Israeli officials: ElBaradei an Iranian agent

Absurd claim despite ElBaradei sitting in same Wall Street-London think-tank as current Israeli president, Bank of Israel governor, and a former Israeli foreign minister.
by Tony Cartalucci

November 10, 2011 - Y Net News has reported that senior Israeli state officials have accused former IAEA chairman Mohamed ElBaradei of being an "Iranian agent," and a "despicable person." This latest performance further illustrates the immense level of duplicity with which world events are being manipulated. As previously reported, Mohamed ElBaradei is in fact a devoted agent of the West, with a long standing membership within the Wall Street/London funded International Crisis Group (ICG) along side "senior Israeli officials" including the current Israeli President Shimon Peres, the current Governor of the Bank of Israel, Stanley Fischer, and former Israeli Foreign Minister, Shlomo Ben-Ami. The ICG also includes senior American bankers and geopolitical manipulators including George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Richard Armitage, Samuel Berger, and Wesley Clark.

Photo: From left to right, ICG members Shlomo Ben-Ami, Stanley Fischer, Shimon Peres, and Mohamed ElBaradei. Despite the most recent claims that Mohomed ElBaradei is an "agent of Iran," it is a documented fact that he is indeed an agent of the Wall Street-London corporate-fascist global oligarchy, and a member of the International Crisis Group which includes several current and former senior Israeli officials.

In addition to this immense contradiction with the latest propaganda out of Israeli and international media, it should be noted that Mohamed ElBaradei led the US-funded, trained, equipped "April 6" movement which overthrew longtime Egyptian autocrat Hosni Mubarak. The April 6 movement is first documented receiving US aid and training as far back as 2008 where the "youth movement's" leadership traveled to New York City for a US State Department and corporate-funded confab. Afterwards, April 6 would travel to Serbia to be trained by the US-funded Otpor organization now operating under the name "CANVAS." Finally, April 6 would return to Egypt with Mohamed ElBaradei a full year before the January 25, 2011 "revolution" to build a very much premeditated uprising which would be later portrayed as "spontaneous" and "inspired by Tunisia" by the corporate media.

The propagandists toiling in Tel Aviv along with the global corporate-fascist media machine assumes the average reader is ignorant of these facts and buys wholesale whatever narrative is presented before them. However, upon careful examination of the background of this supposed "agent of Iran," we see what is in reality a complete agent of Wall Street and London instead, a literal card-carrying member of a transatlantic corporate conglomerate leading subversion on their behalf in Egypt and preparing the nation for handover to the global bankers.