Kony 2012 Part 2: License for Imperial Conquest

Excuses, backpedaling, more lies, and the truth behind Invisible Children's mission. by Tony Cartalucci

April 6, 2012 - The sequel to the mega-viral disaster that was Kony 2012 may only be 20 minutes long, but financier-turned-humanitarian Ben Keesey still manages to gravely insult the intelligence of an audience clearly more awake and aware than he and the corporate-financiers behind Invisible Children would like to admit. Surely though, they are more than aware of the real revolution they've scratched the surface of - a population no longer swayed by slick marketing campaigns and who are more than ready to confront such deception. That is why Invisible Children has not only disabled comments on their latest piece of propaganda, but have also disabled the rating system for their video.

Image: Kony 2012: Part II (video can be found here). Ratings and comments have been disabled exposing "activism 2.0" as the one-way predetermined, monolithic, corporate-funded agenda it was all along. (click image to enlarge)

Just like traditional corporate propaganda, Invisible Children has become a one-way marketing operation - while posing as an "activism 2.0" exercise, it denies activists any opportunity to express their views, influence the debate, or sway the agenda in any shape form or way - much like Soros-funded infiltrators did to the Occupy Wall Street movement right before it petered out. You are given the illusion of being a part of something bigger than yourself when in reality you are simply being used by a monolithic unilateral predetermined agenda.

Bigger than Kony: Selling the R2P Pretext

Keesey, in his pro-imperial infomercial, begins by citing a 2005 UN World Summit "outcome" titled "the responsibility to protect" which is drafted verbatim from a 2001 report titled, "The Responsibility to Protect,"- published by the ad hoc "International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty (ICISS). The commission consisted of members drawn from the Fortune 500-Soros funded International Crisis Group (Fidel Ramos, Cyril Ramaphosa), the Lowy Institute, the Council on Foreign Relations, and members of both Western governments and their armed forces. It is a doctrine created exclusively for the benefit of justifying wars of opportunity, profit, and conquest by former colonial rulers to recommence the golden age of global subjugation and plundering.

Already R2P has been horribly abused in Libya, where violence was purposefully triggered by the very nations behind the R2P doctrine, then insidiously used as a pretext to militarily intervene. Their intervention saw weapons, money, air support, and diplomatic legitimacy granted to vicious, racist, genocidal terrorists, notorious for decades of violence not only in Libya, but in Afghanistan and Iraq. NATO's assistance to these terrorists, falling under the banner of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), has not only plunged Libya into perpetual chaos, but has seen these rearmed, reinvigorate terrorists carry their campaign as far east as Syria and as far west as Mali.

Ironically, Keesey in his "Kony 2012 Part II" video implicates Syria as another prime candidate for R2P intervention. It is ironic because Syria is another nation ravaged by violence openly fueled by the UN, NATO, and their junior Arab League partners, with the "Free Syrian Army" itself armed, funded, and directed by NATO-backed Libyan LIFG commander Abdul Hakim Belhaj all under the pretext of the R2P agenda.

Luis Moreno-Ocampo of the illegitimate "International Criminal Court" (ICC) once again lends his questionable stamp of approval to Invisible Children's crusade to "catch Joseph Kony." Ocampo states that it is a "dream" that we are a "global community protecting each other." Ocampo is famous not only for his role in lying to the world to justify the Libyan War in the first place, but for his overt deceit during the height of NATO's Libyan campaign when he claimed Saif al-Islam Qaddafi's capture in Tripoli was not only "confirmed," but that his transfer to the Hague was underway. The next day, Saif al-Islam appeared in Tripoli still leading efforts to liberate his besieged nation. It would be months before he was actually captured.

Photo: Saif al-Islam in Tripoli leading the defense of his nation the day after ICC's Luis Moreno-Ocampo "confirmed" he was captured - an overt lie. Ocampo would compound this lie by later denying he made any such confirmation.

