The Church of Malthus

Hating humanity is their creed, corporate-fascists its patriarchs, pseudo-scientists its priest-class, brain-addled cultists its practitioners.
by Tony Cartalucci

: Church of Malthus evangelist, Paul Gilding in his "the Earth is Full" talk, tells us one million years of human progress has "finally" reached its limits. This is a tale that has been fallaciously told for at least the last 200 years since crackpot economist Thomas Malthus warned of imminent societal collapse based on a growing population - a prediction, like those of a suicidal doomsday cult, that has been demonstrably and repeatedly proven wrong. Gilding also attempts to link "climate change" in as a manifestation of our reached limits.

April 14, 2012 - Paul Gilding describes himself as an "independent writer, advisor and advocate for action on climate change." He is not a scientist, nor does he appear to participate in any sort of productive industry. He is a modern day Malthusian evangelist - preaching the limits of population growth as hysterically as Thomas Malthus did over 200 years ago, warning of imminent societal collapse. Gilding's contemporaries include John P. Holdren, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, who in 1977 ludicrously concluded that the United States would collapse when its population reached "280 million in 2040."

America's population stands well over 300 million today, and the only collapse it faces is due to a maniacal government attempting to carry out global imperial conquest through trillion dollar decade-spanning wars, and mega-trillion dollar banker bailouts paid to the order of institutionalized degenerate gamblers.

Clearly, whatever "science" men like Gilding and Holdren are basing their system of beliefs on is divorced from the science that gives us technology and progress. It is analytical, theoretical, and compiled by men who have little experiential knowledge of how the world actually functions. They are priests and evangelists perched in ivory towers and behind podiums shouting out their patently false conclusions to the crowds before them. Their resumes are devoid of accomplishments in applied science and technology, and instead filled with ridiculous predictions and "academia" that have humiliatingly and repeatedly been proven false.

Worst of all, their work is carried out on behalf of a "Green Vatican" of sorts - not based in Rome, Italy, but on Wall Street and in the financier capital of London - who in reality are the greatest purveyors of environmental catastrophe. Like many cults and organized religions before them, they shift the burden of reconciling "sin" onto its growing flock of followers instead of taking responsibility for its own actions, resultant from perpetual greed.

For instance, Gilding in his TED Talk, claims that humanity has exceeded Earth's carrying capacity by 1.5 times - a number drawn from the "Global Footprint Network" funded by a myriad of corporate-financier funded foundations, not the least of which is Biotech GMO giant, Syngenta (2010 Annual Report, page 26 of the .pdf). A recent report published by investigative journalist Patrick Henningsen titled "Big Green Oil Money: WWF founded and run by Royal Dutch-Shell," exposes how yet another denomination of the Church of Malthus is indeed funded by Wall Street and London. It should be noted that the WWF is linked directly to the "Global Footprint Network."

Following this pattern is Deutsche Bank, one of the "leading participants" in the carbon credit market, who had erected a monolithic "Carbon Clock" in New York City to add a sense of moral justification, public urgency, and support to their newly devised pyramid scheme. This is not some sort of new culture of "corporate responsibility" but just the latest in a long line of lies told by banking and industrial cartels to market their products and services to an infinitely exploited and purposefully misled population.

The Fallacy of Anthropogenic-Driven Climate Change Explained.

In order to deconstruct the dogma of the Church of Malthus it helps first to understand that the planet Earth is in a constant state of change. Beneath its surface are geological processes that literally turn the planet inside-out over the ages through tectonic shifts and the volcanism that results. When land is thrust up above sea-level resulting in the creation of an island, it in turn shifts weather patterns. Atmospheric moisture that would otherwise carry on until it reached landfall upon the ever shifting major continents of Earth, would instead condense and fall due to new variations in pressure and temperature.


Image: Islands and landmasses are formed naturally and continuously through tectonic shifts and in many cases volcanic activity pushing submerged land above sea-level (top). Once above sea-level, increased elevation and variations in pressure and temperature collectively affect local weather patterns (bottom). The constant shifting of Earth's geography in turn perpetually changes global climate.

Collectively these geological changes result in new global weather patterns. Weather patterns then directly affect biological adaptation. Species that lived in previously cool regions may adapt significantly to deal with an increase in regional temperatures. Their ecosystem may be so vastly affected in such a short period of time, some species may even go extinct - a process that has been ongoing long before man arrived.

