John McCain Claims Al Qaeda Thugs Have "Inspired the World"

Arizona senator touches down in Tripoli for celebratory stroll through ruined nation.
by Tony Cartalucci

As Libya's rebels, under the cover of NATO, verifiably exterminate entire cities [1], cut off others from essential supplies including water to intentionally create humanitarian disasters to "starve cities into submission [2]," John McCain, an avid supporter of the Benghazi terror brigades now sowing chaos throughout the North African nation, was reported to be in Tripoli recently praising rebels he claimed have "inspired the world" and have "turned cynics into supporters."

Photo: It's all smiles and laughs in Tripoli as McCain, a chief proponent and driving force behind the US intervention in Libya, literally glorifies Al Qaeda's exploits in the now ruined nation. Miles away, the very rebels he was praising are purposefully starving the civilian population of Sirte in an effort to break their will, while they and NATO indiscriminately use heavy weapons aimed at crowded city centers.

McCain's latest trip to Libya isn't his first. He had made an April visit to Benghazi, a city cited along with neighboring Darnah by a 2007 West Point report [3] as the terror recruiting capitals of the world and the primary sources of foreign fighters that made their way to Iraq fighting and killing American troops. These fighters did so under the flag of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), listed to this day by the US State Department as a "foreign terrorist organization [4]." Despite overwhelming evidence and even admissions from Libyan rebels themselves [5] of having ties to, being members of, or in Tripoli "council leader" Abdul Belhaj's case, a leader of this listed terrorist organization, McCain would declare he had "met with these brave fighters, and they are not Al-Qaeda. To the contrary: They are Libyan patriots who want to liberate their nation." [6]

Despite McCain's reassuring words, the rebels over the next several months would increasingly reveal their true nature to a horrified world as they waged racist genocide against Libya's darker and black tribes, and conducted their "liberation" against cities resisting them with indiscriminate heavy weapons, blockades designed to literally starve the populations into submission and horrific reprisals once cities fell. While the corporate media did its best to obfuscate these atrocities, when entire cities like Tawarga with its 10,000 residents began disappearing from the map, even the propagandists were forced to acknowledge the "liberators" were less than noble.

McClatchy most recently reported in an article titled, "Empty village raises concerns about fate of black Libyans [7]," that McCain's "inspiring" revolutionaries cleared out the entire city of Tawarga (also spelled Tawergha) displacing what was left of its population into two "camps" in Tripoli. Rebels would then go on to attack and disperse these refugee camps, conducting mass arrests, brutalizing refugees, and trucking off large numbers of women and children whose whereabouts are unknown. Rebels holding the now empty city of Tawarga have taken the liberty upon themselves to rename it "New Misrata" referring to the neighboring rebel stronghold of Misrata, as well as decorating the city's walls with the Arabic racial epithet "abeed," a derogatory term meaning "slave" and generally reserved to degrade blacks.

It would seem then that US Senator John McCain is either senile in his old age, or has a very different definition of what he considers "inspiring." Perhaps by "inspiring" he means the absolute servile nature of the rebels' "National Transitional Council" and its grovelling leadership clearly bent to the will of NATO and its corporate-financier sponsors [8]. Certainly as McCain surveyed his handy work in Tripoli, as he did in Egypt, the immense suffering of the Libyan people subjected to this US-sponsored "liberation" was far removed from his celebratory stroll.

Despite one's hopes that an acting US Senator would recoil in horror from a "government" as guilty in reality of committing atrocities against the Libyan people as Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi was accused of being in the fictional world of the corporate mass media, McCain could barely contain his delight, calling his visit to Tripoli and meeting the "military commanders and fighters" of the rebellion, " exhilarating and hopeful [9]." One wonders if he met and shook hands with Tripoli's "council leader" Abdul Belhaj, an Al Qaeda LIFG member, and killer of US soldiers in Afghanistan. Or perhaps wonder if McCain had mingled with LIFG fighters fresh back from Iraq, also having killed US and British soldiers.

The depraved nature of America's leadership is directly proportional to the level of apathy and inaction of the American people. McCain's existence in American politics represents what must be the pinnacle of such apathy and inaction. How McCain has managed to remain in office all these years is a profound mystery. Surely his constituents in Arizona are now horrified to see their senator mingling with "enemies" the United States supposedly spent the last decade, trillions of dollars, and the blood of its sons fighting. Surely this is McCain's last term in office, and perhaps seemingly so as the senator from Arizona certainly does act as if there is no tomorrow.


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