Solving Syria (and more) at the Root of the Problem

Solving problems means first understanding them. 
editorial by Tony Cartalucci

July 11, 2012 - As difficult as it might be for some to believe, Syria's problem is not violence, armed insurrection, or political upheaval. Neither is it economic or social. These are but symptoms, many purposefully induced from abroad, of Syria's real problem, and therefore any solution aimed at treating only these symptoms will provide only but the most superficial and temporary relief.

Many geopolitical analysts know this, and yet champion for the immediate treatment of these symptoms, particularly the end of violence, which makes perfect sense in a sense of "triage," but will ultimately fail if the root of the problem is not also exposed and a solution for "digging it out" not formulated and appropriately promoted.

The Problem

Syria's problem is not the "Free Syrian Army" nor the "Syrian National Council," nor the myriad of terrorist organizations operating under this umbrella - but rather the corporate-financier driven foreign interests that created them, fund them, arm them, and both tactically and politically perpetuate their activities. Syria's problem is that it has attracted the attention of Wall Street and London and found itself in the middle of their geopolitical aspirations for global hegemony.

Image: The "Friends of Syria." Syria's problem does not revolve around the "political aspirations" of  armed rebels, but rather the conspiring and machinations of the global elite, who long-ago premeditated the destruction of Syria for their own, larger, overarching geopolitical agenda.

Syria is seen as the key to breaking the power and influence of Iran, which has so far thwarted attempts aimed at its own transformation into a Western client state. Syria has long been on the list itself for "regime change" and has been the target of political, social, and military attacks for years (see timeline here). It has fought an exhaustive proxy war against Western interests in and around Lebanon vis-à-vis Israel and now finds itself fighting Western proxies on its own territory.

The West is intent on destroying not only Syria, but also Iran, and by doing so further encircling both Russia and China. The game is as old as human civilization itself - empire. The establishment of a global hegemonic power with uncontested institutions reaching across the entire surface of the planet, exploiting its people and resources, is in fact Syria's problem. While Syria must address the proxies sent on behalf of this global hegemony, it and the rest of free humanity, must ultimately address the global hegemon itself.

The Solution

Geopolitical analysts believe that balking Western ambitions for regime change in Syria by immediately coming to a negotiated agreement with Syria's so-called "opposition" should take priority. Even by merely attempting to do this with some degree of credibility may afford both Syria, and free humanity the time needed to retrench against foreign destabilization - even if a settlement ultimately fails. 

However, the West has become an expert at creating false paradigms, creating debates and conflicts that obfuscate the true nature of any given problem - obfuscating that they themselves are generally at he root of it. In the case of Syria, so much time has been invested in reaching this negotiated agreement, that many have lost sight of the fact it is the West creating this violence in the first place and that their proxy "opposition" movement has purposefully rejected any and all reasonable terms of negotiated agreements specifically to avoid this reprieve in destabilization - breaking momentum the West fears it may be unable to recreate even in the near future should a meaningful ceasefire be established.

Beyond this goal for temporary reprieve, lies solutions aimed deeper and broader, at the very base of the elitist hegemonic powers driving this conflict, and similar campaigns of violence and political destabilization worldwide. 

1. Identifying and exposing the corporate-financier interests driving the governments of NATO and its proxies, its institutions and NGOs including the monolithic Western corporate-media, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the International Criminal Court, and even to a great extent the United Nations itself, as well as driving the covert network of militant terrorists playing the leading role in Syria's violence is the first step in truly "solving Syria."

Exposing these interests and that they alone premeditated this violent campaign of political, social, and military destabilization, and repeating it to match the lies their corporate-media presents on a daily basis is an absolute necessity in undermining and breaking the legitimacy of the West's narrative. It is a narrative being used as cover to couch its campaign of military, economic, and societal conquest and without it, the West is forced to pursue what is essentially naked military conquest - as imperialists, not as protectors or liberators.

Image: A visual representation of the US State Department, National Endowment for Democracy's corporate-financier ties found across their Board of Directors. Far from "human rights advocates," they are instead simply leveraging such issues to disguise what is in reality corporate-financier hegemonic expansion.

Illustrating how NGOs, institutions, and the media manipulate public opinion by abusing the concepts of human rights, freedom, and "democracy" is not only key to undermining the West's goals in Syria, but breaking the legitimacy of their geopolitical gambits worldwide.