: According to Discovery Magazine, this dinosaur (top left) existed in the "rainforests" of Antarctica, which today is a frozen wasteland (top right). The map (below) shows what the world looked like some 65 million years ago during the Cretaceous period. North America is covered with an inland sea, as is Africa's now arid Sahara Desert. Antarctica is depicted as covered in forests. Climate change is nothing new, nor is the "change" we are experiencing now the most extreme in terms of either temperature or CO2 levels.

To illustrate this, we can look at the state of planet Earth in terms of biology, geology, and climatology, approximately 65 million years ago, where the continents we now know today were already taking recognizable shape. CO2 levels were over 10 times what they are now, and sea levels were so high that North America featured an inland sea centered on what is now the LinkMississippi River. Global temperatures were also many times greater than they are today, so much so, that Antarctica despite already shifting to Earth's southern pole, was covered in temperate forests and was home to a thriving dinosaur population.

Collectively, these changes and shifts in biological diversity across the planet's surface then feed back into atmospheric conditions which in turn affect the weather. Since at no point in Earth's history has its geology or biodiversity been the same, it stands to reason that weather driven by these two constantly changing variables would also constantly change. Therefore, the concept of "normality" in Earth's climate is a ridiculous notion. The best one could do is claim that the indefinitely changing weather and biodiversity of the planet is being altered by human activity before proving how weather would have naturally changed and how it is now artificially changing. Since the ideological doctrine of the Church of Malthus is an irrational climate "status quo" it is clear that their conclusions and the "science" used to arrive at them are significantly flawed. As we will later see, real environmental damage is being done by human activity, but by precisely the sponsors of the charlatans pushing "anthropogenic climate change."

: The Sun is a star. All stars have a life-cycle during which it exhibits varying characteristics in both physical size and intensity. Between major stages of a star's life-cycle lie many poorly understood forces that affect a star's intensity during shorter time spans.

Another factor conveniently overlooked by the Church of Malthus's priest class, is the role the Sun plays in driving not only Earth's climate, but the climate of extraterrestrial planets such as Mars and the moons of the jovian planets (gas giants), such as Titan of Saturn. The Sun, like all stars, is a fusion reaction that exhibits drastically different characteristics throughout its life-cycle. Additionally, the internal cycles and anomalies that occur within the Sun on a daily basis are just now being examined and understood by stellar astronomers. Variations in the Sun's intensity, however minute, can have wide-ranging affects on planetary climate throughout the entire solar system.

: Jupiter's moon Io has volcanism so extreme, eruptions can be observed from space. Io's volcanism, unlike the Earth, is not primarily driven by plate tectonics, but rather the powerful tidal forces warping the moon's geology much the way Earth's moon warps our oceans. The Earth's moon may affect Earth geology in a similar, though more subtle manner adding yet another variable to the incomplete and dubious calculus of men like Gilding and Holdren (or Al Gore for that matter).

Additionally, observations of the gravitational effects gas giant Jupiter has on its moons' geology also hold profound implications regarding Earth's geology, and subsequently the climate affected by that geology. Jupiter's pull on it's moons is so great that it literally causes tidal shifts of their mantles in the same way the sea is affected by tidal forces of Earth's moon. These forces are so great, the friction caused by the moons' flexing mantle so extreme, it creates volcanism on a scale that dwarfs any volcanic display seen on Earth.

How the Earth's moon has affected Earth's plate tectonics is also now only beginning to be understood. The moon's distance from Earth is constantly changing, thus its effect on Earth's geology is also in constant flux - and adds yet another variable to the very incomplete calculus used by "environmentalists" and "climatologists" who insist CO2 emissions from human activity are the primary drivers of an otherwise "static climate."

Like priest-classes throughout history, the Church of Malthus abuses the ignorance of the general population regarding the basic forces of nature, oversimplifying planetary climatology that otherwise involves factors including geology, biology, meteorology, Newtonian physics, and stellar astronomy. Not only do they do this in order to sell their version of "indulgences" in the form of ineffectual "carbon credits,"and to assert their control over society in what they themselves call a planetary regime (Ecoscience, pages 942-943, 1977), but they are ignoring naturally driven climate change and the consequences that may indeed jeopardize human civilization. This priest class and their political and monetary "solutions" leaves civilization with no plans or contingencies in the event that the conditions seen during the Cretaceous period revisit us once again.

