Western Propaganda an Encouraging Sign for Russia in Syria

December 23, 2015 (Tony Cartalucci - LD) - As joint Russian-Syrian military operations against NATO-backed terrorists in Syria approach their logical conclusion - the cutting off of NATO supply lines along Syria's borders and the encirclement and destruction of terrorist forces within the nation's interior - the West has gone through several phases in an attempt to salvage what is left of their four, now nearly five year immensely destructive proxy war against the Syrian people.

Ironically, after attempting to lay waste to an entire nation by arming, funding, training, and supporting terrorists operating in Syria, leading to the death of tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians nationwide, the most recent phase the West has entered is a vigorous propaganda campaign once again centered around claims of massive civilian casualties, this time allegedly incurred by Russian airstrikes.

The BBC's sensationally titled article, "Syria conflict: Russia air strikes 'killed 200 civilians'," claims:
At least 200 civilians have been killed in Russian air strikes in Syria, an Amnesty International report says, quoting witnesses and activists. 

It says it "researched remotely" more than 25 Russian attacks in five areas between 30 September and 29 November.
The first two sentences of the article reveal the entire piece as throw-away propaganda. Amnesty International's "remote research" of claims made by the very terrorist organizations operating in Syria and "activists" supported by the very Western nations driving the proxy war do not in any way constitute evidence, or even plausible accounts. Nor is it logical that amid a very real war, even the West does not deny is being fought against terrorist groups, Russia would be wasting ordnance intentionally killing civilians its allies in Damascus will need the support of in upcoming elections.

Image: Many of the so-called "activists" cited by Western sources are openly sympathetic to Al Qaeda, if not supporters or members of Al Qaeda. Al Nusra is not only demonstrably a terrorist organization, it is listed as such by the US State Department and was in fact the terrorist faction the "Islamic State" branched off from. 

However, the BBC's article fits into a much larger ongoing campaign, bombarding public opinion daily with tales of Russian airstrikes laying waste to Syria's civilian population. Before the propaganda campaign, the West first tried to militarily defend their armed proxies, then carve off parts of Syria intended for Western military occupation. These efforts appear to have once again failed. Attempts to broker a "ceasefire" and thus save the remnants of NATO's proxy forces has also failed.

Image: The Syrian Arab Army and the government that commands it, stands the best chance Syria has of avoiding the same fate NATO left Libya to in the wake of its 2011 regime change operations. 

What is left is the eroding influence of the Western media and the belief that daily reports of "Russian savagery" will give Moscow pause for thought, and in that pause, allow the West to perpetuate the conflict longer still.

However, it is clear that the actions of the West are done from a position of weakness and this latest propaganda campaign appears to be an act of desperation in the face of joint Russian-Syrian advances. Such propaganda must be countered by Russia and its allies' own growing media influence, but the West's propaganda campaign should also encourage Moscow to continue, even expand its operations to end the war in its, and its allies in Damascus' favor, once and for all.

Regardless of the claims made by the Western media, it is the war itself that is consuming or otherwise affecting civilian lives. It is ultimately the West that conspired to start this war, and the West that seeks to turn Syria into a 'Libya of the Levant,' creating the same vacuum it did in North Africa that has led to years of continued violence there. For those who feign concern regarding civilian lives, the West's actions appear poised only for continued chaos and killing well into the future.

Conversely, Moscow and Damascus are working toward an end that will leave a powerful government in place with a battle-hardened military at its command, capable of restoring peace and order across Syria and ending the bloodshed entirely. It is clear between the West and Russia, who is truly seeking to preserve lives, and who seeks to continue destroying them.