Farrakhan Warns Libya in 2004

A powerful speech by Louis Farrakhan in 2004 exposing the truth behind the "War on Terror" the true motivation behind invading Iraq and the "Greater Middle East" that would soon be born of US sponsored chaos and violence - chaos and violence we now see today as part of the contrived "Arab Spring." In particular, in Part 2, at 5 minutes 20 seconds, Farrakhan warns Libya's Qaddafi of an inevitable betrayal by a US government he was attempting to re-approach.

And while many may be tempted to see the title "Farrakhan Exposes The Jewish & Neo-Con Conspiracy In Middle East" and react with disapproval over the seemingly "anti-Semitic" tone - Farrakhan himself in Part 2, at 13 minutes and 18 seconds, clearly delineates between real, devote Jews and those that pose as Jews. He specifically quotes Revelations, 2:9, "I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan." In other words - those of Wall Street and London who claim to be Jews, but are as Jewish as Dick Cheney is a devote Christian (or, not at all).