Next Round of Destabilization in Syria Begins

NATO-Backed “Syrian National Council” Breaking Apart After 51% of Syrians Brave Death Squad Snipers to Cast Ballots; US Inciting Kurds to Revolt Against Damascus; Turkey Eyes Article IV; Syrian Govt. Exposes Foreign Fighters Run by Al Qaeda.

PressTV /
May 18, 2012

Video: Via PressTV - Dr. Webster Tarpley and Steve Lendman  break down the latest developments in Syria, including open admissions by the West that they are arming militants amidst a UN brokered "ceasefire," the presence of Al Qaeda amongst Syria's opposition, the Syrian opposition's general disorder, recent elections in Syria, and the US' attempt to coax Turkey to act by threatening to arm & unleash Kurdish militants throughout the region.  PressTV's guest from Beruit treats viewers to the dissemblance typical of those peddling the agenda of the West.