David Cameron's Brownshirts

English Defense League answers Cameron's call for confrontation.

by Tony Cartalucci

Of course, UK PM David Cameron is in charge of nothing, most likely not even the color of the tie he wears to a press conference, but it is in Cameron's name and his call for "muscular liberalism" that has given an already politicized gang of football hooligans the 'nod' of legitimacy they needed to move forward.

English Defense League "No Surrender to Al-Qaeda"

Generally content with stabbing each other and ransacking their own towns over a mere game, the football hooligans of Europe have had their color-coded differences set aside by a coordinated, government backed front to create division, fear and chaos in the streets of the Western world. It should be shocking to no one that the globalists' "Islamophobia" specialists are wholeheartedly behind the EDL.

The EDL's support has come primarily from the globalists' "Neocon" establishment. From shoe-shining, CPAC attending propagandists like David Horowitz (Frontpage Magazine), Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch), and Pam Geller (Atlas Shrugs), to their handlers John Bolton (CFR), Daniel Pipes (CFR), Frank Gaffney (PNAC), Newt Gingrich (CFR), and the Netherlands' Geert Wilders, they have all helped organize, report for, and support the continued efforts of the English Defense League and the myriad of identical organizations spreading throughout Europe and North America.

It should be pointed out to readers that organizations like the English Defense League fancy themselves as a "human rights" organization. Together with their 'independent media' support like Frontpage Magazine, Jihad Watch, and Atlas Shrugs, they provide us with a very transparent model of how globalist backed NGOs operate overseas. In an identical fashion, this is how propagandists posing as "independent journalists" work in tandem with "human rights organizations" to attract followers, incite anger through demagoguery, and organize street protests.

While Cameron himself didn't call for packs of roving thugs to come out into the streets, nor did he directly call for the crass demagogues of the EDL to intensify their pandering toward the ignorant, he certainly failed to elaborate on just what he meant by "muscular liberalism"confronting extremism. He has provided this "blank" for them to fill in themselves, granting them both legitimacy for their cause while providing himself the ever valuable "plausible deniability" that the system sustains itself on. The day after Cameron made his speech in front of a Munich crowd, the EDL staged a demonstration north of London to answer his ambiguous call for confrontation.

As with Adolf Hitler's brownshirts, the EDL is a semi-autonomous organization working on behalf of a greater agenda of divide, distract, and conquer. And like the brownshirts, the EDL is prone to violence and while they have been provided an "ideology," their primary goal is chaos for chaos' sake. They will continue to grow with the government's tacit support for "muscular liberalism" and the more overt support from establishment specialists handling spin, propaganda, and organizational logistics.

Unfortunately, also like the brownshirts, the EDL will undoubtedly become as inebriated with power as they generally are on ale, becoming the same over-staying nuisance that brought about the "Night of the Long-Knives" upon Germany's brownshirts. The tragedy that will inevitably unfold if the silent majority do not take a stand will not only cost the duped ignoramuses of the EDL and their victims their lives and well being, but society as a whole when their chaos is replaced with a more powerful, professional force of oppression. Because as bad as Hitler's SA brownshirts were, his SS Gestapo thugs were even worse.

The silent majority would best counter this growing conflict by exposing the contrived nature of this "clash of civilizations." By exposing the self-serving nature of the demagogues working directly for big-business, state intelligence involvement in propping up the threat of "radical Islam," and by exposing the real scourge of the West, namely the globalist banking cartels, we can redirect this anger back to its natural course toward those who deserve it most. It is essential that when we uncover corporate, banking, and political support for such affronts to humanity, that we cease in supporting them not only at the polls, but every time we open our wallets at the store.

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