CNN's" A factory of one's own"

Forward by Tony Cartalucci: If the PC and the Internet have undermined the ability of the ruling elite to control communication and information, then personal manufacturing will end their ability to control manufacturing, distribution, and control over the very creation of technology. Read on about the "Personal Manufacturing" revolution...

From CNN's "A Factory of One's Own."

By Jeffrey M. O'Brien, Fortune senior editor

According to MIT's Neil Gershenfeld, the digital revolution is over, and the good guys won. The next big change will be about manufacturing. Anyone with a PC will be able to build anything just by hitting 'print.'

(Fortune Magazine) -- Imagine a machine with the ability to manufacture anything. Now imagine that machine in your living room. What would you build first? Would you start a business? Would you ever buy anything retail again? According to MIT physicist Neil Gershenfeld, it's not too early to think about these questions, because that machine, which he calls a personal fabricator, is not so far off - or so far-fetched - as you might think.

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