Dear Brazil, India, & South Africa...

Foreword: This letter was sent to the below e-mail addresses in response to an Amnesty International campaign focusing on pressuring the governments of India, Brazil, and South Africa into approving of yet another Libyan-style foreign intervention, this time in Syria. Please copy or write your own letter to the below addresses as well as to your elected representatives and tell them to end the war in Libya, and to not even think about waging war with Syria.

Subject: Please vote NO on UN Syrian warmongering...


August 3, 2011

Dear Distinguished Minsters Antonio de Aguiar Patriota of Brazil, S M Krishna of India & Maite Nkoana-Mashabane of South Africa,

Amnesty International, an organization used maliciously to leverage the noble ideals of human rights and freedom to further the agenda of Wall Street and London, has recently created a petition to dupe well-meaning people into pressuring the governments of Brazil, India, and South Africa into supporting another murderous Libyan-style intervention to help topple the government of Syria and despoil its people.

From the very beginning the US State Department has admitted to funding Syria's opposition and training "activists" to create "ripple effects" in Syrian society. Not only does this contradict any concept of proper diplomatic conduct, but along with sanctions, it is in fact an act of war. Surely Brazil, India, or South Africa would not appreciate another nation meddling in its internal politics, funding particular political parties, or training armies of activists to overthrow your respective governments. And certainly, neither Brazil, India, nor South Africa would appreciate chaos resulting from the meddling of a foreign government being used as a false pretext to invite in foreign military intervention.

Even while the US, UK, and France beat the drums of war in regards to Syria, another similar intervention in Libya has taken surreal turns. NATO is now bombing civilian infrastructure, including water works, TV stations, and hospitals while the US, UK, and France fund, recognize, and are arming rebels with, according to the London Telegraph, admitted ties to Al Qaeda! Is this the future that awaits Syria if Amnesty International and the corporate interests (page 10) that fund it get their way? Is that how we "protect civilians," by bombing them into submission? Brazil and India rightfully stayed out of this quickly degenerating, ongoing atrocity against humanity in Libya which has soundly stained the honor of all who endorsed it or participated in it.

Please, respect the sovereignty of all nations, including Syria, Libya, and other nations being targeted by foreign funded sedition by soundly denouncing this despicable ploy of modern day imperialism. Please vote "NO" for any proposed UN security resolution regarding Syria. Please concentrate on improving the lives of your own people, and should you create the ideal state - let it inspire and influence other leaders around the world by example, not through military interventions on behalf of foreign funded opposition groups for self-serving agendas as the US, UK, and French warmongers have done.

Thank you immensely for your time and attention in this matter.


Tony Cartalucci
The Land Destroyer Report
Bangkok, Thailand