Nepal Overrun by "Maoists" Now Corporate-Fascist Playground

Exposed: Astounding corporate ties of "humanitarian" USAID with Monsanto in Nepal.
by Tony Cartalucci

November 20, 2011
- After a decade of fighting, ending in 2006, Nepal's Maoist insurgents had finally achieved their dream of ending the nation's 240 year old monarchy and establishing a secular "federal republic" in 2008. For those keeping score, the terms "Maoist" and "Marxist" and even "secular" or "federal republic" are for rhetorical consumption only, as Nepal's new "Maoist" government built on the back of a violent revolution, fully funded and supported by the West now flirts with the forces of Wall Street/London corporate-fascism in a predictable turn of events that fully betray the "People's War" propaganda that sent tens of thousands of well-intentioned, heroic men to their deaths on both sides.

Natural News has exposed that USAID along with Monsanto and the Nepalese government have started a "pilot program" indoctrinating some 20,000 farmers in the use of patented, poisoned, economy-wrecking GMO crops, in particular Monsanto's infamous hybrid maize breeds. The program has also received backing from members of neighboring India's government who have already helped introduce Monsanto's GMO crops throughout their country -beginning the wholesale destruction of India's food security and domestic farming industry.

Video: Controlling our food: The world according to Monsanto - a wake up call to the world, exposing the nefarious, duplicitous, corrupt, corporate-fascist, and very much deadly agenda of this world-spanning mega-corporation.

Laying to rest any doubts regarding the West's real interests in fostering the destructive civil war in Nepal, which included funneling substantial financial resources through the notorious National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and subsidiaries like the National Democratic Institute (NDI) into "minority groups" which coincidentally made up the vast majority of Nepal's Maoist rebel forces, the move to now cash in on this "good will" by infiltrating and overrunning Nepal's economy through USAID's and Monsanto's latest initiative provides a glimpse into the future of nations facing similar US-fueled unrest throughout the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia. Quite clearly the predictable public outcry that accompanies Monsanto and its agenda as it spreads to the four corners of the globe illustrates that "democracy" and respect towards the will of the people is no where in the cards and conveyed to the public only through an increasingly unconvincing poker face.

Such "humanitarian" concerns regarding "democracy" and the "will of the people" are meant only as leverage when prying nationalists from power and either replacing them with a pliable stooge, or a vulnerable, perpetually squabbling political system too busy buying votes to actually competently run a nation.

Nepal's sad story and the bleak future they now face has been repeated over and over again - wrecking South America, Eastern Europe, and now consuming the Middle East, as seen in Egypt with identical corporate-interests maneuvering into the now soundly destabilized nation, and working its way through Asia. Wall Street and London are building a corporate-fascist global empire, and "humanitarian" organizations like USAID, NED, and the "humanitarian NGOs" they support constitute their modern day imperial network.

It is not even a matter of one side or the other in Nepal being good or bad, bad or worse, or the lesser of two evils, but rather the simple fact that the country has been divided, weakened, and left at the whims of foreign interests given a foothold to build a parasitic network that serves foreign, not Nepalese interests. One prime example of this comes from Nepal's "Prosperity Foundation," fully funded and openly affiliated with not only NED, via the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), but also the United States Chamber of Commerce, whose board of directors is populated by individuals directly representing US Fortune 500 interests including Monsanto. Monsanto director John W. Bachmann sits directly on the board of the Chamber of Commerce, and the organization itself has been a stalwart defender of Monsanto's abusive business practices for years.

Unbelievably, between NED and the US Chamber of Commerce, US tax dollars are being used to divide, destroy, and infiltrate foreign nations in the interest of neither the American people nor those of targeted nations, but rather for Wall Street's corporate-financier interests. The above mentioned CIPE's representative in Nepal, the "Prosperity Center" gave a 2008 presentation titled, "How can Democracy Deliver?" which concluded that "democracy" without a liberalized "market economy" cannot lead to prosperity. Of course by "market liberalization" it is meant that a nation's economy be opened up to foreign corporations, not the encouragement of local entrepreneurship which will be targeted for regulatory strangulation as foreign firms sink their roots in.

It is important to remember that the globalist corporatocracy run out of Wall Street and London see the various "-isms" not as individual ideologies as regular people may, but rather as a collective set of tools to achieve their goals. Concepts like "Maoism," "Communism," "Liberalism," and "Conservatism" are all in their tool bag, and have been employed alone or in combination around the globe to eliminate their enemies and expand their hegemony. Observers ignorant of where Nepal's victorious opposition gathered their resources and support from, may be tempted to conclude that "Maoism" in Nepal works to the benefit of neighboring China. Nothing could be further from the truth, as Monsanto and Wall Street's tentacles gather in this Himalayan state and begin giving it the corporate-fascist squeeze.