Paid Degenerate Liar: Glenn Beck

Reestablishing the false paradigm, one lie at a time.
commentary by Tony Cartalucci

Those who watched the theatrics of the "Bush Administration" will remember few attack dogs fiercer than Glenn Beck of Fox News. Fox News of course, is of News Corporation, a globalist Council on Foreign Relations corporate member, with Rupert Murdoch an individual member of the CFR as well.

Beck helped sell the ongoing wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq, is a major proponent of war with Iran, Somalia, Libya, and a general clash of civilizations between the West and the over 1 billion Muslims that populate the world. He, along with the rest of the corporate media, has the blood of thousands of Americans on his hands as well as the blood of over a million Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis, Somalians, Yemenis, and now Libyans. For this alone, Beck is an irredeemable degenerate liar who belongs not in the center of public debate, but inside a concrete jail cell.

When you tell verifiable lies, repeatedly, at the cost of human life, you have shouted "fire" in the proverbial theater and must be held accountable for your actions. Of course this goes for everyone in the corporate owned media, from all ends of the political spectrum, from the paid liars on the left now supporting the illegal, immoral, unjust war in Libya, to the paid liars on the right who have in tandem embedded the West so deeply in the affairs of other sovereign nations to begin with.

The danger with Beck is that after infesting and destroying the "Tea Party" movement, he is now moving towards the alternative media. Leaving Fox News, Beck is poised to start a counter balancing act against George Soros' equally disingenuous "Media Matters." What seems to escape the attention of most, is that Media Matters and Fox News are aligned within the same globalist system, amongst the same Fortune 500 corporate interests and peddling the exact same agenda, merely from two differing points-of-view.

Selling death: Bush era, over the top propaganda.

Neither is truly anti-war, neither is truly anti-Federal Reserve, neither is proposing real solutions or even so much as quantifying freedom as being true, self-sufficient independence. Each only gives us yet another false paradigm to live within while allowing the corporate-financier oligarchy to creep forward. Like two opposing wings of a vulture, they flap in tandem to lift the beast of globalization aloft. Both are still streaked in decomposing carrion and reek of death, both still lead to the same disease carrying, death eating corporate monster.

Beck links everything to Soros, while failing to mention that Freedom
Watch is also stacked, wall-to-wall with "Neo-Cons." Becks' job is to
reestablish a false paradigm as the globalists' left/right agenda collapses
in disarray. A new false paradigm around Soros' left and the
hijacked Tea Party's right is emerging.

It is time people stop being fooled, stop getting their information from people literally funded by the tormentors of humanity, and begin taking on the responsibilities they have for so long pawned off to corporations in exchange for mere "convenience." This convenience has become more trouble than it is worth, at the terrible cost of human life and economic stability and endangers our very existence.

Beck champions for war with Libya. His claim of "genocide in Libya"
is now
a verified lie peddled by both the fake right & left. And yes, they still make
Nescafe. The uprising in Libya is now exposed as a combine of Al Qaeda, CIA, and MI6.

Glenn Beck, like his counterparts on the "left," is a paid, degenerate liar. With the stakes as high as they are now, we cannot afford to pawn off the responsibility of analyzing and deciphering world events to men like Beck. We need to do the research and the analysis ourselves - for knowledge is power, and ignorance can literally mean death - ask the family of any dead soldier or victim of a globalist war, fought based on the lies peddled by men like Beck.