The Revolutionaries: Another Perspective

by Tony Cartalucci

Indeed, when we examine the leadership of the coordinated color revolutions sweeping the Arabic world, Eastern Europe and even as far as Southeast Asia, their ties to the West are undeniable - their true agenda irrefutable.

The Leadership

Egyptian opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei literally sits as a trustee amongst some of the most notorious US foreign policy makers within the globalist International Crisis Group. The April 6 Youth Movement and Google's Wael Ghonim have both been working on ElBaradei's behalf for well over a year. The April 6 Youth Movement has itself been consorting with the West since their attendance at a 2008 US State Department sponsored summit in New York City and then undergoing training at the US funded CANVAS organization in Serbia a year later.

We see CANVAS and the US State Department now more open about their involvement in the "Arab Spring." Hillary Clinton recently admitted that youth movements across the Arab world, including Egypt and Tunisia, received funding and technical support from the US. We also see the unrest in Libya tracking back to London and Washington based, long time US supported Libyan opposition groups including Ibrahim Sahad's National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL) and the National Conferences for Libyan Opposition (NCLO). The very call for the Libyan February 17th "Day of Rage" was made not in the streets of Benghazi, but by the exiled NCLO.

The Revolutionaries

USMC General Smedley Butler: 2 time Medal of Honor recipient,
anti-war, and wrote "War is a Racket." Butler talked about using
"patriotism" to dupe men into battle, just like
"freedom, humanity &
democracy" are used today.

In much the way the US has sent young men off to die for wars of profit throughout its history, best articulated by US Marine Corps General Smedley Butler's "War is a Racket," these deceitful self-serving elitists have hijacked the good will and hearts of millions across the Arab world and have mercilessly thrown them upon the crucible of conflict, and now war. The resulting death and tragedy is not merely a byproduct of their megalomaniacal pursuits, but an essential ingredient for their success.

The genuine struggle these brave but deceived revolutionaries undergo produces an appealing emotional narrative that overrides our ability to reason and decipher what is really unfolding before our eyes. We easily identify with these people and their struggle, more so than with the governments struggling to maintain their national sovereignty. The globalists count on this disparity of understanding, the universally intuitive appeal of the emotional connections versus the difficult learning curve required to understand the factual, historical and geopolitical connections. More over, from the revolutionaries' point of view, their struggle is real.

It is difficult for the emotional mind to reconcile brutalized and genuine protesters with the fact that their leadership is in the full-service of the very evil these valiant men on the ground think they are fighting. It is difficult for the emotional mind to reconcile the fact that both the men on the ground fighting and dying for what they think is freedom, and those fighting against these misled revolutionaries are both well intentioned, but only one is "right." The rational mind, however, versed in historical precedences, recognizes and easily reconciles these apparent contradictions.

We do these revolutionaries no service by simply backing their valor blindly and taking the emotional roller coaster ride with them, if the reality of their struggle is one of exploitation built upon a mountain of lies. The Egyptians, regardless of how moving and honest their intentions are, cannot change the fact that their leadership, the opposition they are thrusting into power upon their very real sacrifices, is literally the very evil they thought they were purging from their society in the first place.

ElBaradei's membership in the International Crisis Group is a fact. The NGOs being funded and directly carrying out the agenda of the globalist corporate-financier elite is a fact. That the Egyptians are now faced with a regime infinitely more servile than Mubarak ever was, is a fact. Shying away from these facts, or worst yet, never bothering to uncover them in the first place not only allows evil to flourish, but ensures more honest, well-intentioned people continue to squander their lives needlessly.

These revolutionaries are squandering their lives for a cause they would never have supported if only they knew the truth, just as no American mother or father would send their sons off on military adventure if only they knew "war was a racket." The globalists ghoulishly make us choose between foreigners desperately defending their homes from invasion, and our own countrymen sent to invade them - they would also have us pick between a nation's sovereignty and the valiant people duped into stripping that sovereignty away. However, it is possible to empathize with all of them if only we know the truth, and by exposing the truth, you give these brave people an opportunity to fight for real freedom.

Final Thoughts

In a February 2010 Foreign Policy article titled, "Revolution U," an in-depth look at the US created Serbian Otpor youth movement is given. Otpor would go on to become CANVAS, the organization that trained and supported the Egyptian April 6 Movement. After describing Otpor's success in toppling Slobodan Milosevic, FP goes on to say, " Like the entire opposition to Milosevic, Otpor took money from the U.S. government, and lied about it. When the real story came out after Milosevic fell, many Otpor members quit, feeling betrayed."

What will become of the Egyptian youth when they realize they've been led along by a decade old network of US created, funded, and supported meddlers, made to carry water for the globalists' agenda? To say they may feel betrayed, when people literally died in what they believed was a genuine battle for their freedom, might be an understatement.