Thailand's Thaksin Shinwatra, Marxists, and the NWO

The Truth About Thailand's Current Violence

By Tony Cartalucci

At the root of this protest is fugitive ex-prime minister, Thaksin Shinwatra. Before being elected as prime minister, Thaksin was a member of Carlyle Group's Asian advisory board. He had bragged to media how, after being elected in 2001, he still served as a "match maker" for foreign investors.

He was an eager free-trader and an open proponent of globalism in the fiercely independent Kingdom of Thailand, the only nation in Southeast Asia to avoid Western colonization.

During his premiership, he began to consolidate his power through the creation of a rurally based political machine. The mechanics of this machine included newly created village funds that were topped off with millions of baht for villages that contributed the most to his various political campaigns, cheap loans, a socialist 30 baht health-care scheme that nearly imploded Thailand's heathcare system, and last but not least, good old fashioned vote buying come election time.

Behind the scenes, there was community "organizing" taking place to create what would later become the infamous "red shirts." One of Thaksin's former political colleagues discussed in an interview with Asia Times, about how classical Maoist techniques were used to program the "red shirt" army. After years of conditioning, Therdpoum Chaidee said this of the final results:

"Many of them [red shirts] are now absolutely convinced that Thaksin was the best leader in Thai history, that he was a kind and generous man who holds the solution to all their problems. They don't need a program - they just need a new Thai state with Thaksin in charge. It has become very emotional - as it was designed to be."

With this new Maoist "perspective" and with Thaksin Shinwatra's inevitable fall from grace as the rest of the country began to discover his true intentions, his term was called sort after massive protracted protests and a military coup in 2006. Thaksin's vision of creating a single party government and implementing sweeping changes to transform the nation into what would basically be a free-trade bloc of corporate fascism ready to be rolled into the Asian Union , would be put on hold.

Thaksin has/had help from PR minions like Sam Moon of the Economist,

And the lobbyist firm Barbour, Griffith, and Roberts...

After his ouster in 2006, he began employing his Maoist led, Marxist indoctrinated mob simply called the "red shirts." Officially they are called the UDD or the National United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship. The cogs at work here are best explained by Therdpoum Chaidee, a former communist and colleague of current UDD protest leaders, as well as a member of parliament under Thaksin's now defunct Thai Rak Thai party.

Here he explains how a Maoist Marxist revolution is created, that its goals are not conducive to anyone outside of the inner circle so only the most ignorant need apply. Parallels can be drawn not only to the overview of what Therdpoum explains regarding Thailand's "red shirts," but even with the exact language used by him when compared to US Marxist speakers like this L.A. teacher speaking at UCLA.

Let there be no mistake that the future of Thailand is in peril. These protesters are not a grassroots freedom movement, but an insidious, engineered wave of violence meant to empty out Thailand's upper and middle class, and roll the nation over into a fascist dictatorship "republic" under Thaksin Shinwatra and his globalist handlers.

Finally, please consider the following selection of propaganda taken from the UDD's official magazines published and distributed throughout Thailand. They feature articles by not only the UDD core leadership, but by Thai Rak Thai party members, foreign meddlers, and current Peua Thai Party (Thai Rak Thai's re-branding after it was disbanded for voter fraud, twice.) Please notice the category "Communist Thailand" and the glorified picture of Lenin riding a wave of red.

Much more is obviously at work here behind this "red revolution." The foreign media purposefully pleads ignorant to the statements of violence, admissions to murder, and calls to arms within the pages of the movements official publications. These calls and admissions are repeated on a daily basis by UDD leaders on the stage. BBC or CNN need only a single translator to expose this deadly plot for what it is. Yet they plead ignorant and show only dead protesters and the army relentlessly shooting them.

Freedom is marked by independence, independence is marked by knowledge. Please research the provided links above, and please dig in deeper yet to the crux of the truth. Thailand is the only nation in Southeast Asia to have resisted Western colonization and to this day they have resisted Monsanto's attempts to spread GMO crops, the movie and music industry's attempt to impose draconian IP laws, big pharma's attempts to fleece the Thai people with their overpriced medication, and the overall drive to turn Thailand into yet another centralized consumerist gulag. Free markets (and black markets) still thrive, still do the best job of spreading the wealth and giving people access to modern conveniences. This is an appeal not for your support, but for you to search for the truth and not react instinctively to hyped headlines and one-sided reporting.