"Might Makes Right" Says Conspirator of Syrian-Iranian Conquest

2005 interview profiles psychology of those behind the Houla Massacre.

Tony Cartalucci
Land Destroyer
May 31, 2012

"Both the Syrian and Lebanese regimes will be changed- whether they like it or not- whether it’s going to be a military coup or something else… and we are working on it. We know already exactly who’s going to be the replacements. We’re working on it with the Bush administration."

"These guys who came to power, who rule by power, can only be removed by power. This is Machiavelli’s power game. That’s how it is. This is how geopolitics — the war games, power games — work. I know inside out how it works, because I come from a family of politicians for the last 60 years. Look, I have access to the top classified information from the CIA from all over the world. They call me, I advise them. I know exactly what’s going on. And this will happen."

"This Bashar Al Assad-Emil Lahoud regime is going to go whether it’s true or not. When we went to Iraq whether there were weapons of mass destruction or not, the key is — we won. And Saddam is out! Whatever we want, will happen. Iran? We will not let Iran become a nuclear power. We’ll find a way, we’ll find an excuse- to get rid of Iran. And I don’t care what the excuse is. There is no room for rogue states in the world. Whether we lie about it, or invent something, or we don’t… I don’t care. The end justifies the means. What’s right? Might is right, might is right. That’s it. Might is right."

"So Saddam wanted to prove to the whole world he was strong? Well, we’re stronger- he’s out! He’s finished. And Iran’s going to be finished and every single Arab regime that’s like this will be finished. Because there is no room for us capitalists and multinationalists in the world to operate with regimes like this. Its all about money. And power. And wealth… and democracy has to be spread around the world. Those who want to espouse globalization are going to make a lot of money, be happy, their families will be happy. And those who aren’t going to play this game are going to be crushed, whether they like it or not!"

- Ziad Abdel Nour, 2005 excerpts from "Faking the Case Against Syria" by Trish Schuh

Whatever we want will happen. We'll find a way, we'll find an excuse - including lying, using pictures from Iraq for Syria media coverage, mass murdering 30 children by slitting their throats, executing them at close range, and blaming it on the Syrian government, then expelling Syria's diplomats even as the West's contrived narrative crumbles. Truly, with Trish Schuh's Abdel Nour interview, we have just profiled a criminal mind not only psychologically and operationally capable of engineering the Houla Syria massacre, but a mind who possessed the intent and motive to do so.

Ziad Abdel Nour, a corporate-financier and founder of "Blackhawk Parnters" as well as chairman of the Neo-Conservative run "United States Committee for a Free Lebanon" has consorted with fellow committee members including Morris Amitay of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute, and PNAC signatories Paula Dobriansky, James Woolsey, Frank Gaffney, and Daniel Pipes, for years to foment the very bloodshed, instability and atrocities now unfolding in Syria.

Video: General Wesley Clark tells of how Middle East destabilization was planned as far back as 1991, with the destruction of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, and Iran on the
drawing board following the invasion of Afghanistan.

This "Neo-Conservative" bloc had in 2002 already listed Syria as a member of the growing "Axis of Evil," and it was later revealed by US General Wesley Clark that even as far back as America's first war with Iraq, "Desert Storm" in the early 1990's, Paul Wolfowitz had declared that all "old Soviet client regimes" would be overrun by Western hegemony. After the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, General Clark would state that Pentagon plans were drawn for the destruction of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, and Iran.

Abdel Nour's disturbing 2005 display of Hitlerian megalomania dovetails with the New Yorker's article, "The Redirection" by Seymour Hersh, which while attempts to mislead readers to believe overthrowing Syria and Iran were a direct consequence of America's faltering war in Iraq, confirms that in 2007, the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, along with Abdel Nour's Hariri faction in Lebanon, were preparing a regional army of sectarian extremists to sow the very bloodbath now taking place in Syria today, falsely predicated on the US-engineered "Arab Spring" and "democratic aspirations." 

Hersh's report included an interview with former-CIA agent Robert Baer in Lebanon who warned of the need to protect Christians from a predictable onslaught by US-Israeli-Saudi-backed sectarian extremists - an onslaught now playing out against Syria's 10% Christian population, according to the LA Times' "Church fears 'ethnic cleansing' of Christians in Homs, Syria," and more recently in USA Today's distorted, but still telling, "Christians in Syria live in uneasy alliance with Assad, Alawites." Not only did US, Israeli, and Saudi conspirators purposefully unleash sectarian extremists inside of Syria, but they did so with full knowledge that atrocities like the one in Houla, Syria would result.

And despite all of this self-admitted, documented machinating, the United Nations with the exception of Russia and China, have instead worked in tandem with this unfolding crime against world peace, forever undermining its legitimacy, forever scarring the concept of "international law." Observing the demonstrative mania in Abdel Nour's comments in 2005 in tandem with the US and Gulf States now openly arming militants in the middle of a UN ceasefire, militants documented by Human Rights Watch and the UN itself of carrying out systematic atrocities, of having ties to Al Qaeda, and admittedly carrying out a terrorist bombing campaign, we see that Syria and Iran are both fighting for the survival of their nation-states and their people's lives, not unlike Iran's desperate battle against US-backed Saddam in the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980's.

Abdel Nour correctly characterizes the nature of the despotic forces he represents as "multinationalists" or "globalists." He admits their goal is to crush anyone who opposes this aspiring world order. The forces of fascism have reached critical mass again, not entirely unlike they did in Europe on the eve of World War II, but now on a much larger scale. It must be the corporations and institutions of these "multinationalists" that we recognize as the true threat to both world peace and our collective prosperity - a threat we must expose, undermine, boycott and replace entirely. Because today Abdel Nour's "multinationalist" ideology sees the people of Syria and Iran as an obstacle between them, money and power. Tomorrow, as we see already beginning in Greece, Ireland, and Iceland, it will be everyone else.


The Ziad Abdel Nour interview by Trish Schuh was rediscovered and sent in by Color Revolutions & Geopolitics.