Climate change is indeed real - it occurs with or without humans, and can drastically change the face of the planet giving rise to great masses of biodiversity or killing off great numbers of species in what are called "mass extinction events." Carbon credits, carbon taxes, forced sterilizations, destroying the family, piling humanity into micro-managed cities, and instituting a "planetary regime" to administer "global governance" will do absolutely nothing to stop climate change, but it is a great way for an elitist oligarchy to exercise megalomanical domination over humanity, as dreamed of by all tyrants since the dawn of human civilization.

The Church of Malthus is Regressive, not Progressive.

Without a doubt - the planet Earth, humanity's sole refuge amongst the vastness of the universe, is being destroyed. It is not being destroyed, as we would be led to believe, by people having children, consuming natural resources, or expelling carbon dioxide (CO2). Instead, it is demonstrably being destroyed by reckless genetic engineering by big-agricultural corporations like Monsanto and Syngenta. It is being demonstrably destroyed by immense, ludicrously centralized supply chains like those of Pepsi and Coca-Cola supplying the world with poisoned sugar water.

Video: Controlling our food: The world according to Monsanto - a wake up call to the world, exposing the nefarious, duplicitous, corrupt, corporate-fascist, and very much deadly agenda of this world-spanning mega-corporation and the GMO Biotech industry in general.

It is being destroyed by a military-industrial complex covering its ever-expanding global theater of war with depleted uranium, possessing a half-life of billions of years thus effectively contaminating our environment forever. Mega-industrial conglomerates like General Electric building subpar nuclear power plants on fault-lines, and governments failing to make necessary upgrades on vastly outdated reactors are destroying our environment in ways no number of children or their consumption of resources could ever hope to accomplish.

The Earth is being destroyed by a corporate-driven infrastructure imposed upon us by corporate-fascist governance - in America, giving us inefficient mass transportation decades behind the rest of the world and allowing no other option than to buy a car to get around. It gives us mega-markets that we must travel to in order to fill our cupboards at home, while regulating out of business local industry and even home gardens and industry that could supply us the same products right on our own block - within walking distance.

Big-oil regulates out of business any possible alternative to their global-spanning energy empires while using war to prevent the development of additional reserves by developing nations. The government that serves these corporate interests ensures that our education system produces few minds not indoctrinated and siphoned off to serve this agenda - preventing us from ever changing the course we are currently on.

The coup de grâce of course - is then convincing the global population that the state of our planet is entirely our own fault. In a way this is true, because we fuel these corporations, their proxy governments, their organizations and institutions on a daily basis with our patronage of their goods and services and our daily capitulation to their rules and regulations. However, the Church of Malthus has excelled at creating a humanity-hating congregation that scoffs at the family - the foundation of human civilization since time immemorial, scorns technological and industrial development in the third-world, and wallows in the nihilistic culture growing around this new-aged religion.

The Church of Malthus is in every way regressive. Instead of pursuing innovation and invention to grapple with the challenges that lie before us, it suggests "sustainability," "zero-growth" in both population and industry, and a vast array of political "solutions" that coincidentally leave them incredibly powerful and wealthy.

Only, our prehistoric ancestors when faced with the adversity of starvation and overpopulation didn't resort to political "solutions," such as rationing, quotas, or population control, but instead picked up a stick, sharpened it, and embarked on hunts of animals our physiology was otherwise incapable of bringing down. Innovation not only allowed us to survive, but to flourish. We built better spears, we devised bows and arrows, we developed agricultural technology, and when our populations swelled due to our ability to prevail against natural odds, we explored and settled new climbs and places.

Image: Early man didn't solve his problems with policy, he solved them with innovation, tools (technology), & ingenuity. Instead of rationing food and implementing population control, these men created spears and hunted down otherwise unapproachable prey to feed their ever growing population. When regions became overpopulated, they settled new climbs and places.

Innovation and technology has allowed us to create the current society we now live in. Technology has reached a point where it allows individuals and communities to do ever more on their own without the need of bloated central governments and world spanning corporate empires. If left unchecked, governments and corporations will begin to shrink in size and capacity, playing an ever minimizing role in our daily lives.

: Meet a real "progressive," spacecraft designer Burt Rutan who in the first 2 minutes of his TED Talk makes a poignant observation of the human condition, "we stand a very big chance of losing our ability to inspire our youth to go out and continue this very important thing that we as a species have always done, and that is instinctively we've gone out and climbed over difficult places, went to more hostile places, and found out later maybe to our surprise that that's the reason we've survived. "

This trend toward technologically facilitated localism translates into an unsavory world order for the ruling global corporate-financier oligarchs, a world order they are fighting ceaselessly to prevent from coming into being. They fight this battle by monopolizing ideas, information, energy, technology, and the monetary system, in tandem with the systematic sabotaging of our education system, constant intellectual pollution via mainstream media, and the devastating physical and mental effects of the food and pharmaceutical industries. Much of this is justified through a Malthusian-themed strategy of tension involving narratives of overpopulation and resource scarcity, peddled by the emerging Church of Malthus.

