Make the Bankers Pay

Iceland, Ireland pushing back against neo-feudalism.
by Tony Cartalucci 

Editor's Note: For more information, please read "Farmers group wants Ireland to follow Iceland and burn the bondholders.” 

May 12, 2012 - Across the dominion of the corporate-financiers on Wall Street and in the city of London, the reckless Ponzi schemes destroying the West's economy and plunging it into an economic depression have left politicians, the bought and paid for servants of corporate-financier hegemony, wringing the public dry to cover losses. In reality, when an enterprise fails because of criminality, incompetence or both, citizens are not demanded to pass the hat around to "bail them out." They are declared bankrupt, their assets (if they have any) are stripped, often if fraud is involved, executives and board members go to jail, and society attempts to fill the void with sounder enterprises run by more reputable people.

However, when the fraud and failure unfolds amongst the highest levels of corporate-financier power, amongst men who have organized wars that have sent millions to their deaths, overseen social "projects" that have left hundreds of thousands of women forcibly sterilized, and instead of going to jail, are showered with self-aggrandizing awards from institutions of their own creation. This faux-authority, faux-legitimacy has left the people subjected to their machinations with the illusion that they must pay for, heed, follow whatever solutions are then prescribed by the very elite who created the problem in the first place.

Indeed, if we want this current system to continue - it would be wise to follow their instructions to the letter. However, if we are unsatisfied with this system, it is important to not only protest these unjust measures, to refuse absolutely to abide by any of their edicts, but to create and promote our own programs to put society back on the rails of progress and moving forward.

Video: Max Keiser discusses a possible push-back by the Irish people against debt that isn't theirs.

Iceland was one of the first nations during the latest round of global financier manipulation to say "no." The bankers created the problem, Icelanders said, so the bankers will pay for it, not the Icelandic people. Ireland has followed suit - in the face of a draconian, neo-feudal "house tax" leveled against the Irish - essentially forcing people to pay for the "privilege" of living on their own land, have overwhelming refused to pay it. While it may be "illegal" to say no to the neo-feudal house tax, paid to corporate-financiers who apparently see themselves as neo-lords, it is certainly not wrong. It is wrong, in fact, to heed to unjust laws created by self-serving minorities at the expense ($130 USD per home) of the majority.

The Irish have followed this noble defiance with a campaign - predictably muted by a willfully ignorant international media - called "Farmers For No." Farmers for No is an organization that is precisely what is needed - not austerity measures - but grassroots organizing and cooperation at a local level, to solve local economic woes, with local solutions. Farmers for No is currently campaigning to follow Iceland's example and vote no against austerity, and instead default on loans the Irish people are already being demanded to pay for, but loans they are in no way responsible for.

While Farmers for No is fighting its battle "far off" on the Emerald Isle, their fight is our fight. Whether you live in Greece, Spain, France, or England, across the sea in the United States, or in Asia - which is currently pursing the same sort of financier consolidation, directed by Wall Street and London, and leading to the very sort of catastrophic meltdown the West has just experienced, Farmers for No's battle is yours.

Video: Dr. Webster Tarpley explains how banker debt bailouts are not the responsibility of sovereign states. For more analysis by Dr. Tarpley, visit

Next, Farmers for No, and grassroots organizations around the financially-wrecked Western world, must begin devising, promoting, and implementing pragmatic programs of their own - after making it clear they will not accept such programs to be decided for them by the very people, criminals even, who created the problem in the first place.While we may differ in opinions as to what we should do, any program truly devised by the people and for the people will be preferable to anything devised by Wall Street, London, and other Western financiers gravitating toward their orbit. Most likely a synergy between local free market and national investments in production, real education, and infrastructure would be best. Additionally, taxing (with a Tobin tax) the banks themselves to bailout nations from monolithic and ever-increasing debt, should be considered in lieu of wringing dry the populations of the West with austerity.

However, whatever your opinion may be, nothing will happen so long as you sit on the sidelines, or worst yet, continue patronizing the corporations and banks behind economic, foreign, or domestic policies you disagree with. We must begin to organize ourselves, begin promoting and implementing our own ideas on a local level, leveraging technology to do so, and stop waiting for a "buffet of palatable options" to be spread out before us by the very criminals that have historically exploited, misled, and plundered our society for generations.