No North American Union?

The government keeps telling us there is no such thing as a North American Union. Depends on what you mean by "North American Union." If you mean an actual organization called "The North American Union," maybe you're right. But if you aren't mincing words and actually talking about a criminal consolidation through an undemocratic conspiracy there IS a North American Union.

While George Bush laughed at the idea of a "North American Union," the policy was already decades in the making and being implemented incrementally even throughout his administration. Now you would think that something like free-trade would represent a partisan issue. But amazingly free-trade and economic integration at the expense of our local economy has been an issue every president from George Bush Sr. to Barrack H. Obama has unanimously backed.

International superstates go through several phases. They generally start out as a series of free-trade agreements which then end up becoming a regional "community." Finally they form a "union" superstate where a single government disseminates policy to all member states.

The European Union began as first, transnational industry unions, then the European Economic Community. Next it became simply the European Community, and now finally the European Union.

The African Union (Yes, there is an African Union) started out as the Organization of African Unity in 1963, then was joined by the African Economic Community in 1981, then in 2002, both were abolished and replaced by a full fledged African Union.

In Asia, we have ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) created in 1967, and though it is "Southeast Asia" by name, "plus three" meetings end up including Korea, Japan and China (the rest of Asia). In 1993 the first meeting of APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) was held. Carlyle Group USA member and former Prime Minister of Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra proposed an "Asian Cooperation Dialogue" in 2002 as a framework for an EU style Asian Union. There is no Asian Union yet, but it is openly on the drawing board.

So what about the United States and the North American Union? We have our free-trade agreement set in place with the nortorious NAFTA. It was passed in 1994 by President Clinton on the back of the efforts of George Bush Sr. Now we have the CFR calling for the creation of a "North American Community" which includes a single border around the outer perimeter of the US, Canada, and Mexico. Integrated economic policy, security forces, and even legislation are being proposed.

But many of these proposals are already being implemented quietly out of the public's tragically short attention span. Mexican troops are allowed on US soil, US troops are patrolling in Canada and off the Canadian shores. Training exercises are done in tandem with Mexico and Canada, and border checkpoints are being set up not on the US border, but well within the US. What sense does that make? Makes lots of sense if you are trying to erase the borders. How is this any different than a full fledged "North American Union?" I assure you, in words only.

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