It becomes clear that geopolitical domination facilitated by the very fake "War on Terror," "democracy promotion," and "humanitarian interventions," is only one step in a larger plan. As the globalists fight on to destroy the nation-state worldwide, they fight domestically to destroy self-sufficiency and independence. Just as foreign nations become terrorist extremists for resisting the oligarchs globally, we are becoming domestic and economic terrorists for resisting them on the home front.

The Church of Malthus Vs. Real Progress

Energy and matter can neither be created nor destroyed. While Earth contains a "finite" amount of resources, they are resources that with the right technological mastery, can be reused indefinitely. Man is already capable of leaving Earth, and has already landed human boots on the Earth's moon, and robotic probes on Mars, Venus, Titan, and even the asteroid Eros - theoretically expanding our reach and our available resources exponentially beyond what is necessary to reach populations of 10's of billions. Humanity has already built modest orbital habitats capable of sustaining small rotating crews for years.


: An theoretical orbital habitat known as an "O'Neill Cylinder" named after American physicist and real progressive, Gerard K. O'Neill. Instead of mobilizing society to implement a Malthusian nightmare ruled by a planetary regime led by ineffectual, intellectually bankrupt paper-pushers like the White House's Eric Holdren, why not opt for a futuristic utopia enabled by the same spirit of innovation, exploration, and progress that brought man from dwelling in the trees to landing on the moon?

For all that's required to implement the radical, nightmarish scenarios proposed by the Church of Malthus to deal with our current "limits of population," the same amount of mobilization and resources could be aimed at technological progress toward achieving greater efficiency on Earth while evolving humanity into a "multiplanetary" species. If we can land on asteroids like Eros, we can likewise mine them, or convert them into orbital habitats envisioned by American physicist Gerard K. O'Neill - known as "O'Neill Cylinders." In fact, an impressive array of solutions lie in wait to solve humanity's problems - waiting for a population educated and brave enough to accommodate them.

Video: Elon Musk of SpaceX explains the importance of humanity becoming "multiplanetary."

Video: Peter Diamandis, who's already literally putting people into space as tourists aboard Russian rockets, calls bringing humanity into space a "moral imperative." A far cry from the Malthusian defeatists calling for the culling of humanity to accommodate "limits of growth," Diamandis points out that the resources we deem so important and limited here on Earth are found in vast abundance in space. Diamandis, unlike Holdren or Gore, is a true progressive.

The cultists of the Church of Malthus celebrate the futility of stunted intellect and defeatism daily in their calls to crawl back into the jungles, cull vast swaths of humanity, and dismantle industrialized civilization, even as they tap on their Chinese-made Macs and poke at their iPhones in their calls to do so. Their cowardice and limited vision is the true barrier impeding human progress, a barrier we as individuals can pass through and move beyond if only we realize several necessary keys. These include education (self-education if necessary), innovation, self-sufficiency, localism, and an orderly exit from the current paradigm we are currently in the midst of.

As abhorrent as each and every feature of the current system may seem, it has in many ways given us this window of opportunity to seize a truly optimistic future for ourselves. It is the shameless, reckless consumerism that has lowered prices and barriers of entry to various industries through competition, technological progress, and supply and demand - however manipulated and distorted they may be. Innovative companies like Elon Musk's SpaceX are gaining prominence by serving such a system, but also introducing revolutionary visions for the future that transcend the current paradigm.

Elon Musk has made repeated calls to make humanity "multiplanetary," a step he claims is as significant as life coming from out from the oceans and onto land. And indeed, this is the next and only logical course for humanity to take as our population continues to grow. And while Musk is optimistic about the future of humanity, it can be imagined that this optimism is in the context of likeminded people prevailing against the likes of the Church of Malthus.

In addition to tapping the vast resources of the frontiers of space, improved, decentralized advanced manufacturing here on Earth has already made it possible for individuals and small groups of people to do what mega-corporations were once the sole monopolists of. Just as computers have enabled industries such as the media to be decentralized, resulting in what is now called the "alternative media," breakthroughs in computer-controlled manufacturing is making similar decentralization possible across various physical forms of industry.

