The Pathology of the Free-Trade Disease

A prophetic interview with Sir James Goldsmith in 1994 exposes pathology of economic decline - sober warning then vs. NAFTA & GATT, and a sober, vindicated warning today against TPP, ASEAN, and more.

December 7, 2012 (LD) - The sneering, conniving defenders of free-trade laughed in Sir James Goldsmith's face during a 1994 interview when Goldsmith warned that not only would unskilled labor be moved offshore in the wake of both NAFTA and GATT, but skilled labor as well, undermining the very purpose of nation's economy to serve the needs of society, and instead serve the needs of vast corporations. Goldsmith stated that the interests of these corporations were entirely divorced from the interests of society - a statement that is, now more than ever, demonstrably clear today.

Part 2:

Videos: Parts 1 & 2 of Goldsmith's interview on the Charlie Rose Show. There are a total of 6 parts which can be found here: Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6.

Whatever Goldsmith's past may have been, and whatever his motivations were for speaking out against GATT, his analysis was accurate and his predictions vindicated many times over. We, as a planet, would be fools to allow another free trade agreement (FTA) to pass, only to widen the divide yet further between the interests of corporations and the interests of the societies they feed parasitically off of.

Not only must one protest FTAs in all of their insidious forms, we must understand the source from which vast corporate cartels draw from to bend the will of governments and mass media in order to pass them through. We must also understand the fundamental purpose of economics, to serve society's needs, and how we can develop an alternative economic model that accomplishes this, preferably on a local level.