US State Department Funded Agitator in DC Advising #OWS

Egypt's US funded, trained, equipped, and backed agitator of April 6, back in US to "advise" Occupy Wall Street crowds.
by Tony Cartalucci

October 19, 2011 - Wired Magazine has just reported that Ahmed Maher, of the infamous US-funded Egyptian "April 6" revolutionary movement that helped the US topple Egypt's government early in 2011, is now back in Washington D.C. "advising" Occupy Wall Street protesters, face-to-face in McPherson Square. The article claims that protesters throughout the US movement have cited (ironically) protests in Cairo as their "inspiration" to rise up against corruption in their government and financial institutions.

From the US to Serbia, to Egypt and back again, US State Department-funded, trained, and equipped agitator Ahmed Maher poses at the scene of "Occupy D.C." Ironically, Americans claim Maher and his "April 6" movement have inspired them to rise up against their corrupt government, unaware that his movement was insidiously created by the US government. Photo: courtesy Ahmed Maher, Spencer Ackerman

While the Wired piece doesn't explain where Maher honed his "revolutionary" skills, it does mention vaguely that he was in D.C. on invitation from an unnamed university professor and that next he would be headed to New York City to "advise" protesters there.

This of course isn't Maher's first trip to the United States. Years before the Egyptian revolution, the United States was quietly preparing a global army of youth cannon fodder to fuel region wide conflagrations throughout the world, both politically and literally. Maher's April 6 organization had been in New York City for the US State Department's first "Alliance for Youth Movements Summit" in 2008. His group then traveled to Serbia to train under the US-funded "CANVAS" organization before returning to Egypt in 2010 with US International Crisis Group (ICG) operative Mohamed ElBaradei to spend the next year building up for the "Arab Spring."

Considering the depth of planning and preparation by the US State Department, with the cooperation of other US agencies, departments, and corporations, including the mainstream-media, we can now see the full measure of collective duplicity throughout America's establishment. As many may remember, the United States acted with total surprise as the "Arab Spring" unfolded, despite having engineered it years in advance and having financial and tactical contacts with all the leading opposition groups.

In Egypt's case, Mohamed ElBaradei and his "April 6" organization led by Maher, were in direct contact with some of America's most influential power brokers, including Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Soros and to a lesser extent, Samuel Berger, Kenneth Adelman (Freedom House), General Wesley Clark, and Richard Armitage via the ICG. Additionally, ICG includes Shimon Peres, President of Israel, as well as Stanley Fischer, governor of the Bank of Israel. Israel too feigned great displeasure, uncertainty, and surprise over a regional gambit they most certainly played a role in.

Maher's return to the United States may or may not hold any significance depending on just how much "advising" he does and the intended duration of his stay. It also depends largely on whether or not the corporate-media leaps on the story and sensationalizes it. However it is rather alarming that Americans who claim Maher and his April 6 Movement as an inspiration for their bid to rein in a corrupt government and financial system, are ignorant of the fact that Maher and his movement are both products of that very corrupt, insidious system.

For those wondering where the US-funded revolution led Maher's fellow Egyptians, the answer is a military dictatorship and Maher's American sponsors parading through Cairo preparing to ransack it with "economic liberalization" and the spread of Wall Street-London economic hegemony over Egypt. While some may consider that a failure - in reality that is exactly what the US State Department and the corporate-financier interests that fund and steer US policy had intended all along. Maher, for his part, may have been naive enough to believe he was receiving help to usher in real change for Egypt, and maybe not.

If Egypt should inspire any American participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement, it should be because it serves as a reminder to always follow the money, identify the associations between groups and personalities, name names, use logic and reason ahead of emotions, and understand exactly what your goals are and where they will lead you. More specifically, these goals must be pragmatic more than anything else. A very specific program with a timetable and enumerated means to carry it out would be a start.

However, boycotting and replacing Wall Street while using local and state government to reclaim our sovereignty from the overreaching tyranny of the Federal government would be far more effective than simply congregating in the streets and hoping for a completely compromised system, with the audacity to sow revolution across the globe, to somehow be hoist with its own petard. Egypt's fate may not be far off from that of America. There is a very real threat of a military dictatorship riding in under false "heroic" pretenses in the US as well. Street mobs are this government's specialty, no one understands them better, and no one on earth is better prepared to deal with them - especially mobs that are disorganized, aimless, and incapable of discerning that those walking amongst them, inspiring them, even leading them, are literally agents of the very system they seek to reform.

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