Genocidal Turkish Government Eyes Syria

NATO member Turkey, guilty of a century of mass murder, seeks "humanitarian intervention" in Syria.
by Tony Cartalucci

March 16, 2012 - Once again Turkey, a NATO member since 1952, is considering the partial military invasion of Syria to give foreign terrorists and extremist militants attempting to overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a reprieve in their failing campaign.

Cross-border mass murder is a routine procedure for Turkey, who has been carrying out a very real genocidal campaign against the Kurd minority within and beyond its own borders for decades - this after the early 1900's Armenian genocide which the government of Turkey to this day still denies.

Photo: Turkish tanks entering Iraq to raid Kurdish towns and hunt suspected rebels in 2008. More recently, Turkey has been bombing "suspected" rebel bases in both Turkey and Iraq, as well as conducting mass nationwide arrests. Strangely, as Turkey verifiably does what Libya's Qaddafi and Syria's Assad have been accused of doing, the West's myriad of disingenuous rights advocacy groups are quiet as is the Wall Street/London beholden UN Security Council and the West's corporate media editorials.

Turkey is currently strafing and rolling tanks over its own people.

Turkey has been waging a decades-long bloody campaign against its own armed uprising in predominately Kurdish areas bordering Syria, Iraq, and Iran. In fact, at one point, the US allowed Turkish tanks to cross into American-occupied Iraq to attack villages suspected of harboring armed Kurdish separatists in 2008, mirroring the very tactics Erdogan is now condemning Syria for. The Guardian reported in their 2008 article, "Iraq demands Turkey withdraw from border conflict with Kurds," that the conflict had been raging since 1984 and had cost the lives of 40,000 people - dwarfing the UN's fabricated death toll for Syria's current conflict.

More recently, as Turkey's prime minister lectures neighboring Syria on its bid to crush foreign-funded, armed militants, the Turkish government is preparing to augment its compliment of Israeli drones with a deployment of US Predator drones on its soil. The Associated Press reported in an article titled, "Turkey: US likely to deploy Predator drones," that Turkey has been "pressing for the drones in an escalating war against Kurdish rebels." Turkey, in addition to rolling tanks into towns suspected of harboring militants, and the deployment of drones, has also strafed suspected rebel stronghold with airstrikes and conducted sweeping nationwide mass arrests. In other words Turkey is doing everything Syria is accused of doing, plus what Qaddafi in Libya was accused of doing, only fully sanctioned by the West, with arms supplied by the West, and under the muted coverage provided by the Western media.

Yet Turkey, with its genocidal history and its current ongoing campaign against the Kurdish people, has been welcomed with open arms by NATO and has been leading efforts currently to funnel NATO resources into the hands of militants working to destabilize and overthrow Syria. Now it appears that the West has elected their genocidal junior member to fall on its own sword for the cause of continuing Wall Street and London's reordering of the Middle East, a Middle East Turkey mistakenly believes it will have a leading role in.

A Turkish intervention risks wider regional war.

Reuters reports in their article, "Turkey considers buffer zone along Syria border," that "Turkey is considering setting up a buffer zone inside Syria to tackle a growing flow of refugees fleeing the conflict there." Noting that the buffer zone would indeed be on Syrian soil and require an armed Turkish presence to maintain it, the prospect of open war between Turkish and Syrian forces is all but certain.

Just like Israel's planned attack on Iran is designed to allow the United States to appear a "reluctant" participant in the ensuing war, so too is Turkey's designs of entering and occupying Syrian territory. It will provide the perfect pretext for an escalation of both Turkish military operations as well as the participation by other NATO members, including of course Washington, London, and Paris.

What is clear is that Turkey, with a century of genocide under its belt, is the least qualified candidate in or around the Middle East to claim "humanitarian concerns" as justification for any geopolitical maneuver. Additionally, Turkey's planned invasion of Syria will only increase the bloodshed and possibly trigger a regional war at the cost of potentially millions of lives. Just the very suggestion of such an act illustrates the disingenuous, detached, dangerous, and immensely hypocritical nature of the West's campaign-by-proxy versus Syria.

Turkey's decision to bend to Wall Street.

Turkey must ask itself, as it struggles against the ghosts of its past and the crimes it is still committing against its own people, if they can really afford another catastrophic death toll owed to them and their meddling throughout the region. Turkey must ask itself if such a move truly benefits them, or is simply a means for other NATO members to mitigate and shift blame onto them, yet again. There are no seats at the table for Turkey, who is scorned by a European Union they seek to join, and used as a tool by the NATO alliance they count themselves a member of.

Whatever was promised to the leadership in Turkey, they must realize by now by the betrayals of nations all around them, from Saddam in Iraq, to Qaddafi in Libya, to Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, that when the day comes they too will be destabilized, divided, destroyed, and pillaged either by the IMF or Kurdish separatists armed and funded by the next eager Western client-state.

Turkey does however have an opportunity for a clean break, an act of defiance against the West it is seemingly, irrationally beholden to. They can end the conflict in Syria by another means - denying foreign fighters, arms, and equipment from crossing their border and allowing their neighbors in Syria to restore order in their cities and countrysides.

Global public opinion of the world is shifting against the West and forming behind the multi-polar non-interventionism of the BRIC nations. Turkey must decide for itself whether or not it wants to be on the right side of history, or sacrifice itself in an act of war and intrusion for a conflict clearly started by meddling foreign nations from day-one.