MIT Professor Dr. Neil Gershenfeld has developed the "fabrication laboratory" or "Fab Lab." The Fab Lab is a microfactory that can "make almost anything." His Fab Lab has since been replicated all over the world in what he calls the personal fabrication revolution. It aims at turning a world of dependent consumers into independent designers and producers.

: Dr. Neil Gershenfeld presents his Fab Lab at TED.


Dr. Gershenfeld in his own words articulates the problem of finding support amongst institutions and governments, stating that individuals are very enthusiastic about this revolution "but it breaks their organizational boundaries. In fact it is illegal for them, in many cases, to equip ordinary people to create rather than consume technology."

This indeed not only encapsulates Dr. Gershenfeld's dilemma, but describes to a "t" the mentality of oligarchs and the fears they harbor about truly empowering the people, a fear reflected in the "organizational boundaries" of their corporations and governmental institutions. This is a feature of oligarchy described as early as 300 B.C. in ancient Greece in "The Athenian Constitution." In it, a character referred to as "the Old Oligarch" describes his contempt for the social mobility the technology of the Athenian navy affords the lower echelons of Athenian society.

Dr. Gershenfeld goes on to encapsulate the true potential of his Fab Labs by stating, "the other 5 billion people on the planet aren't just technical "sinks," they are "sources." The real opportunity is to harness the inventive power of the world to locally design and produce solutions to local problems." Dr. Gershenfeld concludes by conceding he thought such a possibility was 20 years off, but "it's where we are today," noting the success his Fab Labs are already having around the world.

Image: The interior of a "Fab Lab" in Amsterdam, featuring an array of personal manufacturing technology.

The technical possibility for this to change the world is already a reality, but Dr. Gershenfeld himself concedes that the biggest obstacle is overcoming social engineering - in other words - creating a paradigm shift in the minds of the population to meet the technical paradigm shift that has already taken place.

Self-sufficiency and the harassing of technology in the hands of the people are the greatest fears of the global oligarchy - fears that oligarchs throughout the centuries have harbored. Simply boycotting the globalists' corporations and replacing them with local solutions is something everyone can afford to do starting today. And by simply looking into Dr. Neil Gershenfeld's "Fab Lab," raising awareness of the personal fabrication revolution, and even in the smallest way participating can help overcome the obstacle of social-engineering and spur a profound paradigm shift.

A Call to Action.

There are two competing ideologies - one of Malthusian defeatism leading to a despotic global tyranny the likes of which we have yet to suffer, and one of real progress. There are fortunes and fame to be made from both, but only one leads to a future we will all benefit from. Becoming directly involved in implementing true progress would be best of all. However, exposing, boycotting, and replacing those peddling the religion of Malthus, like the Fortune 500 corporations sponsoring US policy think-tanks, while supporting and raising awareness of those enterprises promoting real progress is an option we can all choose and begin exercising today.

There will be companies and personalities that fall from grace, others that will redeem themselves, and because even corporations like Boeing and Lockheed, Pepsi and Coke, that have damaged America and the world in so many ways still employ well-intentioned and incredibly talented people, there is always the chance that a growing popular movement, exposing and boycotting such corporations may spur more enlightened employees and executives to reform their agenda and allegiances.

The same could be said of corporations like Google or Microsoft - who despite all they've done to enable the parasitic despots of Wall Street and London, likewise have vast pools of human talent that should be encouraged to scrutinize their company's ethics and methods, and if calls for reforms are not met, themselves start an ethical, responsible enterprise the people can truly get behind. There is also immense talent involved in the biotechnology industry - which, while currently committed to domineering humanity - can just as easily be used for the good of humanity.

For too long the TV has determined the agenda, the debate, the strategy of tension along which we are forced to fight - but as the alternative media comes of age, it is time to push back. Make real progress the agenda, evolving humanity together toward goals of a multiplanetary civilization, the leveraging of technology and innovation to solve the problems politicians have kicked back and forth for generations with ineffectual policy, and support dynamic minds like Musk and Diamandis in their goals of advancing humanity in the face of challenge and adversity, instead of cowering in fear with the Malthusians.

Begin today by identifying the corporate-financier interests wrecking humanity, boycott and replace them with local alternatives, and begin promoting the true agenda you believe in - rather than compromising with the false choices allotted to us by corporate propagandists and proxy politicians. The solutions to our problems are obvious, however challenging they will be to implement. Let us stop following feckless cowards intent on sabotaging our collective destiny, and pursue these awe inspiring goals for both the glory and challenges that await us - as we have always done.