuador builds nation of the future
Ecuador’s president, suppressing the media
Segment Start: 01 h 17 min 24 sec
Segment End: 01 h 42 min 57 sec

5. Greece

 Greece_90 Greek workers walk out in fresh austerity protest
Greek labor unions strike as Samaras implements austerity
SYRIZA reclaims lead over New Democracy
SYRIZA leader eyes leftist front against austerity
Segment Start: 01 h 44 min 15 sec
Segment End: 02 h 07 min 36 sec

6. Under the Radar

Under Radar Hugo Chavez breathing problems: Venezuela president’s health setbacks persist post-operation
UNESCO grants peace prize to Hollande amid French-led Mali war
Russia warns of Mali conflict ‘escalation’
Israel gives OK for oil drilling in Golan Heights
Libya: Belhaj denies knowledge of Al Qaeda attack in Algeria
Riot police attack Bahrain protest
Honduras, in a span of six hours, peasants and the brother of a lawyer were murdered
Segment Start: 02 h 09 min 25 sec
Segment End: 02 h 23 min 40 sec