URGENT: West Spreads Syrian WMDs Lies For Foreign Intervention

As NATO's proxy terrorists collapse in both Damascus and now the northern city of Aleppo, Israel and Turkey prepare impending attack.
by Tony Cartalucci

http://nuggetnetreview.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/israel-alone091720101.jpgJuly 24, 2012 - Hysterical propaganda has increasingly amplified since early Monday when the Syrian government's Foreign Minister Jihad Makdissi insisted that if Syria had any unconventional weapons, they would be under strict security and only used against foreign aggression. Makdissi went on to clarify further his statement by insisting that his comments in no way implied Syria even has such weapons.

Despite this, the Western media has begun the all too familiar WMD-mantra, heard in the lead up to Iraq, where bold-faced lies and fabrications based on knowingly dubious intelligence sources, were picked specifically to tell the narrative the West sought to sell the public,.

The culmination of this propaganda campaign versus the government and people of Iraq, of whom over 2 million died between sanctions leading up to the war and the West's invasion and occupation, was the West's primary intelligence source, Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, codenamed "Curveball," admitting that " I had the chance to fabricate something to topple the regime." In other words, as the Guardian puts it in the title of their article, "Defector admits to WMD lies that triggered Iraq war."

Now in Syria, we have another "defector," the discredited, former-Syrian ambassador to Iraq, Nawaf Fares, clearly fabricating fantastical tales to both undermine the Syrian government, and give the West the impetus it needs for wider military intervention - especially since NATO's proxy "Free Syrian Army" has suffered catastrophic defeats in both Damascus, and now Aleppo. Fares claimed that he knew Syria's weapons were being mobilized, and that the government planned on using them.

Building on this, Reuters has reported, "Syria rebels: Assad regime moved chemical weapons near border," citing habitually deceitful FSA leaders and little else. Israel and Turkey have been gearing up for strikes against Syria to save a faltering FSA offensive that had begun in Damascus, but already has been put down, and is now faltering in Aleppo. The Israelis in particular have stated they will strike to prevent WMDs from "falling into the hands of Hezbollah," the rhetorical cover they are using to swoop in and save their failing campaign to overthrow Syria's government. 

It is believed that NATO and the Gulf State's FSA terrorist proxies have reached the very limit of their ability to destabilize Syria and the West recognizes the necessity of limited strikes to cripple a Syrian government that remains intact, coherent, and far from "crumbling" as the Western media has tried, but failed to portray. Veteran Indian diplomat, M K Bhadrakumar, wrote as much in his most recent analysis titled, "The rise and fall of Turkey's Erdogan."

However, a pretext for such strikes must be fabricated - and there have been stark warnings from analysts and international press from around the world of a possible false-flag chemical weapons attack staged by NATO and its proxies to be then blamed on the Syrian government, and give NATO, Israel, and the Gulf States the impetus they've sought for a wider military intervention.

The hysterical rhetoric coming from the West is directly proportional to the failing fortunes of their terrorist proxies on the ground across Syria. After a year and a half of trying to undermine the Syrian government and its people, only but a collection of towns sheltered by the Turkish military along the border lie in FSA hands, with their attacks repeatedly fended off across the country and the tide of public opinion worldwide turning against them. The West is still paying the price for its lies leading up to the condemned invasion and occupation of Iraq, but seems prepared to reach further yet into the depths of its own depravity.

Spread the word - and remind the public of the outcome when last the West told tales of WMDs, real or imagined, to justify a war of aggression.