Reuters Propagandist: US State Department Cables = Truth

Despite setbacks, Wikileaks still trying to foist US agenda on distant lands.
by Tony Cartalucci

October 3, 2011 - After nearly a full year at Reuters covering globalist lawyer Robert Amsterdam's every public relations stunt, including a 40 page report [1], Andrew Marshall decided to "quit" his job and pen the conveniently timed "Thai Story." The lengthy narrative is based entirely on US State Department cables taken from Wikileaks regarding Thailand, with Marshall's decidedly anti-Thai establishment rhetoric interjected throughout. He published the first of three parts just days before Thailand's controversial national election in hopes of further undermining the Thai state and its institutions, bolstering support for US-backed opposition groups [2], as well as preparing the rhetorical battlefield in tandem with other corporate-media organizations, including Robert Amsterdam, ahead of possible violence.

Despite Marshall's tedious, bland, myopic, and repetitive writing style, the tremendous length of his "Thai Story," and its inaccessibility to anyone without an intimate knowledge of Thai politics, his paid-for stunt became front page news online at the UK Independent [3][4], and was featured by the admittedly globalist Economist [5], the Lowy Institute [6], and the Council on Foreign Relations [7]. Marshall, apprently, thinks his readership is ignorant enough to believe these organizations and the corporate-financier interests they all represent, care only for freedom, human rights, and "truth," despite being some of the biggest purveyors of human atrocities on earth, or perhaps Marshall has another explanation as to why they all decided to over-hype in tandem, his less than impressive narrative.

Now months later, Marshall is still in Singapore elaborating on just what he was trying to accomplish with his Wikileaks hit piece. In an interview with Prachatai, a US State Department and George Soros funded propaganda outfit based in Bangkok [8], Marshall farcically claims that US diplomatic cables represented an opportunity to tell the "truth" about Thailand. Marshall goes on to explain that the cables provide a way to get past restrictions on "truth" and provide an honest debate about the future of Thailand. Ironically, this is identical to the Council on Foreign Relation's conclusion regarding "Thai Story," encapsulated in a June 2011 article titled, "Bombshell Report on Thailand May Open Debate on Monarchy." Perhaps it is just a coincidence that the CFR, which represents the collective interests of the largest banks and corporations on earth, in its ceaselessly self-serving agenda has come to the same conclusion about what is "best" for Thailand as does the "deeply concerned" Andrew Marshall.

Image: From IMS's 2010 Annual Report, Wikileaks figurehead Julian Assange pops in on a George Soros, ICFJ, IMS orgy of disinformation. Soros' various funded revolutions have used Assange's handy work as a rhetorical springboard to get into motion, therefore it is only right that Assange be given yet another stage upon which to promote the ongoing hoax that is Wikileaks. Anti-establishment, Julian Assange is not. Soros also funds Thailand's Prachatai "news" organization, who has recently interviewed Reuters journalists Andrew Marshall regarding his Wikileaks-based hit piece attacking Thailand. (click image to enlarge)

In the interview, Marshall never explains how the words of US diplomats, working on behalf of a nation with troops occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, conducting military operations in Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and covertly inside Iran, and with troops tied up at more than 820 installations in at least 135 countries, represent anything other than the self-serving interests of a world spanning empire, let alone the "truth." He also fails to mention how the meaningless, unsubstantiated claims, opinions, and speculations of US diplomats hold any legitimate place in a sovereign nation's debate over its own future, aside from of course, how those plans might mesh with the West's imperial ambitions.

Video: US State Department-funded Prachatai interviews the dubious Andrew Marshall of Reuters. Marshall's words repeat, almost verbatim, the narrative proposed by the CFR in regards to Thailand and the Wikileaks cables, all part of a gambit to destabilize and remove Thailand's long standing indigenous institutions, which stand in direct competition with the myriad of globalist funded "NGOs" attempting to pry their way in.

Marshall's dubious claims that the US State Department cables equate to some sort of sacred "truth" a nation must bend its destiny to, is only topped by the fact that he was saying this in an interview with a news organization fully funded year-to-year by the US State Department and US corporate-funded foundations. When considering America's immense military holdings throughout the world, it should be no surprise that they hold an equally vast propaganda network, lined by overtly paid-for organizations like Prachatai and disingenuous liars like Andrew Marshall of Reuters [9].

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