ZOA Seeks to Manipulate Global Jewish Communities

Zionist Organization of America, and a myriad of doppelganger organizations, incite fear amongst global Jewish communities, manipulates and exploits best and brightest. 
by Tony Cartalucci 

October 21, 2012 - The elite throughout history have thrived by dividing and conquering people who would otherwise pose an insurmountable obstacle united and self-determined. While it has been covered ad nauseum how society in the West is divided along false political paradigms, and people across the Muslim World are divided along sectarian lines, little attention has been given to the means by which the global elite isolate and manipulate Jewish communities around the world.

In simple terms, the method of operation is two pronged in configuration. Fear is induced by radicalizing controlled opposition. Harold Charles "Hal" Turner, the quintessential Jew-baiter, turned out to be a Federal proxy, his style and talking points provided fodder for legions of imitators who carry on his ignoble work to this very day, this, even after he was exposed as controlled opposition. While Turner was a creation and perpetuation of the US government, the legions of manipulated followers he created harbor real hatred, in a world where "Jews" are hiding in every shadowy corner, conspiring against them. This hatred, fear, and paranoia manifests itself into demonstrable bigotry and even acts of violence.

Image: The cover of the Zionist Organization of America's 2012 Annual Report. ZOA intentionally perpetuates a strategy of tension used to co-opt and manipulate people on all sides of the political spectrum. More importantly, it serves as one of many propaganda fronts used to repackage frank conspiracies generated by think-tanks like the Brookings Institution, to make them acceptable to the general public. Stemming from these organizations is rhetoric that finds its way into mainstream and faux-alternative news - ZOA's propaganda, for example, served as the basis for the manipulative "Obama 2016" film, as well as regular talking points appearing on Glenn Beck's program as well as WorldNetDaily. 

Turner's work, in the Middle East, is carried out by US-Saudi funded madrases that dot the region, indoctrinating legions who are similarly suspicious, hateful, and even violent toward anything perceived as "Jewish," or "Zionist." While the impetus for this hatred is manufactured, the manifested violence that stems from it is very real. Some of the most notorious armed groups Israel claims it is fighting in the Middle East, are monsters of their very own creation - and monsters they covertly feed and perpetuate. Hamas is perhaps the most notorious, the Muslim Brotherhood a close second (Hamas is an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood).

The second prong is manufacturing barricades for Jewish communities the world over to hide behind to seek refuge. Within these barricades lie the actual enemy, impetus, and perpetuating force behind the very threat that has driven Jews there in the first place. To ensure maximum fear and tension is maintained, a similar, irrational, manufactured fear is created amongst Jews to feed into a continuous cycle of paranoia, hatred, violence, and chaos. A manufactured strategy of tension results.

Like a dam straddling a river, the force of tension against the dam produces energy from which those who constructed it, benefit. The hatred, fear, and violence perpetuated between the Jewish people and their perceived enemies has been a prominent driving force behind Wall Street and London's century-long campaign of invasion, occupation, subversion, and exploitation across the Muslim World.

The latest example of this was using regional hatred toward Israel to implement the opening phases of the US-engineered "Arab Spring." Because any regime Israel feigned support for would be instantly poisoned by a political "touch of death," Israel openly and oafishly feigned support for Egypt's president, Hosni Mubarak, claiming it had sent weapons and riot control gear to assist his government in suppressing "anti-American/anti-Israeli" protesters. In reality, the protests in Egypt's streets were planned years in advance, beginning as early as 2008 in New York City by confabs organized by the US State Department.

In essence, the global elite played people's emotional persuasions like a fiddle, and executed one of the most profound geopolitical re-orderings in recent history.

The same ploy would be used against Libya's Muammar Qaddafi. Qaddafi was accused of being "Jewish," hiring Israeli mercenaries, using Israeli weapons, and of any other conceivable link imaginable to likewise inflict him with the "touch of death" incurred by this strategy of tension. And perhaps the most absurd example of all, were early attempts to use the same tactic against Syria, exemplified best in Hareetz of Israel's op-ed titled “Israel’s Favorite Arab Dictator of All is Assad.”

