The Global Elite Want You Dead

Dr. Webster Tarpley breaks down current White House science adviser John P. Holdren's book "Ecoscience." Co-authored by Paul Ehrlich, the book is still available for purchase in some bookstores and online - it is indeed a real book, as difficult as it will be for some to believe as Dr. Tarpley covers the material contained within.

15:00: "Question for Holdren... If you have a bunch of people and you want to give them all a hat, and there are not enough hats to go around, what do you do? I say, manufacture more hats. Holdren says start cutting off heads..."

While depopulating the world and stifling industry is still the goal of the corporate-financier elite, it should be noted that all of the concerns in Ecoscience and Ehrlich's earlier book, "The Population Bomb," were entirely wrong. Their predictions were wrong and their lack of faith in human innovation and technological progress was entirely flawed.

Instead of reexamining their hypothesis as real men of science would, they have instead shifted from one crack-pot elitist-subsidized theory to another - this time attacking human development from behind the cloak of "climate change" and "environmentalism." Ehrlich's fans will be happy to know that he has published a more recent book titled, "The Dominant Animal" which he explains in a piece titled, "Too Many of the Dominant Animal?" Ironically, it was published the same year the fraud of "climate change" began collapsing under increased public scrutiny and alternative media activism following "Climategate."

To explain the persistence of these ideologies and why they so often find an audience and vast support amongst the elite, Dr. Tarpley also has done an in-depth interview with the crew of regarding the mentality of oligarchs and the psychological and historical pathology of their hatred for human development, technology, and any form of tangible progress.

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