UN Working With NATO to Provide Pretext for Syrian Intervention

UN "aid" program to be used in establishing NATO "humanitarian corridors." 
by Tony Cartalucci 

Editor's Note: Brookings has since taken down Middle East Memo #21 - it has been reposted by Land Destroyer here in its entirety.  

April 21, 2012 - Recently reported in Reuters', "UN seeks Syria nod for major aid operation," the UN is seeking to bring in "aid workers" and open offices all across Syria in order to carry out what they call a "major humanitarian operation."

Syria has criticized certain nations of what is clearly the "politicizing of humanitarian aid." Fortune 500-funded US policy think-tank, Brookings Institution has openly stated that US foreign policy would best be served by taking advantage of "gaining humanitarian access" allowing the West to "add further coercive action to its efforts" to topple the Syrian government. Specifically, Brookings foresees gaining such access may lead to establishing "safe-havens and humanitarian corridors" protected by NATO military forces, in yet another example of the "mission creep" that led to regime change in Libya. Such "creep" would give proxy militant forces unassailable positions to continue their campaign of violence against the Syrian people.

Image: Brookings Institution's Middle East Memo #21 "Assessing Options for Regime Change (.pdf)," makes no secret that the humanitarian "responsibility to protect" is but a pretext for long-planned regime change.

Despite the UN's "peace plan" being fully rejected by both the Syrian rebels and their Western and Arab League backers who have openly pledged cash, weapons, and support for them to continue fighting, in full violation of the proposed ceasefire, the Western media has instead accused the Syrian government of failing to meet its obligations. As the West continues to fuel the violence, and if "humanitarian access" is approved, military intervention will be proposed to combat what will be claimed to be Syrian government "belligerence."

Video: Michael Weiss of the Neo-Con "Henry Jackson Society," openly admits that diplomatic options are being paraded publicly to satisfy public opinion, but ultimately NATO plans to unilaterally intervene militarily in Syria, and will do so with the UN's purposefully sabotaged "humanitarian operation" as its pretext. 

Driving the echo chamber that is the Western media, are corporate-financier funded (beginning on page 18, .pdf), Neo-Conservative led think-tanks like the Henry Jackson Society (HJS), whose representatives can be found propagandizing on Qatari government propaganda outlet Al Jazeera accusing the Syrian government of "serially violating" the terms of the UN proposed "peace deal." Al Jazeera regular, Michael Weiss of  HJS, openly admits that "diplomatic options" are merely being peddled to satisfy public opinion and that ultimately NATO will act unilaterally, outside of the UN, to militarily intervene.

Image: Representatives from "reputable" sounding institutions are regularly paraded on corporate-media outlets like CNN, BBC, and the Qatari government-run Al Jazeera to "explain" world events. In reality, these institutions are all funded by the same handful of Wall Street and London corporate-financiers and represent a singular agenda that transcends presidencies. Western policy toward Syria is being determined by the same people during the "Obama administration" as during the "Bush administration." They will continue to determine said policy regardless of who wins elections in Europe or America during 2012. (click on image to enlarge)

The proposed timetable for the UN's "humanitarian operation" is at least 6 months and represents a long-term commitment to continue destabilizing and ultimately overthrowing the Syrian government at any cost, in both resources and time. To prevent NATO military intervention, Syria and its allies would have to create a tactical environment on the ground that would make any such encroachment untenable. Additionally, undermining the international institutions disingenuously portraying the Syrian conflict as "one-sided" must be accomplished - this includes faux-rights advocates like Soros-funded Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, along with various arms and personalities inside the UN itself.

Wall Street and London are determined to intervene in Syria with or without UN approval, illustrating again the absolute fraud that is "global governance" and international "rule of law." When the West decides to intervene, it must be made sure that they do so openly as perpetrators of a war of aggression, as defined by the Nuremberg trials - the very precedence of the willfully abused international law now at play.