There is no global Zionist empire seeking to instate Jewish supremacy across the globe. Organizations that promote this are no different than US-Saudi madrases selling the notion of establishing a supranational Islamic caliphate reaching halfway across the planet. They seek to force people to pick one of two false sides, and play upon a game board of limited rules and dimensions - rules and dimensions that preclude self-determination, and leave only a predefined set of conclusions for us to witlessly fight toward.

Meet the "Zionists" - Manipulators Who are Neither Jewish nor Zionist. 

Just like the US-Saudi legions of Al Qaeda are never really going to be given a supranational Islamic caliphate to lord over, neither will Judeo-Christian Zionists be given a global Zionist order. Zionist organizations are created as the barricades behind which Jews are invited to seek refuge, so their talents, energy and destiny can be exploited to full effect by a handful of self-serving interests. The means and end are obviously devoid of Judeo-Christian values.

We take for example the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA). ZOA's literature perpetuates patently false talking points, misrepresenting current events, and reinforcing the strategy of tension between Jewish communities worldwide and their perceived enemies. ZOA's 2012 annual report contains an opening letter so overtly provocative, it would be easily mistaken for black propaganda - propaganda created by the enemies of Judaism to purposefully discredit the ancient faith and incur attacks upon it from all directions.

"President" of the Zionist Organization of America, Morton Klein opens the 2012 ZOA annual report with conspiracies involving US President Barack Obama "engaging, strengthening  and  legitimizing the extreme,  jihadist Muslim  Brotherhood in Egypt." As shown extensively, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood was part of a premeditated, joint US-Saudi-Israeli policy documented as early as 2007 by New Yorker journalist Seymour Hersh in his article "The Redirection." Klein's fear-mongering is based on patently false talking points, the same talking points used to help gestate the "Arab Spring," and perpetuate the unfolding destabilization that has resulted.

Klein rants on, providing the rhetorical foundation from which propaganda films like the recent "Obama 2016" were made, before concluding his letter with the cartoonish, over the top, ridiculous closing, "With Zionist Greetings."

ZOA's 2012 annual report included a list of ZOA dinner guests that included Michele Bachmann, Glenn Beck, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The 40 page report deals only in talking points found across the false-right paradigm, and involves none of the frank, open policy discussion one might find in corporate-financier subsidized think tanks like the Brookings Institution, the Council on Foreign Relations, the RAND Corporation, or the American Enterprise Institute. And while many of the same personalities cross-over from propaganda fronts like ZOA, to think-tanks like Brookings, their narratives do not.

Image: The Brookings Institution's "Which Path to Persia?" report (covered in depth starting here) openly conspires to provoke war with Iran to achieve Anglo-American hegemony across the Middle East. The report openly conspires to use terrorism, covert provocations, subversive foreign-funded opposition groups, and economic warfare to destroy the nation of Iran, it admits poses no threat to US or Israeli national security. This cannot be sold to the public. ZOA and left propaganda fronts are charged with forming narratives that can be sold to the public - and building cadres of zealots to promote these narratives. 

A common feature found on Brookings Institution's website are both reports published in-house, and articles published by fellows for news publications aimed at the public. The narratives change distinctly, with in-house policy papers containing candor, and very incriminating conspiracies, while op-eds published for public consumption contain custom tailored propaganda to fit either left or right talking points.

Brookings' report, "Which Path to Persia?" openly admits Iran is not a threat to either the US or Israel, and rather threatens the political order and "interests" of the US in the Middle East. The report openly conspires to provoke a war with Iran it neither wants nor will benefit from. Brookings policy authors also conspire to fund, arm, and assist terrorist organizations, most notably Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK, sometimes MKO) in a bid to violently overthrow the Iranian government. In depth consideration is also given to creating a subversive movement of protesters to fill the streets, to provide cover for overt or covert military operations to destabilize the government of Iran.

All of these options are now demonstrably being executed. However, none of these options can be presented "as is" to the public, with any realistic expectation of gaining public support. Kenneth Pollack, a co-author of the report, regularly publishes articles for public consumption in an attempt to sell the policy he played a part in forming, to the public in terms they might support.

