British Politician Peddles Globalism at TED

Innovative TED Talks Once Again Tainted by Globalist Salesmen.
by Tony Cartalucci

January 5, 2012 - UK politician Paddy Ashdown, during a recent TED Talk, claims power is shifting from nation-states to a global stage where the lawless global elite will somehow create "sensible" treaty-based global governance, citing the World Trade Organization (WTO) as a prime example. While he chastises the bankers whom he calls "money changers," he fails to note that they along with other corporate-financier interests, hold dominion over the WTO and indeed all so-called "international institutions."

Ashdown sees the world as interdependent at an unprecedented level and that tragedy in one nation inevitably affects all others. He also claims that the nation-state is no longer a viable proposition and cites a myriad of contrived global threats, the fraudulent "War on Terror" in particular, as evidence supporting his argument.

He concludes his sales pitch for "global governance" stating that we no longer hold individual or national destinies, but a global, collective destiny. In a way Ashdown's words are true at face value - but for those reading Agenda 21, the duplicitous plots drawn up within the halls of the Brookings Institution, or for those who watched the global elite destabilize the entire Arab World, commit genocide, and install one puppet regime after another in 2011 with more to come in 2012, it is clear that Ashdown is peddling the global elites' vision of a one world government where the corporate-financier interests of Wall Street and London hold dominion over mankind within the confines of an inescapable scientific dictatorship.

That Ashdown began his talk warning of World War III and the inevitable reordering the world is about to undergo, should prompt us to again re-read "The Middle East and Then the World" and realize that instead of the revolutionary change Ashdown promises, we are simply getting more of the same - what elites throughout the ages have always aspired toward, global empire and total, full-spectrum domination over all of mankind.

Ashdown isn't the first British politician to pollute the TED Talks with his globalist sales pitch. British PM Gordon Brown also attempted to spin his talk of global domination as philosophical and technological revolution back in 2009.

Video: Many truly inspirational talks are given before TED, but it is those like Ashdown's and Brown's that make many cringe before watching another.

For those interested in disappointing Ashdown's vision of a global government run by the monied elite, it is essential that we identify these elite, boycott and replace their system entirely, and move toward a "global power shift" that leaves our destiny not in the hands of Ashdown's global elite, but in the hands of "we the people."