Keesey then claims that the world is still standing behind the goals of Invisible Children, but what his video shows instead is the same steady stream of deceitful politicians who have held the will of their constituents in contempt for decades, green-lighting a massive military build-up in Central Africa for an admittedly meager, "alleged" force of 250 men. Keesey produces a smattering of Congolese witnesses that are supposed to sway us - after their previous film falsely depicted the conflict taking place in Uganda with a similar smattering of Ugandan witnesses.

Images: Screen grabs from the Soros-funded Human Rights Watch "Joseph Kony - LRA" video uploaded in 2010 and the USAID-backed, US State Department AYM 2010 summit-attending, Soros, JP Morgan, Chase-funded (.pdf page 22) Invisible Children's Kony 2012: Part II. Another bizarre happenstance, as an identical man, wearing an identical shirt appears in both videos - as if the editing for both organizations took place in the same office using the same footage.

The punchline of the sequel comes 13 minutes in, where it is stated that the ICC has indicted Kony, but lacks an "army" to bring him to justice. The "solution" of course, requires a joint military force. John Prendergast of the Soros-funded "Enough Project" chimes in claiming that Kony's alleged 250 men represent a threat to "international peace and security" and requires "collective responsibility." The "Enough Project" comes to us from the Center for American Progress run by notorious corporate lobbyist John Podesta, funded by George Soros, tied directly to the US State Department, and yet another special-interest think-tank (covered in more detail in, "JP Morgan, Exxon, Boeing, Among State Department's New Advisers").

Kony 2012 - R2P's Public Roll-Out

Keesey saves the best for last, claiming, "we will not dismiss the problems of our friends simply because they are not our own - we don't live like that anymore. And this is only the beginning because stopping injustice around the world is far bigger than stopping the LRA . We are a new generation of justice made for such a time as this. Because our liberty is bound together across the world and across the street."

And indeed it is bigger than stopping the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) - Kony 2012 and the mission of Invisible Children is the public roll-out of a geopolitical mechanism long festering amongst the pages of Fortune 500 think-tanks and being rubber-stamped at the UN for now over a decade. It is the public roll-out of R2P - the "responsibility to protect." It is the institutionalization of wars of conquest - a systematic methodology of sowing chaos within any given nation refusing to pay into the globalist collective and using the resulting violence, real or imagined, as an excuse to eviscerate their government, bury their institutions, and build upon the rubble homogeneous networks that will interlock with globalist "international institutions."

Kony 2012 from A-Z has been revealed as an absolute fraud - a fabrication as dishonest about the current problems in East and Central Africa as it is about the alleged solutions.

In reality, the greatest danger to the people of Africa are men like Ugandan "president-for-life" Yoweri Museveni who is in reality still carrying out the very atrocities Kony is accused of. And while the UN, ICC, and a menagerie of other "international institutions" pose as an army of "white knights," they have been instrumental in legitimizing, covering up, facilitating, and clearly benefiting from the atrocities of men like Museveni. Just last year, it was reported that Museveni and a British corporation called "New Forests Company" forcibly evicted 20,000 Ugandans, incinerating their homes, burning alive and gunning down all who refused to leave. The evictions were part of a UN "clean air" program and involves investors including the World Bank and HSBC.

Image: Taken from New Forests' website, they proudly display the swath of destruction their company is responsible for, of course, instead of depicting the displacements, murders, and thuggery they are committing against the people of Africa, they place images of thriving trees. In just this manner R2P is being declared as a revolutionary humanitarian achievement where tales of "democracy" and "freedom" cover up the trail of atrocities truly being blazed.

If what is essentially criminal land grabbing in Africa can be institutionalized and dressed up as "protecting the environment," then dressing up imperial military conquest as "protecting civilians" under the R2P doctrine is an obvious logical progression. The R2P doctrine is as big a fraud as the continuous lies being told to justify it and endear it to the public - Kony 2012 being perhaps the most obvious embodiment of these lies.

For further information on R2P, readers are encouraged to listen to James Corbett's "R2P or: How the Left Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Wars of Imperial Aggression."