Libya: Alternative Media Round-Up

From, journalist Pepe Escobar lays out the reality of the Libyan rebels' Al Qaeda infested leadership, exposing the reckless criminality NATO and its member states have pursued their military operation against Libya. Considering Escobar's information, and that it has also been confirmed in the London Telegraph and the New York Times, it is safe to say that NATO planners knew for years who these rebels were and were well aware of their ties to Al Qaeda. A West Point report further reveals that the nature of the Benghazi tribes was one of extremism and fighting worldwide alongside Al Qaeda in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dr. Webster Tarpley is joined by Pan-African News Wire's Abayomi Azikiwe to refute the mainstream corporate media's narrative, vigorously defended by a Libyan "Democratic Party" member also joining Press TV's line up. Based on facts conceded by the corporate media itself, both Dr. Tarpley and Mr. Azikiwe point out the egregious premeditated criminality of NATO's operations in Libya. Dr. Tarpley also calls on the media and the public to speak out against the current NATO and rebel encirclement of the Libyan city of Sirte, which is literally being starved into submission.