Experiment - Derail Soros Anti-Syria Consensus Generator

July 14, 2012 - AVAAS is a website that offers up petitions that suspiciously support the aims and aspirations of Western corporate-financier interests, couched in "progressive" pro-democracy, pro-human rights rhetoric. Their most recent petition, "India and US - Stop Syria's death dealer" aims at shaming Russian armament companies doing business with Syria, while mentioning nothing of the West or the Gulf State despots arming anti-government terrorists.

An experiment to see if this "consensus generator" can be derailed involves signing the petition, but instead of using your name, you insert an anti-war message such as "Hillary Clinton is a War Criminal." It will show up as seen below in the lower right under "recent signers." AVAAS minders will find it difficult to hand the petition over to "India and the US" covered in anti-war messages - hijacking this disingenuous petition and turning it into the sentiments of the real majority.

All you need to do is go to this link here, fill in an anti-war message where it says "Name," use an email you don't mind people knowing about, and select a country. Press send, reload and see your anti-war message pop-up under "recent signers."

If it works - this strategy could be used on similarly disingenuous petitions - removing yet another insidious "people power" tool from the global elite's box. Though no update has been made since June - "people" are still signing it, and the petition is still active.