Permanent US Military Presence in Australia

Another "Obama policy" long-ago decided by corporate-fascist think-tanks.
by Tony Cartalucci

November 15, 2011 - After months of assuring a skeptical and disgruntled Australian public that the US military would not be getting a permanent base in Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald has reported a "US Marine Base for Darwin." US President Barrack Obama is credited with the decision, one overtly declared to be in direct response to the rise of China. Despite Obama getting credit, however, one shadowy "institution" is overly ecstatic over the announcement, and while Australian Defense Minister Stephen Smith attempts to reassure the public that Australia will not have "US bases," this institution's "news blog" has already declared the decision as potentially the moment "where Australia fundamentally cast its lot in with the US," vis-a-vis China. This institution is particularly ecstatic because despite the media giving credit to Obama, it was their idea, one they've been promoting openly since at least June.

The Lowy Institution, which masquerades as an Australian think-tank, is in actuality funded and representative of the global-corporate-financier oligarchy. Described in detail in, "Globalists' Australian Nexus ," it was specifically noted as far back as June 2011 that the Lowy Institute was behind a call for establishing US military bases throughout Australia. The Australian specifically named the Lowy Institute as one of the unelected "planners" behind making "the case for US Bases." As in the recent Lowy Institute affirmation of this policy as Obama prepares to unveil their corporate-funded agenda in Darwin, Australia next Thursday, Lowy back in June also cited China and the inclusion of Australia in a more aggressive strategy being pursued by Wall Street and London to maintain their financial, economic, and strategic hegemony throughout Asia.

While Lowy's fake news blog the "Interpreter" claims most Australians should feel content with this announcement, in reality, they should be up in arms over it. A corporate-funded, unelected think-tank is dictating policy to an entire nation, not even for their own best interests but overtly to enhance a foreign corporate oliagrchy in its projection of power throughout Australia's own backyard. Instead of cultivating a constructive relationship with Asia on its own terms - Australia has now been manipulated through duplicitous self-serving organizations like the Lowy Institute to adopt a stance of confrontation, encirclement, and unsustainable militarism leaving Australians as the first line of defense for Wall Street and London if their house of cards collapses.

Australians need to ask themselves sincerely if they are ready to shed blood and jeopardize all they have built for the sake of Anglo-American global hegemony (read: empire). There is absolutely no reason Australians on their own can't produce a strong defensive military to deter future aggression - where ever it may come from, while establishing reasonable ties with their sovereign neighbors. Instead, their military is off in far-flung Afghanistan fighting Wall Street and London's wars, expending money, resources, and brave lives that could better serve Australia domestically and regionally.

It is imperative that people understand just where this policy came from - neither elected representatives in Australia nor America, but rather a corporate-funded think-tank full of unelected and largely unknown policy makers. This is your real government, and the price paid for continuing on ignorant of this is living a destiny not written by the people, but by a cleverly disguised corporate-fascist oligarchy that will bleed you and your nation to death for their own agenda.