Egypt Arming Libyan Rebels

WSJ claims "unusually robust diplomatic response from Arab states" toward Libya.
by Tony Cartalucci

After the corporate owned media's failed attempt in February 2011 to portray the Libyan unrest as "unarmed protesters" being brutalized by Qaddafi, reports began trickling in of what was actually a full-scale rebellion with weapons coming across the border from Egypt. These reports are now confirmed, as large scale operations to supply the rebels with weapons have now been admitted by both the US and Egyptian governments.

The Wall Street Journal, quoting a "senior US official," claimed that the latest Egyptian operation to arm Libyan rebels had started several days ago and is ongoing. The WSJ reiterates what many globalist think-tanks have been saying all along, that the operation to overthrow Libya, despite being a Western project, should be led by the newly "reordered" and shook up Arab states. The WSJ concedes that the US "wanted to avoid being seen as taking a leadership role in any military action against Mr. Gadhafi after its invasions of Iraq and Afganistan fueled anger and mistrust with Washington throughout the region." We are left to believe that the US deceptively meddling in Libya by proxy, somehow, is supposed to alleviate this anger and regain lost trust.

If all goes well for the globalists, this servile proxy Arab conglomerate, after being marshaled to raid Libya on behalf of the West, will then be organized and ready to turn its attention east toward Iran at the behest of their globalist masters. The WSJ in their article recognized this new servile fervor as an "unusually robust diplomatic response from Arab states."

Brookings Institute policy wonk, Kenneth Pollack's "The Real Military Options in Libya," outlines the full array of plans the US has at its disposal - options it has already been working ceaselessly starting mid February to build a consensus for and put into motion. Several of these "options," including "covert support" are already now admittedly in play.

Meanwhile, those still under the illusion that humanitarian concerns drive the UN Security Council's decision to authorize a Libyan no-fly zone, would do best to refresh their memories of how the globalists used the UN to become mired in a decade of war with Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Pakistan. It should also be remembered that the "Neo-Con" cadre of the globalist cartel within the confines of the Project for a New American Century engineered the entire "War on Terror" including their wish for a "new Pearl Harbor" a year before 9/11.

Today, the Project for a New American Century exists as William Kristol's Foreign Policy Initiative, and is once again writing letters reminiscent of the ranting insanity signed off by America's leading "Neo-Cons" urging for one foreign intervention after another. They also played a central role in the "Ground Zero Mosque" hoax in 2010. Their latest "letter" is addressed to President Obama under the title, "Foreign Policy Experts Urge President to Take Action to Halt Violence in Libya."

The globalist Foreign Policy Initiative is the reinvented
"Project for a New American Century." (Image: FPI)

In it they call for not only a no-fly zone to be initiated by the US, but also for air strikes and the official recognition of the "Libyan National Transitional Council." They go on to insultingly state "Today the United States and its allies should stand with the men, women and children of Libya who seek a future of peace and dignity." We can only assume the "Neo-Con" globalist ghouls of the Foreign Policy Initiative are referring to the same peace and dignity the Afghans and Iraqis are currently enjoying.

For a full updated review of globalist support for the Libyan rebels, please see: "War with Libya."