To a greater degree,  ZOA on the right, and liberal propaganda fronts on the left, funded by convicted criminal George Soros and his Open Society foundations contribute to this "selling" of policy. Each one of the policy points points from the report is repackaged and sold to the public through the filter of pro-Israel, American preeminence to the right, and on humanitarian, pro-democracy grounds to the left.  Cognitive infiltrators like Jospeh Farah's World Net Daily who was actually awarded the 2003 ZOA Ben Hecht Award for Outstanding Journalism, attempt to sell this agenda to the public by combining these talking points to appeal to people somewhere in the middle, willfully deceiving his audiences about where he really stands.

Ultimately, the pursuit of war against Iran endangers US and Israeli national security, millions of lives, and both nations' collective socioeconomic stability. In fact, the only interests that will benefit from a war with Iran are a handful of corporate-financier interests that are neither Christian nor Jewish, nor truly American or Israeli, and will not only survive, but prosper immensely regardless of the fate of America or Israel. The survival of Israel is not the driving factor behind Western policy, in fact, Western and Israeli policy currently reflects an agenda contradictory of a nation interested in self-preservation, but a nation serving as a beachhead for expanding regional hegemony, a beachhead ready and willing, even custom tailored, to take the brunt of regional retaliation.

Co-opting the Best and Brightest. 

The most disappointing aspect of this system of manipulation, are the countless well-intentioned individuals who out of panic, ignorance, or fear, are driven behind the barricades of the West's various false paradigms. While our TV screens are full of US soldiers, civilians, and foreign fighters dying as a result of these endless strategies of tension, there are other "casualties" of this conflict that often go unnoticed.

Robert Zubrin is an engineer and proponent of the human colonization of space. He believes in the potential of humanity, and scorns paradigms that encourage Malthusian, misanthropic philosophies. His ideas, concepts, and enumerated plans for making humanity multi-planetary are truly inspirational.

However Zubrin is an active participant in the very system obstructing his life's work. He belongs to the "American Center for Democracy," which, like the ZOA - albeit less overtly, peddles disingenuous talking points to sell the policies put forth by the Brookings Institution. Upon the ACD along with Zubrin, sits a myriad of Israelis and Jews who were born and raised within the barricades amongst this manufactured strategy of tension. But there are also those like Richard Perle, who sits upon both propaganda fronts like ACD, as well as policy think-tanks like the American Enterprise Institute and former CIA director and corporate insider James Woolsey, both willful, cognizant participants helping steer and perpetuate the agenda.

Video: Robert Zubrin's life work is making human civilization multi-planetary. The man's ideas are ingenious, inspirational, but ultimately derailed, as Zubrin, like so many others, finds himself on a geopolitical "hamster wheel" where he expends his energy amongst false paradigms. By feeding into false paradigms, we ensure the real contributions people like Zubrin have to offer remain unrealized. By circumventing these paradigms, we ensure these contributions are realized. 

Richard Perle does not care about Israel, and would gladly sacrifice every American and Israeli life on Earth if it granted him and the interests he represents global hegemony. He would gladly reside outside the radioactive craters his policy is intent on creating, and gladly camouflage himself with whatever social paradigm existed around him. People like Zubrin, most likely do not share this trait, but are too busy looking beyond the barricades to realize the traitors within them, and who ultimately created them.

Zubrin's carrying of water for this agenda, in op-eds he regularly publishes such as, "Obama’s Iran Policy Risks a Global Crash," is a loss for us all. The summation of his time and energy would benefit humanity infinitely more if it were spent on making human civilization multi-planetary. Because of the conflict the interests behind Brookings are engineering and executing, the sort of stability and progress necessary for fulfilling Zubrin's life work will never materialize. Instead of advancing humanity, Zubrin, like so many others on both sides of this strategy of tension, has been placed on a geopolitical "hamster wheel."

By playing into this strategy of tension, either with "Antisemitism" or "Islamophobia," "left" or "right," "black" or "white," we ensure that the summation of our energy is transmitted to the dam built to obstruct the natural course of human progress. By circumventing the dam created by the global elite, we ensure that this flow is restored - that people like Zubrin, and countless others spend the summation of their time pursuing ultimately what is in all of our best interests - not wars that are in none of our interests.