2. Creating a strategy for undermining and replacing Western institutions is a difficult but inevitably necessary step. The global elite have lulled humanity into a state of domestication through pervasive consumerism that has infected all aspects of modern life. Humanity has been told, and has begun to believe that life is a buffet of choices starting with lunch, extending to manufactured goods, education, health care, and up to and including self-determination. No longer do we roll up our sleeves to achieve our dreams and aspirations, we simply enter a voting booth and "elect" others to achieve them for us.

The obvious flaw of this mentality is compounded when these candidates are then compromised on all sides by the very corporate-financier interests creating and perpetuating this consumerist paradigm. A megalomaniacal elite finds itself not with 7 billion people to placate, co-opt and control, but only their "elected" leaders. With the creation of elitist-serving supranational blocs like the European Union, ASEAN, the African Union, and others, the number of significant "leaders" required to co-opt is then further reduced.

To counter this, the solution is obvious. Individuals, families, and communities must restore and improve upon local institutions that have all but been replaced by globalist "international institutions." Tremendous effort has been put into undermining and destroying these institutions, which include:

The Family: the basic building block of any society
The Church, Temple, or Mosque: a place for local social networking, welfare, charity, and coordination
The Sheriff: charged with local security, law and order
Local Schools: educates and develops local human resources, the foundation upon which all society, economically and intellectually is built upon. 

It is clear what benefits these institutions have traditionally lent communities, not just in America, but around the world. It is clear that the source of independence and true self-determination stems from local institutions of, for, and by the people. Power and wealth cannot be more equitably distributed if local communities don't have institutions to exercise them. The destruction and replacement of these local institutions with corporate-financier funded versions masquerading as "human rights advocates," international law arbiters and enforcers, health care minders, institutions of education, and "charitable foundations," has created a "global community" of, for, and by the corporate-financier elite of Wall Street, London, and an increasingly larger orbit of proxies and nouveau-globalist collaborators.

By revisiting, restoring, and improving upon these local institutions, we can begin to erode both the legitimacy and effectiveness of the elites' contrived "global community." Doing this in tandem with a systematic full-spectrum boycott and replacement of corporate-financier goods, services, institutions, and dictates (like ACTA) will create a movement that incrementally removes the nefarious tentacles of unwarranted influence that have invaded our local communities, and on a larger scale, that have compromised the sovereignty of our respective nation-states.


The current state of the world is a result of the summation of our collective beliefs, aspirations, work, spending, education, and morality. While the problems facing the world, especially those that are the result of monolithic, seemingly impervious corporate-financier elitists seem insurmountable - in reality the key to changing this balance of power begins with something as simple and as practical as reforming ourselves.

The unwarranted power granted to multinational corporations is the direct result of individuals patronizing them everyday, every month, for years and even decades. The key to redistributing this influence back into the hands of the majority can be accomplished through the same method, but in reverse - individuals boycotting and replacing these multinational corporations on a local level, through the use of revisited, revitalized local institutions.

Image: MIT's Dr. Neil Gershenfeld inside his "Fab Lab," arguably the birthplace of the personal fabrication revolution - which seeks to place tools once exclusively in the domain of monopolistic corporations into the hands of the people on a local level - giving the concept of "self-sufficiency" new meaning and relevance. 

There are a variety of new local institutions cropping up as well, centered around the concepts of open source and collaboration, reflecting the technological aspects of modern society. Maker-spaces, Fabrication Laboratories (FabLabs) pioneered by MIT professor Neil Gershenfeld,  and projects like the "Global Village Construction Set" (and here) all aim at lending the tools and capabilities once monopolized by monolithic multinationals to local communities and even individuals.With these tools, we can begin solving our problems not with the broken promises of "democracy," but through pragmatic technical solutions wrought of both our imaginations and our own two hands.

As pointed out in, "How to End the Healthcare Debate - Forever," this approach, as opposed to political/"democratic" solutions, teeters on the edge of solving some of our most "unsolvable" problems in a very real, practical way - all it needs is the right local infrastructure, real wrench-turning activism, and support.

In the vast mix of globalization and in the shadow of the human-domineering philosophy that drives it, are many people who seek to truly do well and improve the collective lot of humanity. It is important that we begin laying the groundwork locally to enable the efforts of these people to benefit us directly, rather than augmenting an already elitist-dominated paradigm.

Returning to the problem of Syria - while immediately stopping the violence, giving the Syrian people a reprieve and further delaying the ambitions of the West behind this upheaval and violence is important, it is paramount that we identify and begin working on the very root of the problem that allowed a handful of corporate-financiers to implement such wide-scale geopolitical destabilization, conflict, and death in the first place.